Is EVE in its death throws?

I notice that every day fewer people are posting to the forums. Compared to years ago, the forums are now a barren wasteland. Usually there is a direct corrolation between forum activity and in-game activity. This would suggest EVE is entering its twilight and will soon fade away into darkness. This saddens me, as I’d like to see EVE thrive for years to come.

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one word, reddit.


Dying since 2003.


In all my long years of gaming, I have found a more or less constant issue of the vast majority of any playerbase for any game never bother coming to the game forums.

And in any game forum I have ever been on, there are always people like you OP in them:}


Quoted for truth


Unless CCP creates some interesting emergent game play, such as venturing into the void around the playable systems where players have to create their own networks and then explore and map each new system, then Eve Online won’t last too be 50 years old.


No games lasted fifty years to this day. And very few online games lived to the old age of fifteen years, soon to be sixteen !

Also, for as much as we don’t have sixty thousands people online like we did back in the days, we still have enough to keep the player made content coming, or simply give CCP enough motivation to create new expansion each season, which is great !

Into the Abyss was a great one, and the developers seems to be more interested in adding as much QOL improvements, this can only help the game.

The forums are relatively barren because the redesign sucks balls and the devs prefer to post on reddit.


This. @CCP_Falcon

Seriously what is the point of having your own forums and then using reddit ? ALL Dev interaction should start here, or at the very least be duplicated here.


Game’s pretty much fecked man.

It’s all just static null and WH alliances now, dead FW, thousands of alpha bot proliferation, and a bunch of self-entitled solo ratting twits in hisec space.

Game is lonnng gone.

You should look beyond the Forums, as the communication culture around EVE (and most things online - game or not) has changed in the last 5-10 years. Things have diversified. Not only do you have reddit for everything from interesting uncensored to the straightforward attention wh*ring bs, but you have discord with both quick notes and subtopic consistency. You have other points of interaction for specific user groups, slack for instance and of course the eve networks on fb, twitter etc. These are not mere replacements of the Forum, but different points of access to the discussion about EVE. One reason people use them, is because they already use them for other things and it’s just easy for them to talk EVE there as well.

I’m not even sure if it’s just the internet culture that has changed, it is just more people finding tools that suit them. In the old days there was little room for the +1 clickers, now they have reddit and can feel they’re part of any conversations by simply clicking a button, upvoting, downvoting. Likewise the people who are physically unable to write anything without using fck, dck, cntsckngssfc and such. And the people who think that every short-cooked expression of random idiocy in audio/visual form is a meme.

And yes, there was and is a constant shift online to force content into ever smaller bits and pieces, that require less attention span and allow for higher % of consumption and more space for product placements and other forms of advertisements.

It’s not something that has just befallen EVE. So whatever other reasons you have to believe that EVE may be in trouble, the state of the forums can’t lead to such conclusions. Hm, let me think again.

Or maybe, if you look at the overall state of communication around and about EVE, you could say that things have been narrowed down towards some form of professionalism. Less emergent gameplay and ergo less grudges or ploys to discuss. More professional entertainment, more large group all-you-can-eat kind of information services, more watching yourself playing EVE and less actually playing, more being a fan of your own team and less wreaking chaos. The aweful quality of many recent war repots on reddit make it very clear.

So yeah, maybe it’s not so much the state of the Forums that tell us about the game, but the state of communication about the game in other spheres.

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What has died is spelling…




plural noun: throes ; noun: throe

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"he convulsed in his death throes "


I’m not sure why you are worried about eve dying, if it ever does then Eve 2 will come out with a new fresh universe and everyone will be like YAY new spaceship game wooo and itll be alive again haha, I think the only thing that hasn’t really changed much over the years is the universe tbh lol, that and FW.

First of all, change your character name as it is against the Code of Conduct/EULA. It is sad no action can be taken against the real accounts of the people who are trolling this forum.

I guess your actions sum up why the forums are barren. Except for spam and the tears of the “butthurt” poster that takes offence of words! This sums up why Reddit is where the players talk about EVE Online without shitposters alternating between alt accounts to just wreck any thread they do not like. But it’s “content”,right?

Ignoring the facts of the real world and the mmog market world around it is a problem for this game since 2003…

Not the game is the problem,it’s you constantly firing on people and changes that you do not want or like…

Because it’s large, is it?

I’m not aware of any background story you two may have - other than the char name I don’t get it. Regarding reddit, it’s really a mix. There are quality posts and good discussions, but really also a lot of very low crap. That and a mass of “I can reeeeee, so I must probably exist” kind of contributions.

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Obviously an english teacher or a grammar nazi :slight_smile:

The only good nazis are dead nazis and grammar nazis.

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Damn we love that, collecting corpses too. We won’t stop to please you.

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Well…you don’t have to stop for ME…

In a short time PA/CCP(in this order) will force you to stop…just wait for it :slight_smile: