Hunting gankers with your help

Well it’s been a while since my last post on Uedama ganking , thxs for all the support it’s been great to know we are helping some . Received some great support from other AG groups with ship fits and tactics
One high point was stopping a Talos gank fleet with a fleet of Armageddon cap suckers :wink:

Now as the war rages on and the large gank fleets answer the Horn of Goondor, we have started a new project.

Flying patrol around constellations where smaller groups of gankers operate, we will be scouting out these hot spots and trying to warn mission runners and miners what to look out for , so watch out for our pilots and keep your eye open for our mobile depots for info , please do read info . If you tell us about how and where you got ganked we can maybe help the next guy save his ship.

Even the smallest piece of info can add to the big picture . As alway use anti-ganking chat channels in game for upto date info and fly safe


:honeybee: Lolo the horn of Goondor , great work

Githany, I sent you an invite to CODE. You can just join fleet and follow us around.


I wonder how it feels like to do work that you don’t get paid for, and to try to help people who not only don’t know and understand that you exist, but if they did, wouldn’t even piss on you if you were on fire because of their asocial, self-centered, greedy natures? :thinking:


Someday Githany is gonna go into lowsec and get dunked by the same AFK miners that she is ‘protecting’ in Highsec.


The viscous cycle of eve online.
Getting shot by the people who made your ship


This is called marketing.


We all know the rules in low sec or we should, thank you for the invite but as always I must say no :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m always shocked and amazed how some people play this game, sometimes I watch as people slow boat to the gate with 20 FR in sys , no situational awareness what so ever but that’s Eve for you , we are all free to play as we want including you.

As for money it’s not my reason for doing this but we do get paid, Armageddon’s don’t grow on trees and you seem to upset some very rich people .


Lots of ganking going on in Niarja. You might need to try and get the people there to stop.


I like that portrait on one of you characters Kane , very cool the one in your bio

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I’m perfectly alright with people choosing how they play. What I don’t understand is why you guys are trying to help players who, for all intents and purposes, make up the bottom rung of the Darwinistic ladder. It’s one thing to help someone who’s willing and proactive, but can’t compete because of some kind of practical consideration. It’s a completely different thing to help someone who’s willfully lazy and ignorant. Think of it like building a ramp; the intent is for someone who’s disabled to be able to use it because they can’t use the stairs, even if they would’ve used them otherwise. Instead, you’re building a ramp for overweight people who are too lazy to walk up a few stairs because they don’t want to strain themselves with some physical exercise.

A proper AG effort would involve teaching players survival skills. All you’re doing is preventing the losers of the food chain from fulfilling their role, which is to feed those who have an actual future. These players that you think you’re helping are going to suffer even bigger losses later on, because you prevented them from learning valuable lessons today.

Like I said, I’m perfectly cool with you doing whatever you’re doing. I’m only questioning the logic behind it, because I don’t believe it’s sound.


I must say I do like reading well written post

We are teaching about AG if we can get some to listen and so enjoy the game more all good.

Thxs for the reply

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And that’s the crux of the problem: most of those people just don’t listen. They need “hands-on” training in that regard, which can only come in the form of a loss.

To that end, I think, as counter-intuitive as this will sound, that the best kind of AG effort would be to gank newer players, and then to immediately talk to them about it and explain what to do so it doesn’t happen again. Then, if they listen, you could replace their losses (possibly with something extra on top), and send them on their way. That way, they will learn a harsh lesson, but at the same time be treated in such a way that they won’t want to quit the game right after. Ganking big-payout targets, and then giving them back what survived of their loot, could be a way to approach older players who are doing stupid things.

But just saving people from ganks isn’t the way to go, because they’ll either not even know that it happened and will continue making the same mistake, or worse yet, develop a sense of entitlement that they’ll be bailed out like this every single time.

And thank you for the compliment.

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Do you know the rules in High sec? I mean, I know you think I’m just a CODE. space bully griefer troll, but I’m actually quite serious. What I do is well within the rules, and (of course) what you are doing is as well. However, what I’m doing is like snagging Boardwalk and Park Place in Monopoly, whereas you appear intent on circling the board over and over without doing anything else. I just don’t know why you are trying to lose the game. What’s the point, hun? Why are you doing it?

You are literally trying (you are failing) to enable people who are richer than you to earn free easy AFK isk, which they will then use against you. It’s entirely counter-productive. You think you are teaching and protecting the innocent, but you are actually just trying to shield bots and AFK lowsec gatecampers. If you want to help new players, join CODE. and gank Ventures, then invite the Ventures to CODE. and teach them how to kill Ventures. That’s what I do, why don’t you want to be more like me?


That is almost exactly how my roommate and I back in the army used to train up new guys back in the days of Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun. We’d play a game against them. We’d roll over their base and defense, talking them through what we were doing as we were doing it. We’d show them why we were doing what we did, and how they’d inadvertently allowed us to. We pissed off a lot of people, but many people listened to our advice and came back to give us a much better fight.


These guys dislike CODE., and that’s perfectly fine. But merely saying that they’re doing this because they dislike CODE. would make them seem like victims (“you griefed us, so now we’re going to try to get back at you, grr”). What they need is an air of legitimacy, and operating under the guise of “protecting the innocent” gives them exactly that. I don’t think they actually give two rat shits about these haulers and these miners. But pretending to be their saviors and protectors makes them feel like the moral victors in this struggle.

The irony, of course, is that they’re using these people for their own selfish reasons, while CODE. is quite honest and up-front about its intentions. Another bit of irony is that admitting that they’re doing this purely out of revenge would actually be more respectable; “hey, you killed us, and we’re not just going to take this lying down, we’re going to screw up your ops and waste your time and money.” Instead, it’s just a bunch of smoke and mirrors, because they want to play the forum game, and be seen as the good guys.


I’d definitely respect revenge and salt as a motivator, rather than “we are trying to help the noobs”, cuz they definitely aren’t accomplishing that.

Imagine thinking ganking t1 noobs or haulers in highsec means you have an actual future or are at the top of the food chain lmao.


Yeah, haha.

Check out this T1 hauler flown by a 7 year old newbie that they ganked today.

Or how about this T1 hauler flown by an 11 year old newbie!

What about this 7 year old newbie, member of some newbie carebear alliance, who was caught flying yet another T1 hauler!