Yo, Mr. CCP! Activity Tracker - Suicide ganking and Wars

“Mr. CCP” refers to the collective of decision makers at CCP hf. and NOT specifically to one single department/section/team or person/employee of aforementioned company. Seriously.

This ‘s a friendly reminder as always expressed through my semi role playin’ EVE character. I’ve been readin’ through articles about this activity tracker as I’ve failed findin’ any more official words said by a CCP spokesperson directly. ‘t seems to be all just interviews mentionin’ fanfest and sadly I ain’t got the time lookin’ through all the videos. 've tried google, and google only gave me articles from news sites.

No damn clue how you’re goin’ to implement this, so I’m postin’ this to make sure that some things aren’t magically “forgotten” by “accident” and to remind you of 'em before you put up a dev blog. When it’s up and there’s no sign of any of the below, someone’s gonna get rather sad eventually.

  • Ganked your first pod!
  • Ganked your first ship!
  • Ganked your first miner!
  • Evaded the faction police for one thousand times!
  • Your first disco!
  • Your first war declaration!
  • Killed your first war target!
  • Stole your first loot!
  • Emptied 100 yellow wrecks!
  • Destroyed an MTU
  • Destroyed an MTU worth over 10 million
  • Stole someone’s mission objective
  • Killed your first moron who fell for your suspect trap
  • AFK Cloaked for more than ten hours in one sitting
  • No clue how to include scamming into these.

You get the message. These’s ain’t just needed, they’re (more or less of course) ■■■■■■■ required to be in the list of recognized activities, otherwise you’d be tellin’ us gankers, war deccers and thiefs that it’s not part of the recognized game play and doesn’t deserve to be tracked.

It’s all about the message ya’d be sendin’ and that’s why I’m tellin’ ya not to forget ‘em. After years of neglectin’ high sec you’d be well off not forgettin’ the activities that made this game grow in the first place, and ya know damn well that without the likes of us, without “BE THE VILLAIN”, without can flippers recruiting newbros and without all the other things that made highsec alive and active ya’d not even be sittin’ there readin’ this.

Cheers mates and thanks for your cooperation.

  • 1 or bottom of the priority list

You need to add a few more to the list:

Bump a ship

Bump a ship for 500km

Bump a ship for more than an hour

Kill a freighter

Full Speed Ahead - Bump a ship while travelling more than 10 km/s

There Be Whales Here - Kill a freighter worth more than 10 billion ISK

Bling Bling Beotch - Kill a ship that has dead space/faction/officer modules fitted

Surprise Mother****** - Scram/point a ship within 5 seconds of uncloaking

Drop It Like Its Hot - Light 100 Cynos

That’s No Moon - Anchor your first citadel

High Society - Visit every high sec system

Friends In Low Places - Visit every low sec system

Null And Void - Visit every null sec system

Company Man - Reach 10.0 standing with any NPC corporation

Mortician - Collect 100 corpses

I Fought The Law - Die 100 times to Concord

Justice Boner - Reach 5.0 standing with Concord

Junkie - Use 100 combat boosters

Officer Down - Kill an Officer spawn

Most Wanted - Reach -10.0 sec status

Dead Or Alive - Reach 1 billion ISK bounty

Against All Odds - Survive a 3 vs 1 encounter

Close Call - Survive an encounter with less than 10% hull remaining

I’ll think of some more…


Alright… so you just want them to intentionally forget these things on purpose?


Yes. At least then we have hard proof we can point to.

Well spotted, man. Very well spotted.

Not only personal activity trackers, but global ones. Like the MER but with pvp, wardecs, and crimewatch-related actions.

Ganking can be tracked - imperfectly - through out of game means (zkillboard => CONCORD kills, thanks for nothing, CCP!), but it would be nice to know how many characters have gone suspect in highsec, how many in lowsec, how many bumping attempts (measured by ships initiating warp and not warping within twice the normal time?) again with a breakdown between HS/LS/NS/WH bumping, how many wardecs, how many kills during wardecs.

I don’t think the game can track scams, but that would be really cool if it could, too.


Hey… No… IRWT. In Rust We Trust.


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