Destroy customs office's?

In my system, there is an inactive corp they have an Astrahus there and a tax office on every planet, the Astrahus doesn’t bother or affect me at all but I’m having to pay tax to get my PI can I take these down or would I have to wardeck them to do it , then put my own up ?

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If it’s HS you have to war.dec them first to avoid CONCORD interfere.
If you destroy the POCO, you have to replace it with yours or someone elses and set the tax.
There is another way. Time consuming, but if the tax is high enough. It might be worth it. Launch it through the Command center. I cannot remember the volume you can launch at a time, but it will be available for pick up orbiting the planet.
What is time consuming is the constantly transfers to CommandCenter after each launch. That extraction is free of cost.

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I believe the Command Center is limited to 500 m³ per launch.


You could also try to buy them from the corp.

Destroying them will take quite a while. Custom offices have a lot EHP. As a budget version I would recommend Oracles with T1 crystals.
If it isn’t high sec dreads and carriers will do it much quicker.

It’s also quite possible that you find this corp to be not all that inactive once you declare war on it. It’s probably a POCO holding corp - those usually look mostly dead unless something threatens the passive income.

there is no one on from that corp to ask if I could purchase them , is there a way of finding an email address to contact them away from the game ?

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I’d say declare war and send an ingame mail with the purchase offer. They either log on to organize the defense of their POCOs, and then you can discuss the purchase, or they won’t log on and you can just demolish them.


Scum Inc will knock these down for a agreed price. Convo “Landru the Computer”

that’s starting to look like the only way as I have sent a few messages already with no reply to the CEO of that corp

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Tis the way of EVE


Send us your passport, so we can verify you’re you, and we’ll send those addresses right away.

We wouldn’t want any loss of player security, would we?

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The ROI on a POCO is virtually impossible to attain except for extremely active areas. Very, very few have actually broken even.

If you are doing PI in High Sec, well good luck - you will make isk…slowly, at best.

If you are in null or WH, you can make a lot of ISK. But, consider the time and risk and isk cost of taking down the old custom offices, or even buying them. Then consider you will have to defend them.

Find a good corp in null or WH is my advice. Then you will be able to plex your account(s) doing it, and still build up your wealth.

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Actually… You can easily work this out by viewing other players setups

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