Thanx for the good times :)

So I have decided to quit eve after a long time on and off, I came back with a view to work towards helping and having fun.
I have noticed how the dynamics of the game game have some what changed to a point where I question is it real open world game/player driven or a poor attempt at a MMORPG game.
The character I have was used for building/ market and pve not so much pvp.
It dose however open the game to the new changes some for the better and some not so, but you cant please every one.
Alliances now are more so about the numbers filling the pockets of the players already at the top end, if your a new player you are told where you can and cant mine/rat and other activities when u question this you are told you accept this is as its how the game is.

We can debate this till the cows come home as I use a rouq ect and worked well with alliances with this account and main and am no new player lol but have seen how new players are treated in big alliances now days.

Skill points – so if u have a character with lets say 50m/sp less or more you could use a skill injector – extract some skill sell it pay for your game time – and retrain that skill up – repeat – free game time,with in that month u would have trained that skill back up to max and a few others.

High-sec pirate heaven wtf lol concord are so slow to react is like wth are they there for, alpha can easy gang anyone with such a basic fit, its become a no fly zone no matter how tanked you are.
I have spent a day looking at kill mail to see how much u can make from this – its in the trillions.

Again MMORPG – pve / high sec hhmm

conclusion – get 2 or 3 accounts or team up in small gank/ hit high sec yes u will lose ur ship but u will scan a ship / decided the worth/ gank it, while 1 collects the loot and ur good for a few billion in drops :slight_smile: – should take less then 10min

use an alts or if u have 1 pc suck some skill out sell then use isk to buy plex = free game time :slight_smile:

u can can say dont fly solo or tank better or dont use high sec or this or that – truth is tho I have given 2 examples on how to beat eve with so much ease.

I believe with the sale of eve last year to dessert online pearl abyss for $425 is a massive indication how now the dynamics have changed and with the lack of players obtaining subscriptions due to the new dynamics enabling free game time hhmm I wonder that outcome.

I also have to say I think its fair play how ganking in high sec is now and skill sucking for free game time :slight_smile: if its there use it or take it :slight_smile: and im fully aware its always been ganking in high sec – but like I said I played a fair few years more so then most and its never been to the level its now at.

So thanx for the good times and im lucky to have enjoyed the game when it was at its best 10 years ago. and yes i do think is is on last legs and yes ppl will say its been said 101 times from 2005 ect but now we saw the sale of eve so whats next apart from free game time and easy isk as i mentioned.

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This is how its always been, CONCORD have never protected you they have always just punished the other party so this aspect of EVE has remained unchanged for the most part

To be fair as a player who has been here on and off for the last 14 years it really hasn’t changed that much, ganking always happened, you just didn’t notice it as often, and alliances have pretty much always been about the guys in charge reaping the most rewards, i mean they aren’t claiming space just because its fun

That being said, if you’re not enjoying the game then thats entirely fair, hopefully you find another game that can give you what you want, but having been here so long i find all other MMO’s rather lackluster by comparison

Regardless, fly safe :slight_smile:

Can i have all your stuff? :smirk_cat:

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dont get me wrong its not that CONCORD should protect - its that punishment part that has got worse in my view a heavy tanked ship thats holding its own in high sec for 3min at a jump gate - what punishment are you talking about to the offender? i have fount this to be slow on all aspects also receiving a capsule log off timer myself yet i commit no crime.
and i agree with your statement on alliance not doing anything for free, but i do know in the past it was much more social/fun/helpful and made to feel a part of it.
to say there has not been many changes in the last 14 years - im not sure about that pos changed / indi changed / pvp alliance changed - list can go on, yet you failed to mention or to lay thoughts how easy it is to obtain free game time as i point out ?

may i ask what the views are on that ? how dose or will it effect the game and currant effects, given ccp sold ?

i really hope ppl get the same fun from playing as they once did, and really not saying ganking is wrong or CONCORD should hold hands ect - just what are they for if they are not doing as stated on rules ?

