You going to need to spend more time in EVE after the change?

I was returning to eve just to play like before. Do some mission/mining and checking if their was some good 0.0 corp that i could join for pvp/pve etc

In highsec i see a person ice mining with 12 account - ok i try, ending up that he has a alt (bumping me for 2,5hours, til ice i gone )so i cant mine their. He owns the system. He mines every 4 hour 24/7(have checked most 4 hour except when i have to sleep( But he maybe not need sleep. Regular mining work ok.

Try some mission. Its the same. Sometimes u get people that try make it hard for you. Then u take a break and come back 1-2 hours later. If u got lucky they have done the mission. If they still their u play the mission next day and try some regular mining.

Bad thing is now that I have to do more of this instead of doing some fun or if i want to buy a ship/stuff.

Now prices rise, I have to pay more for modules etc.

Meaning that if i want to pvp or got unluck and my ship is gone in a second. I have to do more mission/mining/ratting than before. It also cost me more to buy ammo and sell loot.

And to lower my tax i have to train some more skill… that not givning me something “fun”. Its only extra time that i have to pay for real money.

I work and sometimes it means that i dont play for 14 days. Getting it harder to earn isk makes the games more boring for me.
When i log in i want to have my battleship etc and do most stuff. Not to work hours and hours. I can understand that u can buy plex. I dont now if ok do pay for gametime and buy plex just to play eve.

I have 2 month now but i dont know if im going to play after that. Going to be a break again i think. Something is wrong with the game. I want some change, even if they never going to happen.

Player station - gone. — want poses
Supercarriers/titans gone - Take away this ship, so we get a healty 0.0 were small allianses can win to.
Carrier still in game- regular carrier and rorq still their. Player dont lose their ship if they have one allready. Its only that u cant make anymore of this ship. Skill can be trained. So some carriertype going to disapear after a while.

Local in 0.0 - Still want it
npc miner - get rid of them. More minerals cheaper ship. maybe not good for bots becuse they dont get alot of isk (or in real terms they have to mine alot to earn something, then its easier to find them).
5 account max for all players - Players that not have alot of IRL money or is in a big allians could play on same level.
Move minerals. Less veldspar in 0.0 - Less ark, crokite etc in higsec, (pocket minerals) - then we get more trafic with minerals. No jumpcarrier means regular trafic from 0.0 /lowsec/highsec and back or in wh. Could mean a good sink and alot fun for players.
Carrierrats - take away this.
With some of this change CCP maybe dont get more money because isk get cheaper and people dont need to buy plex.

To raise drain of isk.
More transport empire/0.0 means more risk and loss of ship.
Take away T2 BPO(player with t2 bpo get same amount gametime that they bought it in isk - so if u have a bpo that is woth like 20B u get 10 month free playtime for that account- with maxium 1 year) - make all to use invent instead more isk away.
Easier to kill poses/station - shorter timers
Skill injectors dont work on carrier skills - more traning, more time in eve. Less cap pilot in eve online. And ccp eran more isk.
To use a carrier i takes more ice to jump ("bigger tank -uses more fuel). Ice prices going up maybe but it going to be less supercarrier etc so maybe not.
More gates less endsystem - with some more gates 0.0 get more unsafer - mening that if u mine its harder. People can jump in.

Going to play one more month then i say goodbye, and check in later in about a year to see what have happen.

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I went to visit my Dreadnought today for around 15 minutes as it is not ready to undock.

Changed my training queue so many times over the past few months but not due to the changes, it is due to not having a strong focus on what I want to do.

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I want X

I dont like Y

Pls fix


Sounds like a plan, man.
See you in a year.
Take care 'til then.

What game will you be playing mostly if not EVE ?

Well, I have a simple solution to the problem - gank the ■■■■ out of him.


Yeah, I’m planning on sticking around.
A tiny change in sales tax means nothing to me, and it 3% was enough to make or break my entire game play, I’ve been doing something horribly wrong.


T2 BPO’s are not a problem in the least, mainly because a minuscule amount of people have them and the people that do have them don’t use them. There are absolutely no T2 BPO’s that are worth 20 billion, the ones I see are selling for 50000 PLEX, so therefore about eight years of game time, or somewhere around 175000 million isk. A limit of one year is just stupid, because it’s the same as just giving them just a year of game time which isn’t really much ISK, in the end.

Eve is a game, you play or you don’t.



implying the game will still be running after another year…

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Am I the only one that reads post like this with a Viktor Navorski voice in mind?

Yeah, gotta say I agree with a lot of what you said, game is definitely getting tougher for casual players. CCP seems oblivious to the consequences of their actions. In an attempt to incite more player log-ins, all they’re really doing is alienating more of the playerbase.

Anyway, sorry to hear you’re leaving in one month and will check back in one year. A lot can change in that time. If your account sub expires in one month, just play as Alpha clone until CCP makes things better.


Like we really needed to hear you whine about his post.


These forums have gotten very toxic lately and quite honestly, a lot of you so called Vets don’t even try to conform to the forum rules anymore.




Oh no, what we need are more incoherent and unreadable ramblings like the OP in this thread…

Yes, of course, I am the one whining here, and my post is sooo toxic… How did I not realise that when I posted it?

Maybe if I had written it in a more incoherent and unreadable way, like the OP did, you would have found it to be less whining and toxic, and that would have made me feel sooo much better…

You know ranting goes against the forum rules, right? May want to tell that to the OP instead of to me…


Wow, thanks for proving me right.

And talk about ranting, your whole reply is nothing but hostile snide sarcastic remarks.


Did I? You sure? And which part of my previous post is it exactly that “proved” you right? Please enlighten me because I seem to be missing something here…

LOL, as if you didn’t deserve that after replying to me the way you did…

Oh, but wait, is that what you think “proved” you right? The fact that I was using sarcastic remarks? You sure that “proves” you right in any way? Or was it something else?


Can’t even read a thread without seeing an argument.
It’s hard to believe the posters are adults on this website.
Perfectly mirrors the looneys runnin’ around out there in that snake pit they call a “society”.


Lol no I use a thick Russian accent

EvE is Life.

–Gadget Lives


What a depressing motto.