Suggestion for a New EVE Forum Category

I didn’t know where else to put this for the attention of those behind the forums, but I think it could be useful to have a section of the forums dedicated to “EVE Sucks” and “I’m leaving” and “EVE is dying” threads. They’re frequent enough (and frequently derailed enough) that they clutter up a lot of otherwise useful places in the forums. I think having such threads contained to a specific location might make it easier for the CSMs and such to comb through them for legitimate grievances.

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Great idea. I fully support it. :+1:

its called OOPE… which if you really want to quit just leave, don’t make noise, just leave.

Most of the threads that continually come up don’t end up in Out of Pod Experience, though. They also don’t really fit there, because they’re still related to EVE in some way. There’s enough of them that I believe it justifies a dedicated portion of the forum for them.

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Some people need to “make noise” before leaving, it’s not something they can or want to avoid and while I’m not particularly interested in Quitting Threads, I understand that people still have the right to freely express themselves on a forum, within forum rules of course, and post anything they want just as long as it’s legal and doesn’t hurt a member.
It’s easy to dismiss and criticize people, harder to understand them and recognize that each individual right is applicable to each individual and not only for those you like to hear from.
Telling people to just leave without voicing their complaints is tyrannical, especially on a forum. No need to treat people like dogs.
Whenever ISD decide that Quitting Threads are a violation of forum rules, then you’d be right in telling players to “don’t make noise, just leave” but it isn’t the case and people who seek to gag others for their mental comfort are abhorrent and disgusting.
Freedom of Speech isn’t just for the things you like to hear, it’s also for the things you don’t like to hear.


Or how about in a profile it lists alts.

That’s not the topic. Your post is flagged for Off-topic posting.

Posting in the wrong forum section while asking for a new forum section to segregate posts you feel don’t belong in the forum sections in which they are being posted. Sweet, sweet irony.

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Oh no my life is destroyed :laughing:

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Where would a thread like this go?

I admitted in the first line of my initial post I didn’t know where else to put it, so I’m open to suggestions, and it certainly won’t hurt my feelings if the thread gets moved. I flagged my initial post to ask the moderators to move this thread where it should go.

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There is a forum section called ‘Forum Feedback & Requests’ under the EVE Technology & Research section (you know, where the other player suggestion subsection lives); forum suggestions go there.

The lack of effort to find the right section before posting (all it takes is looking at the forum categories and scrolling through to find one with a name that seems even remotely right) highlights how pointless the change would be - why would people who are quitting care to find the right forum section, when people actually engaged in the forums don’t even do so?

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:sweat_smile: Yes… whatever are you gonna do now :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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You’re assuming I didn’t spend twenty minutes looking for a section to put this thread in. Sometimes my personal challenges cause a great deal of mental white noise that makes it difficult to focus. Okay, so I misplaced this thread. That has no bearing on whether or not my suggestion would be a good idea. I don’t see anything to suggest a pandemic of misplaced threads.

I don’t believe the threads I described in my initial post are misplaced, only that they should be moved to a separate portion of the forums where it might be easier for CSMs, devs, etc. to comb through them for relevant and legitimate suggestions and points.

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you know you can move it yourself right??? right?

edit your first post and move it where it belongs.

I didn’t know that. Thanks for the tip. I’ll do that.

EDIT: That’s pretty cool. Thanks for teaching me something new.

Except there are already appropriate places for those posts, in the form of the Assembly Hall, General Discussion, and Out of Pod Experience, depending on the nuances of the thread. There isn’t a reason to treat them as having more or less value to CCP than any other thread - especially when a lot of them are non-constructive rants that will just get locked. Why add to the volunteer mod workload by making them also need to look at relocating these often pointless threads to another forum subsection?

Why? Why should people not make some noise when they leave? Does it hurt your feelings or your psychologist ego if they do make some noise?


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They can tho. Just quit. Making a forum thread just makes you look like a colossal crybaby.

Oof. I pity you bro.

Oh they can. They’ll just be mocked and asked for their stuff :smiley:


Looking for forum drama, eh? Ain’t gonna give it to you.

I don’t see as giving them their own dedicated space as treating them as more or less value than any other thread. True, plenty of them aren’t constructive, but the same can be said of other threads. The fact there are so many places such threads get posted sort of points to the need for a place where they can all be grouped together, both to declutter those areas and to provide a single place where CSMs and and devs and such can comb through them.

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