Time to say good bye EVE online

I think this is the time to leave. As a player starting since 2012, I like to save ISK instead of PvP. This ESS system just takes all fun from me. Some people might like it. But I think this is the time. I want to play this game the way I like, NOT CCP want me to do. Good luck all and hope you all enjoy this "OPEN“ world.


Wrong forum. Quitting posts go here:

Well, 8 years was a good run. Most people get bored of purposelessly accumulating ISK long before that.

Have fun wherever you end up!



Genuinely curious about the mindset.

Can you tell us if there’s any greater purpose to that, or are you hoarding for the sake of hoarding alone?

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Question, have the recent ESS buffs not helped? There have been buffs to the equilibrium payout percentage, decay rate due to ratting, and the recovery rate. So, I was thinking that would help nullbears to use a strategy similar to crop-rotation, where they rotate which systems they rat in. Of course, I think this method would be extremely hard to do as a renter. If you rented by the system, you’d have to rent a bunch more systems in order to leave some fallow. And if your rental agreement gave you access to a region on a first come first serve basis, you’d probably encounter the tragedy of the commons problem (see below video). Plus renters tend to be in quieter regions of space, so that they can’t use PvP to up payouts the same way other groups can. Thus, I think ratting renters would have the hardest time adjusting, and would probably have to change careers, or stop renting.

Speaking of which, there are still plenty of ways to carebear it up, if you were so inclined. Of course, CCP does seem to be developing in a way that isn’t super friendly to the carebear lifestyle right now. So, sticking around might just lead to further frustration for those that want a more chilax gameplay experience.

Anyway, hope you have fun wherever you land.


He hoards what our kind covets… of course, it all makes sense now… He’s a slutty space dragon.

Edit because the post got flagged: This is a reference to Rick and Morty. I was being playful, not insulting. Anyway, Destiny Corrupted asked why he was “hoarding” isk, which reminded me of the following scene. Anyway, when I went looking for a picture or a clip, I found this fan art… which made me giggle… because, of course, someone made art shipping Rick and the dragon. Of course, this exists on the internet. What did I expect? Oh, and if you’re wondering where the slutty part comes in, you’ll have to watch the rest of the episode.

P.S. It’s so much funnier now that I’ve explained it.


Could you send a newbie some of your stash?


…Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

But seriously, I don’t get it.

I mean, I like money. I like having a lot of it, and I like having more of it. But I’d never play a game like this only for the sake of having money, and even if I did, I wouldn’t consider a drop of, say, 20% in my income as unrecoverable slight against the core of my very being, to the extent that the only viable option I’d see is quitting entirely.

I don’t get it.

Someone please explain.


Let me try to analyze the OP since he seems to want that by posting here.

I’m guessing that even though the DBS probably is earning him more ISK overall, his mindset is such that he only is having fun when his wallet numbers are ever-climbing up. So when someone does show up and takes some of his ISK, he feels bad - maybe a victim? Poweless? Emasculated? I don’t know, but bad. They took “his” ISK and he finds that loss, no matter how small and ultimately illusionary, unfun.

That still doesn’t make total sense as his ISK balance will keep going up even with the DBS and ESS and the odd theft, and alternatively, there are still plenty of ISK sources that can be tapped with no risk of theft he could switch to. So he must also just be a bit bored, and probably is ready for a change.

Even those dragons sleeping on a pile of gold they keep accumulating wake up every decade or two and go do something else like terrorize a nearby town. One might hope he would shake the dust off his wings and use that wealth to raise some hell, or do anything really, but I suppose wandering off to another dimension to play some other game is better than the status quo.

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Yeah. If it’s not fun anymore, there is no reason to continue. This is just a damn video game. A lot of games are evolving to become better but this game is evolving into becoming worst.


This is what happened. For me, EVE is like a real world, I enjoy to have money and work hard to see the number increase in my wallet. Same as real world, I like to earn money and see number increase in my bank account. However, ESS system is like you can work hard, but other people can steel from you easily. This is not the feeling I like. The reason I play this game for 8 years is because I can do whatever I want and makes me felt happy. But, this ESS system makes me not happy. As simple as that. lol


Do you spend the money you earn in the real world?

But you make it sound like your activities are very one-sided (making money in one very specific manner). What else do you do?

Also, would you stop working in the real world if someone stole your real world money?

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Bye Krab

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Are you going to keep saying random stuff till someone pays you attention?

it’s just a random stuff. it Doesn’t need an attention…lol… Freedom of expression as long as I don’t violate forum rules.

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Ah ok. You should probably find an angle to stick with though, make it your thing.

Well, there’s no shame in taking a break and letting your account become Alpha status.

However I suggest that you don’t sell / give away your stuff and more importantly, don’t bio-mass your character. Just put your assets in a secure High Sec NPC station and then keep watch on game changes during your break. Hopefully some future changes will make it worthwhile for you to re-sub.

Until then, good luck to you on future ventures.


Well, you may never really get it. Its like some people don’t like ice cream, as in any kind or any flavor. Those people might be 1 in 10,000 but if you like ice cream, its really hard to “get it”.

And on top of all that, the OP probably does not totally even understand his/her own motivations either, and I bet there is more than one or even two.

I was actually thinking of opening a thread about this sort of mindset. There are literally games where all you do is tap the screen and “money” flows in. Just watching your imaginary money increasing is literally something many people will do and pretty much want to do here too. However, once again I point out that motivations are rarely so singular. Repetition can also be soothing, pleasurable for some, and the changes in routine that happen in EVE will put them off.

But, that ride is over. Everything ends. Best to look back fondly on the memories of what was, than be bitter that it is no more.

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Well, I’ve heard it argued that video games are really good at tapping into the reward structures within our brains. Moreover, games often give us rewards in more immediate and obvious ways than real life often does. You might have also heard of the term “skinner box mechanics” thrown around as an indictment of game mechanics that seem to be intentionally designed to manipulate player psychology. But, imho, all video games can be viewed as an advanced, digital skinner boxes. I mean, it is kind of reductive but, we are literally pressing buttons in order to get rewards -it’s just that rewards that we seek can differ (i.e. money, items, level ups, achievements, cut scenes, win states, sense of accomplishment, dopamine hits).

Or, if you’re looking for a more crass answer… For the same reason we enjoy getting stank on our hangdowns even when we’re not trying to make a crotch dumpling…

Because it feels good.

I can’t believe a bunch of vikings set out to make a revolutionary open-world PvP MMO, and their #1 demographic somehow became these people.


Ummm, I’m sorry that you’re leaving, but if you really are, can I have some of your stuff please?