Looking for Null Space POCO TAX between 0%-3%


Is there such thing or it is just a myth. Roaming around i find only 10% ones. If i have to join a corp to use this i will gladly do so - mainly do exploring and PI - changing regions/systems would not be a problem.

P.S. If this is not the place for that kind of a question - please excuse it and move it where it needs to be.

Fly safe…or don’t! :slight_smile:

PI related stuff is usually in the Industry forum:

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You will not likely find a 0% POCO without being a member of the corp that owns it and defends it because why would they give that away for free?


You will need to join an indy corp. Or become friends with poco owners.

I tell you what my NS friends enjoy 2% poco tax.

I enjoy 1% tax at my PI setup that I should really use more. :sweat_smile:

LS pocos are 5% if you contact the owners.

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Thanks for all responses. I live in Null so this is the only thing that is - would love to join a corp that operates there or in wh space and focuses on industrial/exploring not just pvp! Yes, pvp will find me at every corner but still… :slight_smile:

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Check Corp & Alliances forum, see if any null corps that meet your criteria are recruiting.

If you want to do mainly PI and exploration, I would suggest finding a WH Corp who lives in a Wormhole with a Static HS. You will get very good planets, usually a very low tax rate and it’s a perfect base for doing PI because every once in a while you will have an Exit a handfull of jumps from any market hub you desire. When using a Nullified Hauler, nobody will realistically stop you from bringing your stuff out pretty safely. And the WH-connections are great content for exploration as well.

However, you will have to answer the question why any corp should let you in? Just exploiting the planets in the space they control and protect and besides that being on your own doing exploration… doesn’t sound like there is much benefit for them…

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