Public Enemy Get even with them today!

Has PE killed some of your stuff, do you want some redemption, they want my pocos, and wouldn’t even offer to pay for the poco value, I mean they are GOING to drop new gantries and upgrade them anyway, so they’ll have to buy them from someone, why not me? Trottle’s answer??

“I don’t buy stuff”

So where will their bash fleet go today…

Today at 23:10 - 00:46 they will be in the Ohvosamon System killing 8 of my pocos, come bring a gantry and see if you can out place them, or if you are already at war with them come kill them with us. I would totally sell these pocos but they are hell bent on killing my stuff, I have pocos in 4 systems, and Trottle said “give me all 25 pocos and we’ll leave you alone” He wanted me to give over all 25… for nothing…

We can no longer allow people like this free reign in our systems, they get deranged over time and need to be shut down and these high sec mercs just need to be knocked back down again.

I will keep posting their location as long as I’ve got timers.

Who wants some PE blood today?

What started all this?? we wardec’d a corp and Trottle came unhinged… I think it’s their alt corp…

Stellar Technical Supply and Service Corporation

They own 26 pocos in The Citadel and 1 in The Forge, PM me if you want the locations, I think they need to die!


With the greatest of respect, if you cannot defend the Poco’s yourself, should you really have them? Why not hire mercs to defend if you are unable to do so with your corp?

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Lol… You want randoms defending your passive income for free? Bahahaha, you deserve to lose them you lazy carebear.

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I have no issue losing them, but this group just sits in HighSec, wardecs large Null alliances and feeds off those who travel into the pipes and trade hubs, when they get overwhelmed they call their other merc blue donut friends (VMG and P I R A T, Marmite used to be with them but now they are feeding on their own) and the band together. I figure it’s time someone put a tracking force to end this HS madness.

This might be the dumbest thread I have ever seen.


Actually, it’s an idea in motion, stay with it… This is now morphing into a “break the blue merc donut” thing… I’m going to build some software that will allow merc wt’s to band together and break their contracts… gonna be a very large project but could turn into something nice. Do we need mercs, yeah, we do, but all blue’d up together, definitely not. Stay tuned, this could be the start of something WONDERFUL.

Wonderful for who?

Eve, everyone except the blue mercs i spose

When did trump start playing Eve?

Build a wall around your ice belts and get those evil wardeccers to pay for it!

IKR, still a fluid idea, gonna make this eve great again!

Good luck with this, your struggling to get people to follow you here to defend your POCO’s.
Let alone destroy relations built over years.

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Thanks for the well wishes, I’ll start with the website, it’ll be a time coming but I’ve got some good ideas already, and believe it or not, LOTS of support already.

I think I may be the man for the job. I have many great ideas. SO great! These ideas are absolutely the best! I promise to you, capsuleers of New Eden that our competitors, heh if you can call those miserable life forms that, can’t provide a better service!

My ideas are so great that I’m willing to share them with you! When you read all of the terrible ideas that are presented here, you know what it’s just sad. SAD! So sad. This is just so sad folks.

Send me 34b and a detailed list of your favorite places to dine, and I will vanquish this “blue donut”.


Please send me a list of these supporters, we shall issue wars to save you guys the ISK.

spend time that could have spent defending the pocos talking about some website that’ll never be made.

:grinning: nice one

Will help for 10b upfront 20b after regardless of failure or success

So this thread has morphed into something else, I should start a new one with the actual project, soonTM

You should simply stop posting here until you’ve actually done something worth mentioning in game :joy:

Your next one will be pointless as well. If you do make it, can we play some kind of murder mystery game in it? That would be exciting.

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My group has had their POCOs hit repeatedly by these gerbils. We’re ready to hit back however we can. The idea of scooping/dropping is too passive for me. So I’ve talked with a few of my guys and we’re going to try and start a sort of Defense League to go after any blue merc.

I was PLANNING on grinding out mails and invitations to every wardec’d corp. But a website or live-intel program would be epic and much more awesome! Plus I wouldn’t have to re-invent the wheel.

You’ve got the genius, I’ve got the desire to kick some metaphorical space-balls. Let’s get our heads together soon and make something happen!