So You Want To Be An AG? Here's A Starter Guide :D

New players in T1 frigates with no cargo. That will quit when their free ships get ganked.

What’s hilarious is a few newbs get blapped for lulz.

But any serious ganker isn’t gonna waste that amount of time, esp since you’ll lose out on juicer targets.

Probably safe to assume any post I make is /s, friend

The training is general eve training as we don’t do just ag but to solo ag no not much just awareness of the situation but even that you need to understand what your doing and any skill lvl we make sure can take part .

And yes any ship can work, we once had a hauler mission on the way back we found some gankers camping a gate .
One with a kill right at 0 to us, it turned out to be a bug, I so wants to kill a ganker with 15 haulers hehe

Luckily, I set all the ships up for combat with a mix of abilities in mids, shame we never used them.

If you understand eve you will end up at the same point, take your organisational set up, this is the first you have written about it, yet we are at the same point in corp setup. Drac has given me fittings that work very well, sometimes similar to other setups we already have, no copying was done, many AG members share fits to help each other, we now have fleet fits that have slowly changed to make them more effective at their task, it’s not about making isk, it’s about being effective.

Stop trying to drag Drac into this.

isn’t it you giving away cats these day, as your not doing the lvl of ganks you used to do

Son I was a low sec pirate for years.

I’m fine :smiley:

Well yea. I’ve played EVE for years. To be clear, I’m not setting up an AG corp. Merely pointing people in the right direction if they want to.

LOL then tell your boy to stop copying my quafe :smiley:

My point is we all get to the same point or conclusion in the end.

I can say the same about your guide, you looked at our setup and copied it, but I know that’s not the case.

Yeah the Drac baiting is not only getting old, its proving him right about him feeling bullied.

Be good move to knock it off.

I actually disagree with the idea of popping new beans for lulz. I’m sure it’ll happen by accident some times but if you pop a true new bean the you ought to be contracting them a ship or some isk with an explanation of what happened.

Yeah I much preferred the fun feature that CCP removed to put bounties on them rookies instead, which would generate funny reactions without exploding their stuff, for them to soon learn after asking around that bounties mean nothing, so even the “emotional” impact was minimal if any at all. :slight_smile:

Of course CCP rather just removed bounties altogether because their negative impact on the performance of nullsec battles or whatever instead of limiting them to hisec and lowsec only or something. :psyccp:

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All I remember about bounties is that they covered my charachter portrait and I found that a tiny bit frustrating.

You can’t actually :smiley:

Nah. He deserves all the smoke :smiley:

Once they leave the safety of the newb zones, its fair game.

Anything less, and they get crippled for their EVE life.

I do wish there was a meaningful bounty system.

What you are describing is ganking them to introduce them into the harshness of the game. That is very different to ganking for lulz.

I still think that if it’s a true new bean you replace their ship and tell them why it happened.

That is the harshness of the game :smiley:

Sometimes you get killed for profit. Sometimes you get killed for lulz.

Either way, its EVE :smiley:

Aw man I loved it. I made my AV for it, then they took it away.

I could actually.

Headline : Gix copies NEPF setup and claims it’s his

Btw we have an alliance already set up for when we need it.

LOL it is a very common logistical structure. I didn’t invent it and neither did you LOL.

Yet you don’t use it. You claim you got all this stuff, yet are barely making a dent.

Maybe actually recruit and utilize LOL.

It ain’t my fault your boy can’t think of things on his own.

If NEPF has this level of organization and power, how is Aiko still murdering non stop? Hawk? Cliff?

Let’s not front. You’re never going to gank the gankers or even put together a competent pursuit fleet.

You aren’t going to do what it actually takes to interrupt them.

If you were, then your boy from the Wolf Clan would say that AG needs more support by in-game player actions, instead of crying to daddy CCP.

Now you of course can choose to spend your time in game however you want. However, you also are claiming to be AG.

And while I know you’re just a line member, I’d expect more of you LOL.

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Seems like a lot of work. Can I not just hang around in Uedama in a logistics cruiser, drinking beer and occasionally assisting someone if I can be bothered?


That sounds like my kind of AGing too.

Sadly not though ASFAIK

I just wanna gank stuff, if the antigankers don’t start ganking stuff I wouldn’t even consider the idea of doing an antiganking stuff.

I’m in for running kill rights too, anyone can call me for that, I’m nice to everybody and this includes being gankers or antigankers.

Just never ask me to sit at gates for hours, no Sir, I’m not saving those whales who must die.