Are threads about Eve dying actually dying?

That’s all I’ve got. Just the title.

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There have been ‘EvE is Dying’ threads for over a decade, nothing new.

Thankfully CCP is ignoring the CSM and Null sec, now numbers might return over time.

No, I meant the threads about Eve dying? Are they dying? :yum:

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In 50 years when EvE is gone, there will still be ‘EvE is Dying’ Threads. I would not be surprised if they existed before CCP was even created.

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That would be bad, and a clear sign that EVE is actually dying.


Yes I see them a lot less :skull:

I dont see them as much. Which is good! Mostly because it’s one line saying “EVE is dying; discuss” and promptly gets boring real fast.

Could it be there’s less people to post them?

Just a thought!

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Those that are still around though have got reeeee-ier than they used to be

Are you bored? :grin:

Eve is … shrinking not dieing.

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