The Only Way to Win in Eve Online 👣

As they continue to silence the voices of dissent, I will gladly join Doomheim :skull:Cheers!


C ya.

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Not good.

Keep helping the game to grow… :rofl:

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Can I have your stuff ?

(EVE is like anything else : always changing. You either accept it, or die in the past).

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And nothing of value was lost.


- $14.95
$244,999,985.05 left

Well, you showed them!


You guys are cute. It’s true, from my standpoint…nothing of value was lost.

Keep digging that :hole: that ccp will never dig themselves out of. Great plan.

Is this the monthly “I quit… for real this time” thread of salvos? :thinking:


Yeah, all made by people that think CCP, or even the community, really care about their tiny numbers.

After all, aren’t we all gathered here the harvest that delicious and tasty :salt:?

who are you and why should i care About you and your unsub ?


Quitting posts are Prohibited in all areas other then Out of Pod. I have moved it to its proper location.


I come here hoping to win the game after 12 years of EVE Online and it’s just another quitter post. One of those guys that won’t even troll me by sending 0.02 ISK. Sorry to see you go. Hate you didn’t send me your stuff.

Please be sure to biomass your pilots, otherwise you aren’t winning Eve, you’re just taking a break.

What I’ve done.

  1. Converted my 100b+ worth of crap into PLEX .
  2. Upgraded 50 Alphas to Omegas.
  3. Log them in all at once.

That’s it. They sit there doing nothing all day but using up bandwidth and lowering the amount of real players that can enter Jita by a small amount.

Does it make a big difference in the CCP wallet in the long run? Probably not, but it makes me feel good and isn’t that what gaming is all about?

Thank you for not donating it to me. I’d just spend it on skill injectors.

Who got silenced? Clearly it’s not you, because you’re still able to post.

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Maybe you’re new here and don’t see the forest for the trees, but I (in the guise of another character) and many other long time players have been silenced. A certain bird-man has slowly but surely been purging the forum of people that are unimpressed with the direction the game has been taking over the last few years.

Granted, it’s now a F2P game so we can simply make a new posting alt. But it kind of takes the fun out of developing an interesting forum character that people can love (or love to hate) over the course of hundreds to thousands of posts.

Many of the people you don’t see posting any more haven’t left the game. They got banned from the forum for “telling it like it is” instead of worshiping the devs in their little fiefdom here in the EVE-O forum. They’re still here. Just wearing different clothes.

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Mr Epeen been permasilenced like Linus?


You are just alpha now, you can’t quit. Muahahahaha