Devblog: Introducing The Activity Tracker


(Jeremiah Saken) #41

I’m not manipulating anything, It’s CCP words. Why they didn’t bother to check if wardecc mechanism influence player retention even if there were literally bazilions on threads about the problem? Hint: PA want money.
Rise were talking about more complex datamining, like infulence of hulls balance on sandbox.
Now we have feature that looks like achievement/dailies cancer. Why they waste their resources on something like that? It is meh at least feature, not retroactive.

(lilsteel) #42

Not bad, I was gonna say.

(Arrendis) #43

You misunderstand. When I say you’re manipulating their data, what I mean is: when you login, an entry changes in their database. When you undock, an entry changes in their database. Fit a ship? Entries in the database. That’s data, and that’s you manipulating the data. Like solving a Rubik’s Cube is manipulating the object. It’s not ‘OMG you’re totally twisting things around’, it’s ‘you are making changes to the data, because all of EVE only exists as that data’.

And yes, Rise was talking about more complex datamining. That’s tools for analysis. That’s not ‘do they have the data?’

Do they have the data? Of course they do.

If there was no data on NPC kills, Dotlan couldn’t track them.
If there was no data on player ships and structures killed, zkill couldn’t work.

Those are very limited tools for parsing the data that has existed all along. That is data they have always been collecting. Why have they been collecting it? Because that data is the game. They can’t not collect it. In order to not have that data, they’d need to shut EVE down.

Now, they’ve made more tools for understanding the data. This will help them understand what we’re doing in the game. And despite your doomsaying about CCP devs using actual player usage information to make PvE improvements, that’s exactly what they should be doing. It means they’ll be able to see what features and systems are under-utilized, so they can look at how to make those things better. It means they’ll be able to see what features and systems are seeing heavy usage, so they can take a look at why, and maybe apply some of what they learn from that to fixing those other things.

Along the way, they said ‘hey, you know who might want to be able to look at this stuff? The people doing it!’ And that’s what they’ve made in the activity tracker. Really, it’s the Activity Report, because they couldn’t help but track the activity before.

Why waste their resources? Because they’re using projects like this as a way to get their UI guys experimenting with new layouts and new ways to present information, which will lead to improved UI elements in the future. Beyond the client-side UI, I’m willing to bet the actual coding to let the players access a bunch of tools and reports they made for themselves took maybe half a day’s worth of time for one guy, including QA.

(Eric Kalfren) #44

I share your sentiment when it comes to any change at CCP and Eve Online must be the Pearl Abyss overlords looking to ring us out.

(Tipa Riot) #45

If you had introduced this 5 or 10 years ago, I would be happy, now it’s just useless and annoying for long time players.

(Sylvia Kildare) #46

Cool stuff.

I remember when a year or two back when the SSO stuff or something to do with API or CREST or EPI… egad, can’t keep it all straight… anyway, when there was a way to see tons of stats about your toons by logging in to a few different sites and getting a bunch of data presented in different ways about your EVE life/lives.

But that data went all the way back to the start of your account(s)… I really hope this one will be as well. If it just starts recently or when this comes out, that’ll be very sad to have lost all that past history in this new feature.

(Ethnicolor Akiga) #47

Ehr… how about concentrating on content instead content monitoring tools? :sweat_smile:

(Jeremiah Saken) #48

doomsaying? player information? like with last event loot 1-day loot fiasco? That was reported on SiSi? Dear Lord, help me. Pve improvements? Abyss? Because it’s cheaper than revamp whole missions system. They need data for that? How about use half of the brain? You know what professor that teach me statistic said to me once? It matter how you gather data but it matter even more how will you analyze it. CCP fail at last for a very long time.

UI? Like incoming agency change? Very mobile like changes. Layouts? FFS, look how UI looks now, we need data gathering for that?

If CCP is switching from active developing into just gathering data and leaning toward players EvE is doomed. At day one of EvE core developers have an idea of sandbox in space, now it looks like there are no clever ones left.

(Arrendis) #49

And, more importantly, because you need to read literally any of the threads in the feedback forums where CCP’s talked about updating missions. The majority of the responses they get are somewhere in the range of ‘OH MY GOD DON’T TOUCH MISSIONS EXCEPT TO MAKE THE ONES I LIKE COME UP MORE OFTEN AND MAKE MORE JUST LIKE THEM ONLY DIFFERENT’.

Exactly. So now they have better tools to do analysis properly.

No, the gathering isn’t about that. Congratulations on conflating two completely different parts of this. The data gathering is the game, running. The data analysis is new tools. The UI updates are UI designers getting to play with new things and see what they can do to make things work better and be more intuitive. That’s not easy when there’s a huge amount of information to present, and that’s kinda the essence of EVE.

And one of the guys responsible for the sandbox approach is still in charge. Take a valium and stop flipping out over CCP saying ‘we’ve improved our analysis tools, and we’re giving you access to the reports about you’.

(Cameron Lytle) #50

it should be the tracker for how pirate like you are

(Uriel the Flame) #51

Should get a parrot and eyepatch unlock for my avatar if I am pirate enough. :wink:

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(Celeru) #53

They didn’t actually quit, they just quit talking to you.

(Dom Arkaral) #54

I have a list of players I made quit.
cough there’s a bunch of em cough

(Celeru) #55

Or just add an “r” to your last name…

(Celeru) #56

Please tell me that someone is checking your testicles right now.

(Dom Arkaral) #57

This took a pretty weird turn…

(Celeru) #58

All I’m saying is that you were doing a lot of coughing.

(Sobaan Tali) #59

Agreed, I’m glad they finally did this but this should really have been added much earlier in Eve’s life.

(Sobaan Tali) #60

I think he should be put down. I’ve seen this sort of thing before. First it’s just a cough and minor fever…then it turns into severe fatigue, discoloration of the skin, vomiting, bruising, bleeding from all orifices, blurred vision, rapid and shallow breathing, confusion, slurred speech, reddening of the eyes, involuntary muscle movement, cardiac arrest, and then…he’ll turn into a ZOMBIE!