Devblog: Introducing the new EVE Online Forums!

As you’ve probably noticed, this thread is located on a new set of forums for EVE Online.

The time has come to update our forum software, and over the course of the next month we’ll be transitioning to using Discourse based forums for a more modern look and feel.

Take a look at this dev blog for more information on the new forums, their functionality, and how to use them!


New forums! And with so many more options. Looking good!


Hit up the feedback section if there’s anything you notice that’s weird or broken :slight_smile:

Yay, new forums!

And not just new, but also with much improved functionality. :smiley:

Sorry, but these forums are awful. I truly do not like anything about them. As it stands, the little I post on the official forums (which is mostly contained in a forum that doesn’t even exist here, Market Discussions) will become virtually nothing. Perhaps I’m exaggerating and just don’t like change, but this is just painful.

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More than happy to add a market discussions category… gimme 2 minutes! :stuck_out_tongue:


Here you go, just for you! :smiley:

To be fair, we should have added this - It just totally slipped my mind when we were setting them up.

Nice catch :wink:


Haha, you got me there. It doesn’t change that these forums feel claustrophobic and cluttered.

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They can be pretty busy, and I’ll admit I didn’t like the software when we were trying it out first time around for the Valkyrie forums.

That said, it’s really grown on me, and you get used to where everything is after a while.

It’s also way more efficient, and has way better tools than the existing forums.

If you think we can improve it, in terms of adding/removing stuff, then drop some feedback in the feedback section at the top of the forums, we’re more than happy to take info on board and try to make solid changes :slight_smile:

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Very shiny. This is gonna take some getting used to!

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It took me three months :parrotdad:

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The lack of a wormhole forum disturbs me.

Otherwise, very shiny!

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It’s right here :heart:


It’ll take some getting used to I agree, but the great circle of life must spin on.

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The most important focus though is that we want to talk to you guys more, engage with you more, and gather feedback in a more clear and concise way. We also want to do this in a more open, candid and less restrictive environment.

Does this mean you will stop posting important announcements in random reddit threads where they disappear within 24 h and any meaningful discussion is impossible?

That’s the idea yes.

Going forward, all our official communication will be here, and if people want to link reddit to here, they can.

We’ll still be browsing and posting there most likely though.

Also, please be aware that a lot of the stuff that’s posted on reddit is auto scraped from our website RSS feeds, so news and dev blogs go there automatically :stuck_out_tongue:


Love the new forums. Discourse takes a bit of getting used to, but once you do, it’s easy and flexible, with lots of handy keyboard shortcuts. Not sure about the promo image where you claim to be an alt of CCP Chair though, Falcon. You two just don’t strike me as very similar at all. :stuck_out_tongue:


There is a section under Eve Technology and Research Center for Upcoming Features & Changes. There is also the Info Portal which has Dev Blogs and Announcements. Is the Upcoming Features and Changes unique enough from the other two threads to have it’s own thread, and if so, might it not be better under the info portal? Towards the top and with more “offical” stuff? There’s the Test Server Feedback thread down there already for issues with new features found on test server. Just seems easy for stuff to end up in too many places this way.

It’s definitely an improvement over the old one, but needs some time to get used to … two things, can you make it using more horizontal space of the browser and display things a bit more compact?


Yeah, I’m not talking about the news bots, but actual dev posts since they are not marked on reddit. Besides, even if you were to browse through dev user pages once a week, the thread they posted in will be dead anyway. In stickied threads on the official forums you can have one post per week and still carry on a perfectly sane conversation without having to f5 for fear of missing something important.