Devblog: Introducing The Activity Tracker

Will be also laggy as agency?


OK, so you copied Albion’s hell gates AND their skill tree?

I’ll try this on my Alphas, if it is good and useful and general atmosphere improve maybe subscribe again

I think that everyone should also now realize what are CCP’s new capabilities that were introduced with " Into the Abyss" and the implications on future game development. This detail of the day to day EVE lifesigns will now be evident to those designing and determining the game’s future direction. Hopefully the devs will be kind enough to release SOME of the data in regards to the overall game stats; enough to either lay to rest or cement long standing “known facts or accepted opinions” so that further game direction discussions can be based on actual reality. Once this occurs, we can all begin working on exactly what the data MEANS and where it leads us in evolving EVE to a stronger, more dynamic stage that offers us another 15 years of fun.


Non-stop spinning ship in hangar for 5 minutes icon?


Will CEOs be able to see corp member stats?


i searched this icon 15 minutes and it’s nowhere. am i doing something wrong or it’s not yet released on TQ ? :slight_smile: forgive my ignorance

Released on Onslaught expansion on November 13th.

Currently check it out on the test server.

Unfortunately there is no retroactive counting of your activities.

Mince, I thought we’re going to see what we’ve been doing so far. Am I reading this correctly, that we’re all starting from zero regarding the counter?


As long as I can disable it, I don’t care … this is such a useless thing for actual gameplay as are killmails … the only purpose is to compare e-peen …

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Isn’t e-peen measuring the Eve endgame? Stats are love, stats are life.


It’d been tracking for a month or two now, I think. Since they got the tracker to the state it needed to be in to collect the data.

Just don’t open it. The ‘tracking’ part is passive. They just needed to code a few tools into the back-end to be able to sort things for client presentation.

Sweet summer child. Data collecting in our world serve two puropses. Intel and making money. This is huge datamining for how to make more money on our current playerbase disguised as activity tracker/achievemnets tool. Just because they made some of it public use don’t change the fact. Another problem is that the data they will be gathering will serve as future content generator. Which is pure nonsens. Cathegorization? In sandbox? By CCP? The least reasonable company I know?

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That’s lovely, but they already have the data. That’s my point. This is not a new tool for them. That’s how they’re able to put together things like ‘hey, of the 80% of newbies who quit in the first six months, we know that most of them didn’t get blown up by other people’ presentations.

They’ve had this data all along. Because everything you do is a database entry on their hardware. Nothing you do is even yours. Your stuff? They own it. Your character? They own it. Everything you do? They own the rights to those events, not you.


Oh they had? Did they make something usefull with it? Like fixing wardecs? Player retention? Problems pilling up for years? Watch Rise presentation from Vegas ( one of his best ) they still have to develope tools to gather data and understand it. Whole thing looks like achievement interface. I’ve always said, if player don’t know why he is here, then he is playing wrong game.

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Even though it is pretty funny to think about, from a technical perspective it gets a bit more interesting. All of the stats in the Activity Tracker are authoritative from the server. Ship spinning is purely client side. We wouldn’t want an unfair advantage from all those Ti 2080 owners who also have trackballs.


Yes, they had the data. Having the data doesn’t mean they have the tools to do fast and easy analysis of the data. Presentations like the one at FF 2016 re: new player retention and the NPE, for example, took a deep dive. Presenting the info to the CSM about wardecs likely took a fair bit of digging and working to understand exactly what they were seeing. The tools Rise was talking about have given them an improved ability to parse the data, but they have always had the data.

Everything you do is literally manipulating their data.

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I thought I saw some of the data available through the old API, but that was probably something else then.

Some of it likely was, yes. Heck the MER and all killmails, ever, it’s all built on exactly the same data the new tools are parsing.