Returning player from 2008, leaving after install

I last played 2015-16 and thought I would see what has changed. It was always a game you could pay for playing and buying plex off the market.

Oh dear oh dear what a mess. I cannot train skills because my SP is too high. Not only can “alpha” players not fly ships above scrubs with nerfed skills, T2 weapons are a big 4Q. LOL!!

So let me get this straight CCP, the F2P model is as follows.

  1. You can play free if you are willing to be gank fodder for “paying” customers. In fact the aim is to give paying customers F2P targets to attract $$$$$.

  2. You can use faction gear but you have nerfed skills so…point? Arrr kill sheet scrubs, target practice.

I have been laughing since install. Eve is a game that was NOT WORTH £10 a month in 2015 but now £20 is more attractive? Get outta town bro, good luck in bankruptcy.

Plex and skill buying is shameless P2W profiteering. It looks like CCP have taken its new business model directly from their old game scammers. Eve online is the first game I have ever uninstalled before playing (again). Utterly shameless, I cannot imagine too many vets of the old game are still around. £20 a month! VERY hard pass.


Before you uninstall, can I have your stuff? o7


First, they don’t owe you a completely free game. If you want the advantages of omega, pay for omega.

Second, you have no idea what you are talking about when it comes to gank fodder. Anyone can reduce the chance of being ganked to damn near zero by using best practices. It’s about strats, and has nothing to do with SP or wallet sizes. Now, I could teach you if you want to learn, but I seriously doubt you want to learn.

Third, can I have your stuff?


I understand not wanting to pay $20 per month (or whatever for longer) given the value of EVE.

However I disagree that being able to play T1 hulls up to battleship, faction and pirate, with T2 weaponry up to rank 3 and many key skills trained to IV or V makes you “cannon fodder”. You can do a lot with Asteros, Gilas, Rattlesnakes et. al. with Alpha gear.

No, you can’t do everything in game, but when you ‘last played’ in 2015-2016 you couldn’t do anything at all without a sub.

EVE may not be worth the current pricing to a lot of players, but the limits on Alpha aren’t really a part of that.


I have been laughing since I opened the thread.

What’s with these people who think they’re going to take the universe on an Alpha account ? Although Alpha is a good start for a new player and the SP cap is very generous. Of course people who can’t add may not see a way to take advantage of it.

The level of conspiratorial bs is off the chart here.

How did you play if you uninstalled it before you played?

So did you uninstall and leave or how did it go?
All that is rather convoluted. It’s no surprise you didn’t make it in New Eden.



I can’t speak for the veterans, but us newcomers will pick up where you left off.

Hope you rediscover what you felt you’ve lost in the next MMO you subscribe to.


This part hasn’t changed at all. You could still pay for playing or by buying plex off the market.

So, why are you leaving again?

Thoughtful and meaningful post that moved my soul
Hulk Hogan wanna be
Angry Veteran perma noob who played the game once


Be kind enough to provide lossmail. Just wondering how much bling you undocked after not playing for 6 years. Especially after mentioning faction mods.

I think ill autopilot my freighter to jita with all these goodies i had from 2008 and sell them so I can…

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Imagine typing this and thinking it’s clever.
Try harder.

Where are you getting £20 from ? My 3 monthly Omega will simply rise from £10 a month to £12.50 a month.

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Also. The skills you trained are still usable except for a select few. You are not capped at 5 mile sp. Whatever you trained still works as long as it’s not cut off at a certain lvl for alpha.

Well, MMos with subscription/mixed payment model are wayyyyy better then free to paly ones, try playing one that is free of charge and you will see how much THAT version will cost you in the end. You either pay for your entertaiment (it is a game), or you are the product yourself…

I get it, defend the game you enjoy. I used to play eve alot and defended the pilots licence (PLEX) and even had 4 paid yearly accounts active for many years.

If you think this new P2Wish model is “better” that is your prerogative. The fact you cannot use skills you have already paid for is disgusting. It used to be a level 5 skill was a month subscription or longer and now you have to pay that subscription to use said skills. This is hard fact not opinion.

