Is EVE in its death throws?

i’m waiting, and counting the kills. We’ll do the math next year.

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Making money is the main purpose of this game for PA and keeping content that scares away 90% of potential newbies makes no sense at all…better get used to the possibility that they will enforce a game status that keeps those 90% losses lower as it is today…

I know this will be “another” eve…but a better one…

I’d love to see that, don’t forget to ping me, i’d love to celebrate that with you.

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90% potential new players from a pool of basically everyone old enough with access to a computer and internet. That’s at least 3 billion people. 10% of that is still huge, so I don’t think it’s much of a problem to weed out those who don’t fit the baseline of the game. Really though, if you try to create a product so broad, that 90% like it, it must be something other than a game. No game will attract 90% of the people.

Don’t you dare questionning his words, you fool.


Yes. If it’s over 5 inches, it’s against the EULA.


I’m pretty sure EVE is even closer to final death now than it was the other 3,642 times this topic has been raised in the forums over the last dozen or more years.

Probably by about the number of years that have passed since thread #X was posted.

When EVE dies you can play starcitizen instead.

ba dum tsh



So much info to consider on this subject. The amount of games to choose from now compared to when it was released. That is probably the biggest factor for any games player base.

Some what regular updates/ new content vs. those games that just barely keep the servers running.

Testimony from players that started in the beginning have said that player base is more consistent then it used to be. Not sure about overall player base.

With all that in mind Eve seems just fine. New content is always questionable, but still happening, new graphic updates are still being done, etc.

CCP asked questions in survey after the last event, asking what was fun and what was not fun. They are still trying to add more things to the events, expanding them. Experimenting have this to it, that sometimes something blows up.

You are not really that stupid?
You haven’t misunderstood it in this way and are joking right?

If yes read again…

i wrote NEWBIES aka players that try the game and leave due to the circumstances…

Please stop devalueing posts while trying to be funny…you are not…

Saying “we ask the players” and than asking CSM aka “we the big alliances only elect OUR members in this so that only OUR voice is heard” is discutable at best,for not use stronger words…

Star citizen at least does not ignore the reality of todays mmog market for an overall outdated and not market compatible ingame experience…

I’m not saying it is a good game,but it is 2019 and not 2003…

I’m going to try that :shit: tomorrow, if someone disagrees with me or refuses me something: it’s 2019, you are so 2003.


Unrelated really, CCP wants it that way. Less risk of community turmoil spilling over into brand management issues when there’s distribution of messaging streams.

Which qualifies as a death thro


You people have exactly zero sense of humor. What happened to this place?

If I had to take a guess, I’d say that since the F2P snowflakes invaded, the drama has gone up and the fun has gone down. I remember a time when a witty post like the one Old Pervert made would have the top likes in this thread.

This forum depresses me.


You can censor everyone.

The alpha thing was good. I don’t think EVE will die, it might just plateau out to the regulars.

I told you to stop sniffing the glue, did I not? You wrote “potential new players” you dumbo. Also, I doubt you can understand even the remotest form of humor, because for this, you’d need to at least have the wits of a pile of mud.

Let me make it clear for you. Pile of Mud: 1. You: 0.

Let’s be serious for a moment. Why are you so salty about EVE? What happened to you? Did you apply for a job but Hilmar didn’t like you? Were you not qualified? Did they not believe you, that under the crust of your shriveled mind, there is indeed some smarts? Try not to be so bitter, it’s not good for you.

Back to the topic. Again, if you try to please everyone, you will please no one. If CCP had yielded to any whiny and overzealous creep that shows up on the forums, this game would be long gone.