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sorry Ms, all items gave to a friend and ill be selling this toon also then pass isk over to him

The problem with EvE is the cancer of Null being allowed to fully metastasize so it can infect and ruin other parts of EvE.

Sure it started with full on afk income that was higher than active income in other parts of the game. But then it spread into other parts of the game due to the fact they wanted something to do and they didn’t count all the afk time they were playing EvE as doing something. So they spread into Losec until the population there just quit or stopped going there. Now you are seeing more of their activity in Hisec than ever because again NOTHING IS GOING ON OUT THERE.

The sheer stagnation of Null is running this game into the dump fast, from afk everything to not giving a F**K about who is on your side at all as long as they fill the numbers role.

Seriously this is your vision for Null CCP? To just get out there and it doesn’t matter any kind of quality of who you are with?

I don’t like to say anything is dying, but it sure is obvious the type of people in Null has changed and they are more bored than ever, and that shouldn’t have happened because that’s exactly how the great majority of people will describe to other people their gameplay in Null…“boring”.

Good luck selling boredom, I have never seen it sell yet. Amusing you gave them more and more with mining moons and asset safety and their boredom got worse than ever, not better. You should have taken it as a sign when Null had to invade a wormhole for content, not as amusing.


Best of luck finding a game you enjoy more!

I would though suggest that you at least take a few days to consider your decision. Deciding to quit publicly on the forums a few hours after a big loss probably is heavily influenced by emotion. Take a few days to see if you really are done with the game before you do anything rash.

The game has changed over the years for sure, and things like SP farming have had big impacts. Suicide ganking not so much as it has always been there and transport ships have always been your responsibility to protect not CONCORD’s, but definitely aspects of the game have shifted and been purposely changed.

If you don’t like the current game though, or are tired of it, no harm or shame in taking a break or moving on. Fly safe wherever you end up!


Spieszmy sie kochac EVE graczy, tak szybko odchodza

Can’t even spell “you”.

Can I be your friend? Hehe

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What I have done is trained a character into an Impel with max skills with a deadspeace overheated tank, plus high grade slaves and when I move stuff which is important there is a command ship with max level boosts with it.

No chance of ganking that. You just have to be a bit warped in deciding not to be an easy victim. Perhaps the better way to approach this is running the day of gankers by being too hard of a target which is why when I often pass through systems carrying a ton of stuff that they did not gank I tell them gankers failed again…

Good riddance.

Can I be your frend? :kissing_heart:

Foamy Vagina.

That isn’t CONCORD though, heavy tanked or not CONCORD will blow up a ship in extremely short order, i suspect you’re thinking of the empire navies which are entirely different and not responsible for dealing with gankers at all, they only deal with people with low faction standings

Because that sa PvP timer, you were involved in PvP regardless of if you actually fired back, that timer is to prevent ships from being able to abuse the log-off mechanic to try to avoid death by not firing back

Removing POS isn’t really a that big of a deal, they were long past due being replaced due to lacking functionality people actually wanted, they are also extremely cheap considering how annoying they are to remove, citadels serve the same jobs POS do but with massive improvements, in this case the POS system evolved, they are going to add a less annoying structure for staging so at this point there shouldn’t really be anyone clinging to POS now, where exactly did industry “change”, acquire materials > do stuff with materials, the basic gameplay loop hasn’t changed, did they suddenly add minigames, do you now have to hack an asteroid before it will give up its minerals, do you now have to manually assemble ships in order for them to build? which part are you referring to specifically, because opening it up to more players isn’t “change” thats “competition” and thats entirely different

As for obtaining “free” gametime, not sure what your point here is, GTC’s were traded many many many years ago and long before PLEX even existed, someone still has to pay for that game time so its not “free” and i also don’t see what relevance PLEX has on anything other than it enabling more players to actually enjoy the game

Removing a POS isn’t really that big of a deal, tho agreed annoying to remove, citadels serve the same job also agree.
But with safety what really is the point to remove 1 from high sec ? given time / effort and cost ?
you talk about changes that are due to happen - should they have not been in place at the start of the launch of citadels not like almost a year later?
Also to do the changes is no means a small or cheap process and with the sale of ccp is it really going to happen, i would suggest you read a few post on how costly and time consuming this will be.

