Customs offices in high and low sec

You’re talking about a completely different calculation. Look, if you have 4 Leshaks and the enemy has 8 Leshaks, you’re not going to win. Nothing you do will change that outcome. It’s not like you can hide in the bushes and use guerrilla tactics to even the odds.

In EVE, you need the capability to escalate when necessary. You do not have that, because your focus is on sniping criminals to get on CONCORD kill mails. There are ways to increase the level of your competitiveness even with an undermanned and underskilled force, but you aren’t at that level because you never made it a priority to achieve it.

If you don’t believe me, go attack some POCOs and find out for yourself.

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As an example…

A group of 9 active people attacked Silen poco, they were defended and we proceeded to destroy all their structures and non public structure that was not theirs but they were allowed to dock in. Just in case it was related to them in any way.

Other times we will just watch a group take over an entire region of pocos over a few weeks and then just go and retake them over a weekend. We think it is more soul crushing letting them do it over weeks and then watch it all go away in 2 days.


A great example and yes you and destiny are both right but your talking about face to face combat to take over Poco .

In Kane’s example they just didn’t see what was coming and Destiny your wrong, do you remember the Jericho faction , they came up against a far bigger enemy and switched fleet types to small hit and run fleets and did very well but lost in the end I believe , but the point is you can fight if you dictate the fighting .

Anyway all hypothetical just wanted to know what’s what in the world of poco

I mean…

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But they had weeks of murder and mayhem, is that not the point

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How to go about this, what you should do is have a number of alts who can fly high DPS boats like Catalysts and no implants, Then just switch those alts into any entity that is attacking POCO’s and then just leave them firing on the POCO’s spread it around a lot and just don’t give a monkies ass about losing them. Stack them up and spread the pain and see what happens.

Use ganker mentality against Blackflag…

A good tactic and one of many we have thought about and it’s not necessarily Black flag we would face if we did this and it’s a big if.
We all present plans that could give us content and our overlords pick the one they like the sound of, for whatever reason. :wink:
Even if these plans bear no fruit we do learn about the subject , test things out on sis and increase our knowledge of Eve mechanics.

Two other large groups and a French sounding groups also have large Poco setups , want to find out about these too , I’ll post there names later, someone might have info on them


Yeah, you’re not going to beat them either, lol.

They are just roleplaying.

I can tell you a little about Militaires-Sans-Frontiers as they came in to support End of Life on their war dec on one of our alt corps after we have jumped into to defend it. So we did mess with them a little.

Their home system is Cailanar in Domain in which they have a number of structures there including the POCO’s, which they deem to be theirs and try to keep anyone else out. They seem to have good TZ coverage and could even send several players to support in the Au TZ which was when End of Life were engaged with us.

Their goal at the time we loosely engaged with them was to dominate an area of hisec in Domain which they seem to be expanding on. They have some pretty competent players and know how to PvP.

We did notice that they were using multi-boxed accounts because I was hitting one of their Raitaru’s and they logged on several alts and tried to nab my Ikitsura’s with Trig BC’s, I had to run, but it was a good try. Jenn messed with them a bit and they did tend to do the +1 approach to PvP, I think Jenn came out of it about even/slight loss.

We noticed that they tended to war dec peoples structures around them and you could go in as an ally and play with their structures. But all in all they would be a very stiff challenge but could end up with some good fights if you played it right.

Calm down grandpa.

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Nice salt you are showing here.

Oh cute, a play on the name of MSF, what we call in English Doctors Without Borders.

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I resemble that comment!

I owned a couple pocos a couple years back.

Terrible way to make money. Poco cost me around 100 mill and I made it back like 2 years later.

Then a group wardecced me for it. I messaged them, telling them I’d sell it to them at a reduced price because they weren’t worth much, but they ignored my message. They were a small group of like 5 people so I was able to destroy their ships and then pmed the guy I killed telling him about my offer. He said “oh lol, thats my ceo and I had no idea, ill ask him about it”.

Managed to sell them the pocos for like 80 mill, plus 2 nice killmails too. Fun times.

Long story short, pocos don’t make you a lot of isk. It takes years to make back the money and time you spent. The 25% you see, 10% of it is actually NPC taxes, which you can lower by skilling the customs tax skill. So just pay the taxes and be grateful they don’t raise it to 50%.


POCOs are a massive, covert ISK/resource sink CCP managed to sneak into the game. I did a small sample analysis once, and calculated that the average high-sec planet has like a 27:1 debt:revenue ratio over its lifetime. This means that because they keep changing hands (and getting destroyed in the process), there’s 27x the loss compared to financial gain from taxation. Granted a strong group might actually come out net-positive by holding on to them for a long time, but I’m talking about the average.

POCOs simply aren’t worth having.

for the most part, I would agree with you…

However with a little deduction you can determine almost exactly what is being produced and exported almost all the time without a spreadsheet…

Data, intel…usually an important thing in this game.

The reason POCOs are attacked isn’t because of a profit motive, but because of content. CCP reduced the high-sec war system to fighting over the things, and (occasionally)) citadels. My crap POCOs were attacked almost instantly after they were launched, and I spent so much defending them (out of principle) that they’d have to run for a decade before I see a single ISK in profit, and that’s if they don’t ever get attacked again.

oh believe me i know…

When they first allowed us to own them…my corp had quite a few before we lost them…
The most profitable ones… 50 mill per month for like 11 of them in total.

it was watching the wallet pings though, and then being able to adjust for market trends from that small amount of data that interested me, beside knowing who was using them.

Are the customs office main point to get pi stuff off planet, is the money not made that way .

If it’s as bad as people say then no one would bother.

There would be planets all over without offices but no, every one is taken.

Many I’m sure are used as an excuse to have a war but that’s not the whole story. From people who like to try pi they say high sec taxes are what kills making good money which means they can’t complete with someone else .
Maybe my question should have been who runs large scale pi operations.

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