Ganking pay back

Can’t see the screw up myself , eve is a combat space ship game, it doesn’t sit well with me just killing anyone for the laughs , so we will now pick target, people who side with these people , support them , scout for them , haul for them , now that power they had is ours too and its time to use it , can’t see how this is hypocritical.

The rules of Eve are for all to use and i’ll use them as i see fit.


thats the exact same criteria we use to kill our targets :innocent:


I’ve wondered tho, how many times can one do this activity and actually get a rush, guess I get bored real quick doing repetitive tasks, also, I feel absolutely nothing when I did face blast another character with an alt, that was not a true “gank” but they were scanning and bumping ships near the gate (not mine), and I was in a foul mood already so I blasted them (didn’t get them before the gate guns got me), but just felt nothing, no thrill at all.

was it a hulk ? even 10 years ganking them i still get all wobbly inside when i see one on dscan. of course i then gank it :slight_smile:

Ever notice that the ganker hardly ever shares tails about the mining barge that got away?

i do though its rare usually due to lag or one alt landing 7 k away. or this EVE Online | Hulk Gank Fail #2 by Aaaarrgg - YouTube

it happens even to the best of us

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if they got away then they were Code compliant and we won\o/

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That Hulk Pilot looked to have skill from that video clip or maybe you hadn’t had your Wheaties that morning.

he had no skill apart from me landing bad, 1 hit more and he was gone but

we do as we are here to provide content and that we do ,as the posted video shows

How many in a given season would get away? Care to comment actual or estimate?

not many, but they spray a lot of eggs so the herd is sustainable ad plenty to

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Are we going to see lovely formations of gankers now land on targets

I escaped a Kusion gank the other day by luck on my part and bad timing on his , I literally click my mwd as he landed on me , I just wanted to change my position on the gate , and the speed slowly carried me out of his effective range + my tank and us all shooting his ships. Great fun

If you are able to see them coming in formation then you would be one of them.

Termination? I think the correct term OP is “neutralisation”

Pro Tip: You can kill a venture with the free Gallente noob ship and t1 neutron blasters. So you don’t have to waste 30mil on two t2 fitted cats to kill a 1mil ISK Venture.

Just trying to help “anti-ganking” to gank miners more efficiently here.

But anyway, James would be proud of you. Did you try to sell that miner a permit?


They give the first one for free to get them hooked. It’s a strategy that even James couldn’t think of. These guys have truly perfected the ganking game.

the antigankers have perfected ganking ?

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It seems that way. They’ve completely revolutionized the industry. Everyone needs to leave CODE and Safety and join their organization instead.

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Can somebody give me a synopsis of why ganking miners is okay with the antigankers? After I gank a retriever, can I just say something like:

“Githany Red has found you guilty of affiliation with Aiko Danuja and your ship has been eliminated as just punishment. Regards, antiganking.”


It was never about the morals; it was always about the almighty dollar.