I hire ALL Mercenary solo and corp ones NOW! NOW! NOW! before i die from cancer

I want a Mercenary fleet x 5 to contact me before Dec 31, 2017. I am rich in real life and in EVE I am richer. I hire you to fly with us, to kill citadels (big ones) in low-sec. Contact me. My real life makes me 4.2 cents US a second. in real life I don’t have a long time to live. I need to you. I want the new characters, i WANT THE old salty dawgs, I do not want the young kids who insult me ever day. I just want all the citadels +5 from my favorite place in low sec to die before I do. Who can help me? If you troll me you are sad, if you insult me you are twice as bad, I want all world armies and space command to help us Caldari from the scum of new Eden. I have been in contact with my attorney and will be assigning my estate to my fleet commander. He does not know this yet, but in real life, he will be rich. I am not a great PVP player. I am just an eve player like you. Soon you will grow old, I can’t fly with the young people are you leave and come back to the corps you left, it’s terrible in my opinion. Maybe an affliction from watching Steve Jobs.

Please, pray for me, I have terminal cancer. God Bless New Eden.

Now before I go, I need pilots, young, old, TEST, PANDEMIC to help me with in new eden and all the corps in between thank you for your support do not hate me please do not insult me, i have cancer, i am dying soon. thank you hug your wife, hug your husband, and especially hug your children. this is a game, the best game.


As any harsh and heartless dog of war out there, I’ll just keep it strict to business: how much do you intend to pay? And taking into account your situation, if I ever would decide to participate in your endeavors, I would like it to be paid in advance…


I hope you go out guns ablazing leaving a swath of life in an increasingly sterile game.

Best of wishes getting by with the illness, hope you manage well and enjoy your time left on this earth (and beyond). I recently lost someone close to cancer. My :heart: to you.


I might join this. I don’t mind coming to drop some DPS. If there’s good isk to be earned here then I could be prepared to come and help. You will provide ships and a payment for my time.

Pay me whatever you think is reasonable for my dedication to your goals.

Just out of interest have the targets you want to destroy wronged you somehow?

Sorry to hear about your RL situation, I hope you enjoy the rest of your time. I will do what I can to contribute to an epic eve adventure. God bless you and your family.


You and your loved ones have my prayers.

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I pay 6 billion ISK for the 1st hit and then there are 4 other citadels that need to go down. MERC could not do it and refunded me ISK. See you in Iceland for the last time. I am dying from cancer called Cirpsin, he is bald and looks like cancer. Who shall rid me of this cancer, I can make you rich in EVE before going to hell and back again.

In Game message Simetry, you can get easy 40 billion ISK come to our aid before I leave this virtual and real earth.

If you troll me, Karma is a bitch.

I pay you 4 billion for the first burning of the first citadel. then 3 billion for each othher citadel. you will need a big fleet. 6 rattlesnakes died trying and about 15 auguors as well on the first attempt.

sorry 6 billion for 1st burning meaning the citadel astrahus goed “boom” shields, armos and final structure, i want to record the end before i goto die. thank you.

you should be careful you dont jinx yourself because once you do you’ll regret making light of such a horrid and unforgiving disease.


■■■■, ■■■■ like this is why I will never be able to quit this game. Good luck and Godspeed OP, I hope you leave a river of tears in your wake.

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Hit Up Mercenary Coalition, they will get the job done for you, we asked for help a little while back they turned up with 80 guys got the job done with no fuss.


People actually gave you genuinely heartfelt wishes for your wellbeing and it turns out you were just a troll. As you say, karma can be a bitch.

My wife is dieing of cancer, Pancreatic cancer to be specific, and sadly I’m probably not the only player of this game that is / has lost a loved one to it

Get tired of people naming ships and fleets cancer this and cancer that and young kiddies saying I hope you get cancer and similar rubbish

When you finally experience first hand the pain that this disease brings, because law of averages says if its not you it will be someone close to you, trust me when I say you will never talk of it again in a similar vain

Like you said, Karma to those immature spoilt kiddies that think cancers a joking matter or wish it on others


I can’t tell if OP actually has cancer, or is just retarded.

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Given the lone comment on evewho, posting style, outlandish claims, and such…


I’m apt to believe the latter. Maybe I’m jaded but if you are a merc group, I would ask for a trusted 3rd party to hold any promised isk.

And I can’t find Cirpsin on eve who. Only hits on Google are for a hard cider.

Maybe he just misspelled Crispin…

With all due respect, I don’t think OP was asking for sympathy that much. At least it wasn’t what I read. He wanted to hire people to burn some citadels. and, to be perfectly honest, it bothers me very little what’s his motives/situation were/are. Then some people just came and start sharing their sympathy left and right.

Fair enough, but if you give the impression you’re dying from cancer people are naturally going to offer their sympathies.

The thread is in bad taste and should be locked.


I know that feel and sincerely apologize.
I know this illness destroys the body of the victim, and the mind of his family; that the excruciating pain it places upon people can not be expressed with words, however I wish OP never has to be in that situation.
He is just a kid and has no idea what he babbles about.

Lost my father to it and had a battle with it myself. The ops initial post made it look like he had it but that comment about crispin made it obvious he didnt. Also with regards to the naming of ships and such I can only say that if its a dutch fleet its similar to this thread with regards to using it in jest. The majority of dutch swearwords involve wishing cancer on others.