So You Want To Be An AG? Here's A Starter Guide :D

Well hello folks. You might be saying “Why Gix ole pal, you seem to not like AG, why would you help them?”. I’d have to say seeing them just flail about sadly, is well sad!

Below shall be a starter’s guide to how to actually AG effectively. Now the game is always changing, so this guide won’t be the end all, be all. Rather, it is a jumping off point lets say.

Some Truths

  1. You will never stop ganking as a movement. It is simply impossible brosef.

  2. You will not be thanked much for your work.

  3. You may end up becoming good friends with the gankers!

  4. AGing will not make you cash.

  5. You are not saving the world, you’re merely playing a vidya game and making content.

Now then, let’s discuss some topics. It’ll be labeled in different ways. Take everything with a grain of salt, and use what you like and don’t use what ya don’t.

Corp/Alliance Structure

Yesm, you’re going to need several corps to pull this off. If you want to be effective you will have to be social, likable and actually have leadership capabilities! Shocking, I know.

Below will be listed the various corps you may need. Also you will have to go out and recruit these peeps so there’s that.

Police Force

-These homies are the ones patrolling Uedama and other systems to prevent ganks as they go down

-They will be the ones interacting the most with perps and potential victims

-Most visible of the corps

Build Stuff

-You’ll need an indy corp to produce ships/equipment to use and ship loss replacement

-Will need protection from police force as once you start doing your job right, people will come to kill your miners

-Will need miners/indy/trades people

Money Makers

-You need cash to fund the AG lifestyle

-Will need mission runners/abyss runner etc to farm the ISKies

-These guys could also farm CONCORD tags, as you will need them

-They will get targeted by gankers, so again may need protection

Anbu Black Ops(for the weebs)

-These guys should be the best PvPers your corp has

-These guys gank the gankers

-You want them to target the nado homies and any gate camps proactively

-Also could go over after low sec hot spots

Unnamed Spy Corp That Does EVE Stuff

-You will need some spies in the ganker community

-They will have to gank people to build street cred

-Will need trustworthy people who also don’t mind betraying other people’s trust

-Will need players able to do the long con and sacrifice for that cause


-You will need locator agents to find peeps

-Will need peeps skilled at using F10 and zkills to bounty hunt people down

-Will need jump clones at all the hot spots

-Will need stash of ships everywhere for peeps to use, fully fitted and combat ready

-Will need Discord etc to coordinate movements

-Will need to hold regular PvP trainings with corp members


-You need a good PR rep!

-This can be thru forum posts, reddit etc

-You need to spread your propaganda far and wide to let the people know how good of a job you’re doing

-AGing suffers from a lot of pompous peeps, you need to ensure to make your corp cool

-Good PR will help your movement, garner more community support and make your job easier

-Again, I must stress you have to be cool


-If you’re gonna RP, pick a doctrine and stick to it

-If you cannot be consistent, no one will respect the RP

-RP may constrict your recruitment as not everyone will be down to RP

Philosophical Jazz Fest

Okie, so that may seem like a lot of common sense. However in the end, you’re making your own content. Running this effectively will take a ton of a work. If you do it right, you will definitely make an impact and have a lot of fun. You need to inspire and run your corp well.

It will take a lot of recruiting, and it will be a process. You can do it small time, but it’ll just take longer.

As I said before, you’ll never stop ganking entirely. However you can def make an impact and have a lot of fun. Also remember the gankers are just players too.

They are attempting to engage in their playstyle and you in yours. Respect your targets. Don’t fall into the holier than thou trap. It’ll just make you look like a nub.

Ship Fittings/Tactics

-If you drop me a cool 100 mil, I’ll shoot you an EVEmail :smiley:


How else would you run an AG alliance?

P.S. I def wouldn’t allow Drac in it :smiley:


I have to say this is the most rational thing I’ve seen you post. It’s nice to see you outside of the role of the troll! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

This is all great advice to someone who wants to set up an AG alliance. The only thing I would say is for people not to let this intimidate them.

If you just want to take part in anti ganking there are entry levels for players with low social confidence or skills. You might not make sweeping changes but you can do something with some Logi or Ewar.

The most important part of this advice to take no matter what you are trying to do in game is be respectful to your opponent. Even if you are roleplaying it’s quite possible to engage in banter and smack talk while still keeping a core respect for your opponent and knowing the lines not to cross.


Oh? I rarely troll. People just find the truth inconvenient :smiley:

I am a fairly decent MMOer. I’ve been in this piece since MUDs, played almost every major MMO out there.

Been lucky to have some really great experiences as well.

When I came back to EVE, I solved ganking about a month in after spending a few weeks in Uedama.

The thing is, people simply won’t put in the effort to stop it :smiley:

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Vey true! This is so true!


Mega truth!

Not true at all, I know people who received up to 1000 PLEX in tips in one go and people who could anchor structures just with the stolen loot they took from the ganks…

MEGA TRUTH and I will add this: you will be saving AFK trilionaire whales who doesn’t even care if they get ganked or not… they should die in fact, if you can help the gankers and kill the whales maybe you should help the gankers instead

Unfortunatelly, the antigankers arent serious about antiganking… if they were serious they would gank the gankers! It is wrong gameplay considering ganking a sin, it is just a game mechanic. If antigankers were serious about antiganking they would gank the gankers, their haulers, their miners and so on.

Look… do you know what is the ### Posse Comitatus Act
](Posse Comitatus Act - Wikipedia)?