But it is F2P right? Wrong!! Any game that you are basically forced to pay for to be “equal” is a scam subscription. But…but…but…don’t care it is a scam.

The server numbers are Wayyy down and even the current peak 15-20k players are vastly inflated due to account spammers. Outside ganking and trolling how many real PvP battles happen anymore outside of warping a fleet 20 jumps to catch a T1 frig in lowsec? Cannot imagine many as that was pretty much PvP in 2015.

Let me guess, someone has a counter argument that proves for a fact all my words are false using a one time anecdote? If it was a realistic option to buy a subscription using isk you earn in Alpha there would be few Alpha accounts. Alpha accounts are used to keep server number up and give Whales something to shoot at for braggin rights.

You should try faction warfare. I have an alpha account that I use for faction warfare, and it is really fun. At no point do I feel like cannon fodder. I don’t win all the time, but I can fight and have fun

Any reader of these forums will tell you I’m the last person to “defend EVE”. But facts are facts.

Yes, the forums are a bit sad about this. You can post the numbers across 10 years and a million players on an issue, and some doofus will come along with “Yer wrong hur hur 'cuz my buddy and I once did this thing where the opposite of what you say happened. So there.”

Being subbed to use your skills isn’t the ‘new’ model, it’s the way EVE has always been. You’ve never been able to log in and keep using all the skills “you already paid for” without a sub.

It’s not easy to earn the 2 billion ISK for a month’s Plex as an Alpha, but I’ve done it multiple times. The idea isn’t that you need to repeat this over and over with Alpha limits. You sub once, or earn it once, go Omega, then use your Omega skills to increase your earnings. SP farming, PI, trading, ratting, whatever. If you can’t earn 2 bill a month regularly, then fine. Earn a bill in a month as Omega, then spend 2 months earning the next bill as Alpha, and sub every 3rd month.

As Alpha you have access to basic T2-fitted Asteros, Gilas, Rattlesnakes, Praxis, all kinds of useful ships. You can go WH ratting up to around C5, you can Abyss dive, you can huff gas, you can FW LP farm. All sorts of options are available, and that is something new.

Can you have everything that a paid player has ‘for free’? No. But then, I don’t know of a single commercial game anywhere that has that, so it’s a bit of a false bar to aim at.


You’re a 2008 player right?

Hasn’t EVE always been a subscription based game where you need to pay for a subscription to make use of all your skills and ships?

You have always needed to pay ‘in order to use skills you already paid for’, why are you complaining as if that is something new? Previously you couldn’t use the skills, ships or play at all if you didn’t pay, now you just cannot use some skills.

It’s still a subscription based game, it just now has an endless free trial mode called ‘Alpha clones’, which obviously has some limitations.


I understand and agree with your points mostly but there is nuance here. The difference between a returning 14 day Omega trial and “F2P” Alpha is chalk and cheese. The reality is you NEED to subscribe either by plex or $$$ to play EVE to any meaningful level. CCP are asking for a particularly expensive 2022 AAA+ subscription which I think is delusional. EVE is simply not worth anywhere close to “ultra premium” for how dated the game is, imo obviously.

ALL Omega accounts are paid for “by somebody”. All PLEX is introduced onto the markets by creditcard, yes it had a similar PLEX prior to Alpha but it is now a premium currency not an ingame one off item.

My main point is $5 for one Omega toon is what I would consider reasonable. $20 with 50 “optional” extras to PLEX your creditcard to max is predatory, EVE in 2022 is simply not worth what CCP is asking foir it, not by along shot.

Seriously, say I were to pay $40 for 2 toons with no extras, that is nearly $500 a year that you could buy a decent GPU, 10 new AAA titles or an entire library of steam games.

I understand you “can” but the principle of the thing grinds on me personally. I have T3 ships and Rattlesnakes spotted about with a bunch of other stuff I could sell and buy Omega but the thought of grinding solid for 2 weeks+ just to break even reminds me of RL too much. I suppose it is grind with purpose.