Activity Tracker: General Suggestions

I’ve been looking forward to the Activity Tracker (AT) feature since it was announced and I’m more or less happy with the overall result. Still, there is room for improvement and I would like to discuss how this feature could become more interesting and more rewarding, while cutting down on typical/generic achievement style features every other game supports in a way or another.

In general, there is a lack of incentive atm apart from the completionist aspect some players might enjoy. It feels like there should be some really cool rewards as a small bonus for players. Project Discovery for example provides BPCs and skins. A similar reward system would be cool for AT, but for really specific tasks. Just like some games have hidden achievements for doing something very weird/fun/odd/sepcific, the AT could have similar achievement unlocks - so even if the criterias are known, it would be a challenge to actually get the achievement + reward.

Now, let’s talk about what data should be gathered in the first place and how to add more unique aspects to the AT since I feel that some of the things that are tracked are rather generic and don’t really provide interesting stats either. I will just focus on things that I feel should be changed.

1) Exploration

1.1) Signatures & Anomalies: both current data sets (sigs scanned and sites completed) don’t really provide any useful data atm. While “sites completed” gives me an idea how many sites I did complete, it doesn’t say anything about my failures. I feel like these stats should actually display where I need to become better at the game. Thus, “sigs scanned” is too broad. It should be divided into all the categories. That way, I can directly compare the numbers, e.g. scanned 1000 data sites but only completed 400, which means my success rate is really low - this will help me understand that I’m bad at data sites and possibly help understand what I need to change. More data would also help understand my failures, so maybe these stats could be more detailed overall?

1.2) Navigation: “systems entered” also is way too broad for my taste. It simply counts single jumps. I think it is cool to have number of jumps counted, but honestly: limiting the number 207.360 doesn’t really make sense to me. Either jumps need to be continously counted, or the counter needs to be changed. I guess there needs to be a ranking to divide into tiers, but this seems rather random. Also, why not add “number of systems visited” as an addtional tracker? This achievement would be completed 100% when a player has visited every single system in the game. Now, that is something I’d consider exploration worth bragging about.

2) Combat

2.1) non-cap: with number of bounties being counted, it would be cool to see the total payout value in ISK. That way people can see how much ISK they made just from these bounties. All that information is already logged with the wallet, just not saved and displayed in an interesting way. If this tracker is supposed to display the ISK value, it’s not working properly atm. Also, number of ships destroyed at 3k for max tier is a bit low imho.

3) Encounters

3.1) Abyssal: with abyssal PvP being introduced, I think it would be interesting to have a counter regarding PvP. it could simply just count how often the arena was entered? Maybe also distinguish between “regular” deaths and PvP related deaths?

4) Resource Harvesting

4.1) Mining Ore: this tracker is the only one that deviates from the others. I’m aware it might be too much data to display, plus there is the mining ledger. But it’s too broad of a tracker imho. Maybe, adding a link to the ledger or mention “more details see mining ledger” etc would at least give new players a hint where to look for further information. Also, mining in WH space is a thing - I’d consider that worth a dedicated category in addition to high, low and null?

4.2) PI needs a much more detailed tracker imho.

5) Industry

5.1) Invention: doesn’t display the fail rate. There should be a way to see how many attempts ended with success/failure.

More ideas what could be tracked:

a) actual time spent in specific space. Apart from high, low and null there is WH, abyssal space etc. It would be cool to see how much time (logged in) a character spent in those areas, displayed in days/months/years. It also would be cool - if possible - to break this down into docked and undocked time in a specific space, e.g. “your character spent 4 years, 7 months and 22 hours in high sec, 97% of that time was docked in Jita” or something like that.

b) basic event tracker: how many events participated in, how many event missions have been completed, etc. Some players are grinding the events - would be cool to see some stats on this. Not really important though.

c) trading related tracker: we do have the wallet (limited time info) and we do have 3rd party trading tools. It still would be nice to have a few things tracked, e.g. overall profit made with trading (players vs NPC trading), in what regions most trading was done, top 5 stations, how much was spent on taxes, etc. Maybe also top5 highest profit margin trades, failed investments, etc. similar to EVE Trade Master overall stats.

d) corp related trackers: how much time spent in a particular player corp, how much ISK was invested (total balance of donations, taxes), wars lost/won, how many times killed by blues/reds, etc.

e) POS related trackers: if not a feature already (not a POS owner), would be nice to see: how much taxes collected, how many customers, docks, investments, how many POS destroyed by others, etc.

