The forums are kind of a mess

Hi! I’m new.

Every single thread with any traction I read on the forums devolves into the same 5-10 people calling each other names. I don’t think it is a very good representation of Eve.

Has CCP just given up on their official forums? Or does everyone else enjoy seeing all the conversations turn into a poop slinging festival? Is this the Eve community?


As one that has been posting in the EVE forums for over thirteen years, I can say this is how it has always been. The actors may change, but there has always been a core bunch of no-lifers that dominate the forum at any particular time.


Huh, that makes sense. If they’ve always been like this, it’s more understandable why nobody thinks it is weird :slight_smile:


And what would CCP do to stop what you see as a problem? Ban regular users just because the majority of other people doesn’t care at all and does not post as consequence? Admittedly, that would make the forums a better representation of EVE because it would be just as devoid of activity as space.

You are young and dainty naive. Go to null sec and watch some fights in low sec. The things happening there in local are far worse than what you see here in the forums. Or shoot someone’s ship. I did that recently and got called out as a “wretched russian” and “i dont give a ■■■■ on grimes like you.” You clearly have not seen what the EVE community is if you ask questions like these. :innocent:




Remember tho, you are not required to ‘blend in’. For every ton of crap posts, there are the gems of philosopher gamers. You too can be the occasional voice of calm and reason…


Its OK, based on dev interaction the official EVE Online forms are on reddit.


most discussions worth having have been done to death at this point, this is pretty much whats left.


I know a really good and effective solution to that problem.

What ?

It’s actually a very good representation of the type of players Eve currently has.

We’re brutal. :joy:

Actually just kidding. To be honest when I first started posting on here maybe two weeks ago it was to pass the time.

My laptop has been at the repair shop for a long time now and I’m unable to log into the game. I missed speaking to people.

The first thread I made I think was the mercenary thread. I was completely shocked by the amount of negative feedback and bad attitudes of the forum posters and it really bothered me in the beginning.

Then last week I remembered that I’m also a troll. But I’ve been on such super good behaviour this past year that I was completely stuck and forgot how to relax and have fun. Now I don’t take their comments so seriously.

It’s all light hearted. If you post an idea and the feedback you get initially is:

“Worst idea in the world! Better luck next time you retard!”

“No thanks. I like Eve the way it is. Stop posting crappy ideas and learn to play properly”.

“Do you even know what X is?”

Or some other comical smart Alec reply …you basically get the picture.

It just took me back to high school and I realized I’m also a moron. So for the past week I’ve been trolling myself.

I admit I probably have to temper it a bit.

But it’s not malicious. It’s just for fun.

Thank you Evetards for teaching me to relax.


Yes, absolutely. 100%. Anyone who tries to tell you that EVE has one of the best player communities around is probably a top tier FC/alliance leader who frequents the player conventions and shares drinks at least twice annually with all the other top tier FCs/alliance leaders. They indeed do have an excellent player community. For the rest of us, it’s a troll-infested desolation.

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It’s a very good representation of “you”.

We’re “honest”.

Glad you spotted that.

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I doubt you’re new. Who starts the game and has so much to say?

Definitely an alt. Not buying it.

Flagged as irrelevant.


You don’t actually belong in that group we call “we”.


The best part about this is that it’s actually true nowadays, because we’ve got far more carebears in this game now and they’re some serious assholes.

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No she doesn’t. What a numpty.


That’s how they behave when they can’t handle the truth.

Truth hurts.

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Or as one classic but departed poster used to say…