Final Will and Testament

I, Korgoth, am sick…sick with a deadly allergy to carebears. I will not survive another month without treatment and the only prescription is more ganking.

I hereby will all my isk and assets to James 315, the Savior of High Sec.

May he continue to lead and inspire his glorious agents as they fight towards a final victory, for they are the greatest PVP force ever to fly amongst the stars of New Eden.

True warriors, these are pilots of upstanding virtue who now and will continue to bring honor and justice to the galaxy. May this small contribution allow you great pilots on your epic quest to rid each and every system of the vile and disgusting carebear menace. You are our greatest hope. Godspeed, the fate of us all depends on you.


Praise be unto James, who doth spaketh unto the miners, and shaming them from the evil mining, he saveth them unto Holy Halaima!

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Wait, how do wills work when every capsuleer, upon death, is reborn instantly, retaining ownership of all assets prior to death.

Better to just give assets to James315 in life. I now have a batch of 600 cats ready to go, working quickly toward 1000. Praise be! (Maybe soon I will actually have time to really play too…)

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You probably want to keep all that ISK out of probate, so I suggest putting a POD on your Wallet and TODs on any ships you have to ensure title transfers properly to James. Do beneficiary deeds for your structures. Make sure that James is named as primary beneficiary on any insurance policies you own. Don’t even need a Will.

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Haha, you’re right, can’t actually die and I don’t want to biomass because there’s still an 0.0000000001% chance they’ll stop catering to the carebears.

I guess it’ll be an extended period of hibernation. I sent him over 1 billion isk and contracted nine tornadoes I already had, conveniently located in Jita 4-4. Much, much, much more to come as well.

My posts saying I’ll be sending my isk and items his way keep getting flagged for spam. Ha ha ha. What an incentive to only give more!

CODE is not the problem, it is the solution and the only hope of saving High Sec from itself!


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