Devblog: Introducing The Activity Tracker

Take a look at this dev blog for more information on the new Activity Tracker that’s coming with EVE Online: Onslaught!

Read all about it here!


I just noticed there is no icon for “sh!tposting on the forums”; will this be fixed by official release?


Looks interesting at least.


Where’s the Players I made quit/ragequit? :stuck_out_tongue:

E: and are previous activities counted or is it only tracking stuff after it’s implemented?


Not gonna lie, I just imagined corp interviews soon going “link ur cheevos d00d”. I can’t possibly be alone thinking the less we know about just how badly we’re wasting our lives in MMOs, the better.


I don´t mind it that much. As long as it doesn´t end as bad as the Agency.

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Where is the tracker for loot I have stolen? :thinking:


What about all time spent in the game while being AFK cloaked or else? :sunglasses:

Show us how little life is there outside EVE. :kissing_heart:

Also giv a total isk/h ratio in bounties. :sunglasses:


Number of ship spins. We already have a count, just missing a way to record lifetime spins.


You can´t spin supers and titans though…

Lack of Market stats is a little surprising. A couple of ones to include should be:

Number of ships sold/bought
Number of modules sold/bought
Number of plex sold/bought
Number of plex consumed
Total ISK gained from item sales
Total ISK spent from item sales
Total ISK sent to NPC brokers from sales
Total ISK sent to structure owners from sales
Number of contracts issued
Number of contracts completed
Number of contracts failed
Total number of ship spins
Total amount of time spent ship spinning (ship spin counter is active)

A few more suggestions for the Exploration category:

Number of wormholes entered
Number of wormholes collapsed after exiting
Cumulative lifetime mass transiting wormholes
Total time spent in wormholes
Total time spent in abyssal deadspace
Number of stargate activations
Total time spent in warp
Total lifetime distance in sub-warp
Total lifetime distance in warp
Total lifetime distance in jump bridge
Total jump fuel consumed
Lifetime jump fatigue incurred
Number of times undocked
Total time spent undocked
Total time spent docked

Suggestions for Combat category:

Number of unique capsuleers seen in local chat
Number of capsuleer duels
Number of convos accepted
Number of unique capsuleers on killmails
Total amount of ISK paid to activate killrights
Total amount of ISK received from killrights
Total number of killrights placed on player
Total amount of ISK destroyed by CONCORD law enforcement action
Total amount of ISK destroyed by Faction Police enforcement action
Total amount of ISK received from player bounties
Number of war declarations authorized
Total amount of ISK spent to declare wars
Total amount of war target ISK destroyed
Longest consecutive war declaration
Number of war targets killed
Number of times self destructing ship
Number of times self destructing pod
Number of corpses scooped
Number of medical clones activated
Number of jump clones activated
Number of jump clones placed in unique structures
Total value of implants destroyed
ISK amount paid into ship insurance
ISK amount received from insurance claims

Additional suggestions for Resource Harvesting category:

Total ISK value of unrecoverable materials lost to reprocessing/compression
Total value of material gained from reprocessing
Number of moon drills activated
Number of jackpot ore triggered
Total distance covered by mining drones
Total number of moon scans
Total number of ore survey scans
Total time spent providing mining foreman bursts
Total number of mining burst charges consumed


So you installing spying tool and you pretend it is for us? What should I do with all that informations? It’s sandbox game, I already know what I achive, why I need fancy display for it?


No mention of couriers/contract related stats?


Logi on Killmails?


No, they’re giving you access to all of the data they already have. You know, the data about what you do with their property on their servers.


Pretty much.

Pretty cool. Can’t wait to see my stats

If you do, please consider six character portraits as unlocks for the 5 central nodes and center character node as a way for players to advertise their progress.


Really wish there was a market category for people who make their fortunes playing the market. Completed courier contracts should get a stat display too, including total collateral value completed.

Also, under POINTS, WEIGHTS & NODE LEVELING SYSTEM you seem to be using “*” for the multiplication symbol which just makes the text appear in italics, may I suggest using “x” instead.

Edit: Other than that, this seems like a cool feature to enable old and new players to see at a glance what to do in game.


I would like also new CONCORD SKINs and clothes for achieving those advanced goals.