New Skills will be seeded with the September release in order to allow capsuleers across New Eden to prepare for the coming race for resources. basic game play loop hasn’t changed so you say lol - you can’t play this game to date the same as back in 2003 / 2010.
I could list you links to changes and how skill sets have changed roles and ships used for mining ect but i think from your post you wish not to believe.

to clear that free game point up for you - at most 30k ppl are on at eve active players, how many are alpha ? how many are atl’s - i know i have 1 main 3 atl’s and use at the same time, this is an indication less and less ppl are now playing eve, far fewer then thought.
with your comment what really makes me laugh - “someone stills has to pay” who? and more so why? - why? would anyone want to pay when they they can get omega free as has been so openly detailed on a number of sites and tips playing this game.

I hope this helps answer / reply back to your comment, you can get more details on how the game has changed and skills needed ect from eveonline should you feel you need to be updated on anything.

It is a shame this is the way this great has gone and fallen, and i don’t see a way back from it, pretty soon there will be more from ccp / as No company keep running at a loss

You don’t just replace the entire POS system in a single sitting, each section needs to be replaced piece by piece to avoid you massively breaking anything, the bubble is the last to be replaced and its probably also one of the easier ones, you just make the new bubble generator weaker so that it can be removed without requiring dreads to siege it all the while reducing the anchoring time, could even make them single use that expire after x time has passed to prevent them from being left in space, but again, you need to make sure all the replacements work, yes they could have just rushed out a single upwell structure to replace everything a POS does but that would be boring and create no real “choices” because they would all be the same, this is the best way to do the transition

What changes are you even talking about, the sale of CCP to PA doens’t really change much at this point, as it stands CCP operates on its own, PA were more interested in the tech CCP made than EVE itself when they purchased them, they didn’t buy EVE expecting it to become the next big money maker on its own :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure the ships used have changed, back in 2004 the only dedicated mining hulls were cruisers, but like i said the gameplay loop itself hasn’t really changed, you go to a resource, you collect the resource, you make things with the resource or you sell it, yes we no longer use apocs and ospreys for mining but that doesn’t mean its changed by a great deal, i mean where exactly do you think everything has massively changed in that regards, be specific

This hasn’t changed, people have always run alts, at one point i used to run 3 accounts just for day to day stuff, i still login 2 daily, this has again not really changed a massive amount as you pretty much always needed an alt for most things, hauling, scouting or just for doing things that required training skills your main didn’t want like trade or industry related skills, it actually used to be far worse because you needed alts for holding things like supers, now you can actually dock them :stuck_out_tongue:

So, random question, where exactly do you “think” PLEX come from? they aren’t just randomly spawned in to being, they aren’t sold by NPC’s, they have to be purchased, with real money , so, even if YOU haven’t personally paid for that omega time, someone HAS and that purchased omega time actually makes CCP more money than the same time purchased via a paid subscription, if nobody bought PLEX you couldn’t buy omega time with ISK, its a very simple easy to follow loop but some people seem to get stuck on the “But i’m not the one paying so its free” part which is just factually incorrect, your subscription was just paid for by someone else with their money instead of yours, you just traded them your ingame work for it, so yes whiel there are guides on how to make ISK to buy PLEX, you seem to overlook where those PLEX actually came from

The only time i lose a ship is when i’m being lazy lol some times just fly in random null sec - i think if u view my kill mail i flew a basic ship and made it to where i wanted to go lol just bored.
But with this toon i used just on indi ect.
I would not call it a big loss, more so just being lazy while watching youtube, but i did think you know what are CONCORD are there for ?
I agree it is a players responsibility to protect yourself, 100%.
So started to think, as a new player would, just brought that month or 3 months of game time been rating/mining maybe a few other things, and lets say they want to sell or take there items to a station for profit (never did like trading myself).
Ok so there that player has a fair tank still new and what do you he/she is ganged in high sec with CONCORD watching - so they are not there to protect you - agreed

To punish the offender ? how ? do they wait till they destroy that ship ? or do they just put a timer on the offender ? – oh they attack the offender after they watch that new player get blown up ?

