Eve dying coz of ccp

As Alpha Clone i tell you CCP that Eve is dying because of your greedy, you should write not ‘free play’ but ‘free die’ to alpha clones. I cant do PI, cant cloak - cant fight coz everyone see me, cant mine - venture is a joke, true is that all i can do to play eve is PAY, yes buy plex for real money, so as alpha i must first pay you to really start playing eve. You block all ways for alphas to start realy earn isk coz you want from alphas to pay you. I wont pay you, i go play world of tanks - equal rulez for all, ■■■■ you CCP, i quit this stupid game.

eve is dying is old and boring, move along, nothing to see here.



Aww man, now the cat’s out of the bag…

Spoiler alert, so does everyone else!



So you’re saying that the developers of a game that has been running on a subscription-based pay model for 15 years are designing their “free to play” experience in such a way as to encourage free players to subscribe?

How delectably insidious!


There are far more obtuse games out there if you want a comparison, like DDO, WoW, Runescape, ESO, SWTOR… the list is long.

EVE doesn’t stop you from going anywhere, where you go matters, I have several people in my alliance that were alphas and managed to sub with PLEX based only on their hard work and intelligent use of time in the game.

So unfortunately for someone like you i have only one piece of advice to offer; pay for sub.

Your complaints are unfounded and uninteresting.


Missions, with friends, is a good way to make ISK While still as an Alpha. With the ability to get up to Faction Battleships, you can accomplish quite a bit with that!

And as with almost any other game model… There is always an incentive to pay to get better ships, equipment, gear or more money per game. It’s the Nature of the World. EVE is no different in that regard.


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O really :stuck_out_tongue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bvi1UUM2etg sure those are prospects but a venture can gas mine close to half the speed I think, so that’s 30-35mil before the rats spawn within 20minutes if you include scanning time and your lucky with finds you can run 2 an hour 60mil/hour and if you do this for 4 hours a day for a week you can pay for your plex to upgrade your alpha to omega, which then increases your mining speed and let’s you mine faster, that’s only 1 of many way’s an alpha can earn isk, there is a way that an alpha can earn about 200mil/hour but secrets are secret’s else it wont be 200 an hour anymore :].

Be brave take your stuff where you think it can’t go and find a way.

But you will find earning isk in eve take’s time and time in RL earning Real money tends to work out better than farming it so naturally subbing is better use of time , but that option is always there :].

Send me your stuff, please. I’m space lower middle class!


Did you tried it yourself?

I wish to make fleets for mission running - this is do funny. But the income from it devided with all fleet members…

Would you please put right here right now the profit from missions made by 3 member fleet of average alpha player?

P.S.: CCP shouldn’t advertise EVE as a free game.

You know sometimes quantity become quality and this will happen. This is not something impossible.
And you know what? CCP will not be warning you - they just shut down the project like it was with DUST (they announced finish not very long before it happend - some mounths).

Wait, you can’t fight cuz everyone can see you?

How is anyone supposed to fight you if they CAN’T see you?



This is probably the most sensible / realistic thing you have wrote. It should be made clear that Eve Online is a subscription game with a limited free-to-play option.


This is true. More and more I see new players in Rookie Help confused about EVE’s pay model and thinking it’s “yet another pay2win” freemium game.


ISD confirmed, the t1 battleships are in dire need of help!

Only pirate ships are good and all a noob has to do is only ever fly pirate ships with 2 skillpoints, they are much good with at this stage and since they only cost 1000x time more than a regular ship - which are all so bad that you should not ever fly one, your level 1 missions will pay for one in 400 years, 4 months, 23 days…

Often face it with new players joining the corporation.

Good for me I have no doubts answering their question “How to gain Omega more effective and faster” - “It’s impossible”. This true is better than sweet lies.


Best thing I’ve seen all day :rofl:

Except it isn’t impossible. Far from it. It’s just your ignorance and incompetence that makes it appear so to you.

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Well… Don’t be a windbag and show here how it is possible. And I will watch on this.