Ganking pay back

On the 11/03 my corp completed its first gank on a supporter of safety net , an off shoot of the gankers Safety.

Not wanting to gank innocent pilots I decided to contact members of AG and started to chat to Githany Red , with her help we plan how we would pick targets and the first one was set for termination.

Never ganked before and it sure was a rush , I see what gankers get out of it , we went in with complete overkill on our first time and only use 2 of the 3 cats we had taken for this op , our surviving cat picked up all the loot .

So if you support high sec criminals watch out for our corp Abudban auxiliaries.

One day when we have all our skills in place and larger numbers we will return to our home system and clear that infestation of gankers .

Join us if you want to gank a ganker today …

Contact in game or evemail me


James would be proud of you \o/ , welcome to EVE.


Well done Dredd , keep practicing, we have some lovely targets for you lined up.

It’s not as target rich as the ganks have ( meaning they kill anyone) but we will find you things to kill.


Didn’t the Catalysts used to cost only 15M?
ZKill shows 30M

Actually, you shouldn’t lose any ships to CONCORD if you shoot down the -10 sec. pilots, right?

PS: Oh, i see, it’s cargo value.

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It makes me so happy to see the Code win this much \o/

But then the Code always wins…


I picked up some loot from a trig kill on the way too the target , couldn’t help myself it was all lying around in perimeter

Next time I’ll remember to look in cargo hold

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You’d have to be a real psycho griefer gankbaby to gank an unarmed newbie in a Venture like that.

It’s a real shame that anti-gankers couldn’t protect the victim this time.


yes ag really failed there :slight_smile:


These words these day often mean the opposite, we stopped a gank in Uedama in the middle of 2 successful ganks , where did Aiko tell local we failed , on our successful save, so thank you Aaaarrgg Im starting to take it as a complement.

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Lol, I actually got the antigankers to kill a miner.


Baited on a free _____



Sorry to burst your bubble, darlin’, but you had nothing to do with the target selection, other than the target being a fawning sycophant…

And the only similarity to antiganking is that I don’t like gankers… We’re not trying to save freighters… we are here to target collaborators of criminal groups.

I’ll be seeing you around, no doubt :cowboy_hat_face:


claims he doesnt like gankers …then ganks a venture …lol


After reading that blog it shows that it didn’t really look like it was about the venture at all and more about the acceptance.

Think the point was the Venture pilot is affiliated with Aiko hence why he was targeted.

Some rationale behind the target but I can see the irony as you’ve pointed out.


How can a day-old player in a ■■■■-fit mining frigate be “affiliated” with Aiko? It’s like saying anyone who bought a mining pass was “affiliated” with CODE.

This is like seeing someone get robbed on the streets, and then coming up to them and robbing them again as punishment on the claim that they’re affiliated with the initial robber by virtue of giving them money.

Face it, the AGs really screwed up here, and revealed themselves to be massive hypocrites.


Day old character means nothing, anyone can create an alt.

The Corp / Alliance is affiliated with Safety.


Whoosh. You’ve completely missed the point of my argument.

No point missed, I’ve already stated I could see the irony (you conveniently didn’t quote this I see).

And no, any poor sap buying a mining pass is not affiliated by virtue of purchasing said ‘pass’. However the Corp or Alliance shall connect you with certain unsavoury individuals and thus expect to be a target.

So you’re punishing the victim. Got it.

Twist it anyway you like lol