PI Tax question

If you use your Command Center to launch PI products into space, do you still have to pay the owner of the planet’s custom office taxes since you didn’t use it?

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You will be paying to launch your goods, but this is independent of the customs office tax rate.

Where this ISK you pay ends up, I’m not 100% sure, but since it is independent of the tax rate set by players on the customs office and since you’re not using the customs office at all to export this way, I would guess the owners of the customs office aren’t seeing any of that ISK.

Last time I checked (and first time I ever used the command center launch option just to try it out) I had to pay about 15% tax. No idea if that is always the case, but for me that relatively high tax rate and the limited small amounts you can send mean that I’m better off using a launch pad at the much lower tax rate of my alliance.

It’s a good way to smuggle your PI from a planet though when the owner of the customs office has suddenly increased the customs office tax to 50% or 80% or something like that.

You don’t pay taxes to the poco owner but the launch cost is prohibitively high for the tiny volume that you can export this way.


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Depending on poco taxes, the tax cost may not even be that bad.

The main limitation is that you can only launch 500m3 each time, which you need to grab, and the cooldown time it takes to fill the command center with another 500m3, and another…

Main cost is the extra time it takes to get your stuff off the planet.

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