A new Poco war erupts

Massive fleet battles erupt around jita as BjornBee attempts to dislodge the massive Poco empire of omega and friends and about time too , that video was yesterdays stream , today’s battle was just as exciting.

We will be planning ways to help in this fight in the coming days as I know many of you will be joining too.


Looks like this should provide some quality content for highsec. I am all for it. Good luck to Bjorn and crew, I may even be joining you. :slight_smile:


Didn’t you just say that structure killing was griefing?




Sign me up!

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Does this mean you’re dropping a war hq?

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Not at all, they will be offering “moral support.”


I’m sure the gankers in high will be getting involved as we all know what side they will be on .

This is a great chance for people in high sec to throw off the shackles of the large groups . If you do pi in your part of space and are fed up with high taxes join the fight .

If 10% of high sec immobilised this poco empire would fall

PvP in high-sec? CCP needs to do something about this griefing ASAP!


Interesting that this motive is more justifiable than the other one huh? I mean it looks like you’re just justifying your griefing and trying to collect a large group to overwhelm a smaller one.

You see how slippery that slope is you’re on now friend :smiley:

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Who is your audience here? The same people that hide in war immune corps and don’t show up to fight for their structures in alt corps? Oh, ok.

Anyway Bjorn has publicly stated multiple times that this POCO push is purely for his own greed. He’s not fighting a war on behalf of tired and down-trodden Highsec players. In fact he claims that he’s going to keep the tax rate the same.

Anyway, it’s gonna be fun and I hope he is in it for the long haul. We’ve fought and defended these POCOs for years and this isn’t the first crusade against us :wink:


Oh yes I understand that but it’s contents and as he said on his stream , who knows where it will go, I hope all sides enjoy the fight. Your certainly not going to be an easy target to fight , I wish you luck , let’s enjoy Eve

Are you accepting war allies? I’d like to help you with anti-griefing efforts.

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It would of course be really good if various entities who have Omega and Friends Medilabs POCO’s in their systems took the opportunity to war dec them and go for it too.

You should pick an area out of the way and focus on it Githany, something that would take them away from the main combat area around Jita.

The best approach is to stretch the resources of the war deccers really thin, and Bjorn’s only real hope at a strategic level is that loads of other entities pile in and take their slice of the POCO pie. Also where ever possible he should take out the war deccers HQ’s, and keep doing it.

At least Blackflag will stop its drift towards being a ganking alliance for a bit :stuck_out_tongue: And the Cerberus fleet being used by Blackflag, was amusing.

And I was amused to see all the war deccers pile in.

This had to happen while I am busy elsewhere.


So in other words cause he has a stream, your griefing is justifiable?


Lets not front like you we’re going to do anything ROFL


Seems legit. Everyone loves a good stream snipe.

I mean as long as she admits she is griefing too, I’m all G.

I’m down to fight if I got time this weekend :smiley:

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You can assist in on the war. Go to our war reports and just assist on the Omega and Friends Medialabs war!

Killing POCOs is easy… very easy. Holding them is an entirely different beast. This isn’t the first “POCO war” and won’t be the last. These things are very much a war of attrition and we’re paid handsomely to defend them and take them back.

I don’t think that the alliance acquiring us as gankers makes the alliance a ganking alliance. We get paid to shoot stuff and sometimes that involves ganking. Just another trick in our bag.

This whole war is going to be a good thing for me as I’m learning a lot about how to use my gank fleet in actual combat scenarios. Learning how to anchor my fleet, warpin and out, and land at precise ranges for engagement are good for me. I’ve had some mistakes and I’ll not doubt make more :wink:

I’ll do that, or maybe if Kane would let me in for a while, that would work too.

Anyone else want to join me?

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I think actual Blackflag recruitment will be locked down fairly tight right now. However if you know Kane then that’s just a matter of you speaking with him.