So from a new player prospective CONCORD’S rule and reason for them there are some what not clear and as a result - chances are they will quit and as they have not invested hard game time and effort it’s not a big deal to find a game they enjoy.

i think i have called it quits on this game because lack active players and the direction ccp are going and the situation they face.

Im not really into copy and paste but feel free to knock your self out doing so :slight_smile: You some what contradict yourself -
I am saying the dynamics of the game has changed and in doing so the game mechanism has changed, i pointed out a few points that proved my point but have not the time to waste listing information you can research yourself.

You are saying that the game has not changed or the game has changed ? i mean if the game has changed from what your saying, then surly the game the mechanics need to match the changes, or are you saying the games mechanics have changed but there are absolutely no changes in the game itself ?

oh wait you said “game play loop hasn’t really changed” well what a waste of time and money from ccp to make improvements in your view its all the same ?

Im not sure the date that citadel / upwell structures were launched - but exactly in your mind how long would it have taken to improve the POS situation ? a year maybe 2 ? of course were talking you have a complete full team of pro’s.

why do companies merge / or sell / again feel free to google it, its a question you ask i hhmm i can’t tell you what you want to hear or to convince you of anything.
From personal experience whan a game takes this path it never end’s well.

And again the free game situation is just that, its become free omega.
As said less ppl play the game now and you can get records of the internet . At a time it will show 30k ppl active on eve almost half are atl’s - Again i don’t care or do i think it’s wrong!.:slight_smile: it dose concern me at the same time:).

I will answer your question tho you rather just copy and paste with odd statements of the subjects
of COURSE PPL ARE BUYING GAME TIME -never said at 1 point no one is or that absolutely no one will.

What i am saying with far few ppl playing, more atl’s being used, more information on farming is leading ppl to gang far way far more to obtain FREE omega time so they don’t have to pay, the long term result will be ??? work it out pls :stuck_out_tongue:
Again not any reason not to gang its part of the game always has been always will be but to a point where you can easy make 5b in an hour or less - look at the kill board - i did see 1 person with hits from 5b and more :):slight_smile: fair play ti him/her.

with that said in time more and more ppl will turn to high sec gang for isk = plex = free game - not really hard work as you pointed out.

Tyran - i flew to deep in null sec just for a laugh - made it all the way left it there in null sec for 3 day’s lol look at this atl’s kill mail - ppl are ganging so much more in high sec its where the game is now at.

PLEX dose come from ppl buying it but as the game is slowing down and with the slow changes that seam rather desperate from ccp, its a time to call it quit’s.

As you agreed ppl have atl’s again i say so do i and ppl should to max the game fun out, i only eve and im pretty sure other do also just payed for 1 account to support the game.

so a question for you - rather then past and drag - do you think a player will continue to pay for PLEX with real $ when its easy to obtain game time for an alpha ?

or do you think a new player pays for a month then buys plex - without knowing to much gets ganged - makes a ticket to ccp to complain – then gets told its part of eve - then quits, is that how you think the game should carry on, can the game carry on this way ?

plex has started to increase again a value - reason being its player driven - less plex in seculation price increase – are we getting the pic yet ? .

i’v got like just like 2 days left so its been great having this chat with you - sorry you feel wasting real money on plex is the way to go.

I think this is about the most well-reasoned, agreeable, and insightful leaving Eve posts I’ve seen so far. For what that’s worth. Fly safe OP o7

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