Thanks CCP for BS and Marauder BUFF! Survived my first gank!

Thanks CCP for the Buff to all BS and Maruders!!!
I was ganked some minutes ago in Osmon, and for the first time
since I’m playing Eve, I survived a 21 Catalysts Gank!!!


That’s cause they shouldn’t have used catas :smiley:

Well it is not that they made it without ANY kills… a 4B Mach went down straight after my survivalist escape…
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If they’d been using coercers, not sure you could have survived.

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100% I would have lost another Golem if there were not been the Buffer upgrades to LSE , Armor plates and Bulk plates. I still haven’t made up the isk loss from the last Golem.
Sure I could have been killed with a bigger gang, Coercers, or Tornadoes.
But I survived and that is only thanks to CCP for making Marauders actually tankier than T1 BS
as was the case before the Buff… So yeah… CCP made my day!!! What I say day, YEAR!!!

This isn’t a small thing, it means that what they have done is SUPER RELEVANT!


I mean I get the feeling of surviving for sure.

As soon as I saw the changes, I knew it was also a nerf to ganking.

Rather ship choice is more important now.

For both ganker and target.

I get that you’re happy, but less stuff blowing up is exactly the opposite of what EVE needs right now.

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What do you mean Destiny? About 200m* of catalysts blew up :slight_smile:

*assuming they all were the average 9.9m isk fit standard fair for ganks


De minimis.

Destruction is destruction, some destruction is more significant than others(like when I lost my super, or my vargur, being stupid), but the destruction of ships and equipment, regardless of scale, is reasonably good, as it continues to drive the market. If only big things died, and not smaller things(like the aforementioned Catalysts), 2the market for small things would saturate even more than it already does, and be effectively worthless.

That is pretty dumb telling gankers why they failed. Next gank you will be flooding the forum with tears.

Did you bastion and have an XLSB also? Just curious.

That is not the point. We Mission runners now have at least a CHANCE to pull up some resistance, before it was paper tank!! It’s only right to celebrate CCP for that! And btw I have a YT channel with public fits, so yeah… choices…

You always had a chance. Local, dscan, corp standings, F10.

Honestly, if you just practice opsec you’d be fine.

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Artwork by Koizumi Taira :

Novus Ordo switched to Coercers in Osmon, he might have heard you…
not good…

While I am flattered, it just does make more sense, esp if going after a shield tanked target.

LOL! Hopefully its not me!! Yesterday three Golems went down in Osmon…

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What advantage does the Coercer have ? I have one, not fitted yet…but it looked to me like it has identical slots to the Catalyst.

Damage type. If going after shield tanked targets, you wanna use EM.