To make it short, less Government troops doing police work in the Old West in America, so it was hired civilian for running security… what happened then?
Well… even criminals where hired, thieves, murderes, cattle thieves, known gangs… in many instances they were using their badge just to kill and imprision rival gangs!


So, they were violent, brutal, they would do the job as they see how it should be done…LOL
Obviously not all posse were like that… but I am telling you these because I knew in EVE someone who his EVE’s wet dream would be creating a Posse Comitatus in EVE!

He is not playing EVE anymore, I know his nephew who is playing EVE at the momment and even his nephew doesn’t know where he is.
Years ago I would be down for joining a space posse! Hell yeah!

How a posse would be? Ganking basically! :smile:
But you could extort the people you save, could do wars, station bashing, etc… the full pvp experience!

Nowadays such trolls aren’t playing EVE anymore, I have no idea where you would find people to join you.

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I remember the days of MUDs. I was lucky enough to have a regular dungeons and dragons group then so I didn’t do much online gaming and when I did remembering all the commands to do stuff in a MUD gave me a headache. EVE is the first and only MMO I’ve played that I can think of apart from five minutes on maple story with my little sister before deciding it was truly aweful.

Perhaps Trolling is the wrong word, I mean your penchant for being the antagonist. You definitely seem to enjoy a wind up when people will bite.

I can solve ganking with a completely different solution. People should just learn to respect other peoples play styles. Also people should be encouraged at all times to try space outside of high sec. The reason we have heavily ganked choke points is because of players that will take 30 jumps through high sec instead of making just one low sec jump.

Getting people into low sec will help them learn the value of finding other groups to play with instead of trying to play EVE like a single player game. It will also teach them the basic skills that let you avoid ganking in the first place.

Ganking solved in two steps. Because it doesn’t need to be fixed as a play style, people who have a problem with it need to fix how they interact with it and accept some responsibility rather than impose their will on other players.

Yes, sadly we live in shallower times.

I still log into my OG MUD every now and then. Sadly most have moved on. It was popular for a long while tho.

Of course :smiley:

Oh true but I literally solved Uedama. If haulers did my tactic, they’d never lose a freighter almost.

But most people are lazy :smiley:

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Looks to me that you rather want deter people from doing AG than helping them. Because almost everything on your list is simply not needed.

You can begin to AG on Day1 of your EVE capsuleer life and you don’t have to “sacrifice” anything or do huge investments. You just need to be willing to learn how things work and ideally cooperate with others (especially people who do that for longer and know better than you do).

If you want to create a successful and growing Corp/Alliance that is another thing, that is the same in all fields of business in EVE, its lots of hard work. But that has nothing to do with AG in particular.

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Couldn’t agree more mate.
We are here to teach anyone who is interested in the AG play style.

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I always look at ag vs gankers like marvel and dc. You need one for the other. Thats why batman cannot kill joker

Batman would still be there if the joker keeled over with a heart attack. He also strings up low level thugs and criminals, it’s just the joker puts on a lot of pageantry and so his fights with Batman are the ones everyone hears about.

Why would it deter them? If you want to do it effectively you need numbers and organization, just like anything else.

The gankers have numbers and are organized. Why do you think peeps are dying ROFL.

I mean yea you can solo it and basically do almost nothing LOL. I spent a solid month AGing in Uedama.

You can stop some but if you want to actually do something, you need numbers and organization.

Or yes, you could multibox and accomplish the same thing.

But we playing an MMO bro :smiley:

You claimed to offer a “starting guide” for “being an AG”. You can start being an AG entirely solo with a cheap frig and still prevent ganks. I made Thrashers and Tornados leave their spots or get killed by bumping them off a gate so someone else could activate their KR, tackle and destroy them. With a brand new Alpha-Char. No need for any investment or big preparations, just you, your ship and a plan.

Everything else just grows over time as you make contacts to some Groups doing it organized and there you can just train and apply for a role, get your ships for free and be shown ways to make ISK, have your stuff moved and get your fun while cooperating in a group with a similar goal. There is much to learn and and much to gain, but nothing to be afraid of.

Busy little bee detected

This is where you leave out that there are really two completely different motivation types of AG…

  1. Those who are fundamentally opposed to ganking, and who see themselves as on some kind of white knight ‘mission’ to eradicate it.

  2. Those who have no problem at all with ganking, and who are roleplaying the vigilante element.

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A very good post and I agree with most points and even I have got to know some of the gankers quite well, maybe not friends.

The isk thing is wrong, you save people and get known for saving people it’s amazing what people give you.

One thing to remember we react to gankers, if no gankers about there’s no AG to be done, that’s why we say as a corp we fight crime and we all know Eve is full of criminals.
Gankers mostly hit miners these days very hard to stop unless the miners get organised and ask for our help, same as Abyssal runners

But all in all a good post

Also without going into our own detailed setup, we are setup about the same as you suggest in your article with some small variations and some parts not really active right now. All the time you would say I’m doing it wrong and me thinking your just an idiot and we was both on the same page in regards to setup and action to take

I was wrong about you sorry

I was under the impression they mostly went after new players with no cargo.

Where would I get such an idea?


I’ll give you the same info for free😁

And free training to boot

I think this is why we don’t always see eye to eye

I’ve been playing MMOs since the late 90s and have led/been a part of many large guilds in various leadership roles.

I post on this forum for fun :smiley: I’m also pretty decent at MMOs.

Free? This is New Eden. We don’t do free LOL.

Don’t need much training. There’s a reason Drac copied my AG fits :smiley:

Can I get some free ships?