New Forum A Bad Idea

Just as I thought it would be.

Only fourteen hundred people ?

That has to be a record low for a CCP forum. I guess people check it out, realize it’s one of the worst forums to use , and then bail. It’s only the few die-hards that have joined and stayed for a year.

As for the few left who have any idea who I am, you’ve for sure noticed how rarely I post since this disaster went live. Compared to the old forum where I was the one hundredth most prolific poster.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Who are you?

Why do you believe that? Do you have any proposals to make it better (in your opinion)?

Considering what kind of illiterate morons are posting here mostly, it isn’t at all surprising that the number is so low. You couldn’t have a remotely intellectual discussion even if ISD wouldn’t intervene and close it down. The majority of the forum posters just don’t have the required brain cells to calculate 1+1 together without a calculator.

Even most of those that used to help newbros are gone now. Guess not even they could take up with the rapidly increasing illiteracy of the common forum poster. I should quit too, lest I suffer serious brain damage.


I’m sure there’s more than 1400 on the Forums. A sizeable number (including myself) have been on here for less than a year. However, reasons for lower participation include:

Lack of dev interaction/feedback
Far too many threads being locked
Decimation of the Community team
No roadmap, updates and an overall lack of communication
Players like to shitpost, upvote and downvote on Reddit
CCP only responds/listens to concerns raised on Reddit

And last but not least:

EVE is dying


It’s not just this forum, although that’s not much consolation.

Games forums in general have no real idea of what they are. People behind their design seem to think of them as some sort of complaint filing system.

Forums are part of the game, they are NOT some sort of complaints centre or shop window that has to be kept shiny.

Sad but that’s what it is.

This is my last post here.


When there’s no interaction, yes - it effectively turns it into a complaint system. A heavy-handed and censored complaint system, that is.


First few weeks I also was very unhappy with new forums. Now the only thing, that bothers me is an endless page to scroll, instead of 20 posts paging in old forum. The only thing to change, IMHO.

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I’ve noticed how little you post here and there are a few other notably missing characters.

I just figured it was a case of posting on other characters, as this forum doesn’t make it so easy to switch between characters on the same account.

It seems there is far less alt posting here compared to the old forum.


Wow, did it actually happen? Did it happen more frequently than in this forum?

Why? We tried that before, in a typical undercrewed CCP manner it was nearly all ignored. Even before these forums went live.

Valkyrie forums were first to switch to this model, there was not much posting there either, they are dead now anyway.

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Which surely begs the question: why did OP express their opinion, on how bad this forum is (albeit with no explanation as to why), when in your opinion it is in fact un-fixable? (shrug)

Oh, Its fixable, you just have to fix it yourself by making scripts.

CCP will not do that. We tried.

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I blame Reddit.
Before Reddit forums were a place to hold discussions about games and were battlegrounds for peoples ideas and feelings about the game. Now if forum moderators don’t like what you say it just gets voted off the island.

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[quote="Mr_Epeen]where I was the one hundredth most prolific poster.

Op success (not my quoting obviously)

Forums are so pentium 4, but im addicted and old what can i say. ISD’s could leave juicy threads running much longer imo, you know for the troll effect. :point_right:t3::eyes::reversecongaparrot:

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I remember you, your the guy that quit because WiS got removed…

:rofl: jk wb

People just must to adapt to the new Internet, new Web 2, new community interactions. Classical forum ideas are a concept of 2000. Players activity is distributed between social networks (Reddit, Twitter, Facebook), personal blogs and sites, messengers (Discord), forums and favorite games (nowadays there are a plethora of games which players wish to give their available free time).

Forum engine is good, but forum’s content isn’t a forum issue.



Adapt, no. Fight it, yes.

The “new internet” is a homogenized copy-cat corporate quagmire catering to the least intelligent of social media consumers. Everything is exactly the same as everything else.

I say leave forums for people with keyboards. There are plenty of platforms that you can text at from your phone. I’d love to see this forum go back to being a place where you might find posts written using basic grammar, punctuation, syntax, and capitalization. Not memes and bites.

Forums are for discussion, not the hand waving “look at me” crap that you find everywhere else.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Everything evolves that would include forums, damn I miss the old AOL forums but time moves on people change.

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