More ideas regarding AT rewards:

a) official badges handed out when particular achievements have been completed, allowing players to display them on their profile (character bio, just like corp badges). Maybe even a way to display some of these on their ship, similar to kill marks.

b) very specific achievement rewards for special tasks - everyone can complete such an achievement, but there can only be one player who achieved it first, thus only they can display the badge - obviously a competition like this can only work if exploits/abuse are not possible.

c) apart from special skins and BPCs, it would be cool to maybe get some consumable items, similar to event rewards? These could also be task (node) specific, so for exploration achievements one would get something else than completing resource related achievements, etc. Especially something like boosters could provide a specific time-limited bonus that is related to that task, e.g. finished ore mining achievement provides a non-tradeable ore mining booster for 24 hours etc

d) Portrait Background Unlocks is a nice suggestion imho. 100% supporting this idea.

General suggestions:

a) needs the option to pop-out as seperate window. The way it works now (like ship tree) is very annoying for me. A resizable window would provide a much better user experience imho. Screen space is limited and minimizing everything else just to access the AT properly is a pita atm.

b) a way to hide certain branches of the AT and/or maybe some sort of search/filter function that helps with finding particular trackers/achievements.

c) AT integration into HUD, just like agency missions. Not sure if this already is the case or if it’s just broken for me: but it would be nice to be able to see a particular tracker on HUD imho by right-clicking tracker in AT and selecting “display on HUD” or something like that.

d) data export function that allows me to save/export particular AT tracker data into a file.

e) better overall integration of AT with other in-game features/tools/windows, either by linking to specific tools or otherwise. Currently the AT feels “excluded” - feels like it could be more interconnected in general.

Currently, this feature is about collecting some player statistics and providing a rough guide what can be done in EVE - if rewards are added, it will also provide incentive to give certain content another try. For others, this provides a very basic completionist aspect.

I’d like to see the AT become an actual tool that can help a player collect and display data, allowing to analyse these statistics and help with identfying problems, weaknesses, and more. What good is it, when I know how many player ships I have killed, but don’t know how many I’ve lost in the process? Something like zkill covers that already, but there are other areas within the game that provide similar data, yet are not that accessible due to lack of tools.

Achievements and rewards are cool, but since the data already is being collected, why not use it for something constructive and helpful as well? It could easily transform into a Activity Analysis Tool with the right tweaks and more features, providing various statistical data about the gameplay experience.

I think, turning the current AT feature into something more sophisticated would actually bring it to another level that can be even useful for those who do not care about the achievments/potential rewards at all, but are just interested in the data sets.

More complexity please! :slight_smile:


It would also be nice to have a corp activity tracker that displays the average of all corp members. Then provide a way of linking this to recruitment postings. That way you could better see what the corp actually does before you apply to join it.


They did not even bother to load data they already have, like kills. Before doing anything they should load the data they already have.

As a veteran pilot, I really don’t see the utility of this tracker, aside from relative newbies wanting to see how they are doing from a numerical standpoint. Maybe if CCP had included all historical data, it would be useful. For me it is nothing but a waste of bandwidth.

@Lugues Slive

corp activity tracker that displays the average of all corp members. Then provide a way of linking this to recruitment postings. That way you could better see what the corp actually does before you apply to join it.

That would be a cool feature as well. In general, all the trackers could be linked to other in-game windows that are connected to make it easier to understand the correlation or changes. For example, all PvE mission related trackers could have a link to the agency, PI could be linked to the PI window, same for industry, etc.

@Salt Foambreaker

They did not even bother to load data they already have, like kills. Before doing anything they should load the data they already have.

They talked about adding historical data but not sure why it did not happen. Either they will add it in the future or maybe it caused some bugs, so they decided not to. I can try to find out.

@Dant Perst

As a veteran pilot, I really don’t see the utility of this tracker, aside from relative newbies wanting to see how they are doing from a numerical standpoint. Maybe if CCP had included all historical data, it would be useful. For me it is nothing but a waste of bandwidth.

I’m pretty sure this is for new players mainly, as well as players who have been playing for a while now but haven’t discovered all the possibilities yet. It’s more like a really “rough guide what you can do in EVE” type of thing imho, displaying some options more prominently. After all, it’s a big sandbox and one can get lost easily. I think it also provides a way to overcome the “I’m lost, what should I do now” feeling some players experience. And because it has a tier system with possible future rewards, it creates a small incentive for non-newbies to just have a look and maybe focus on a few things to unlock those tiers.

In that regard, CCP has to go with the times. Every game these days has some sort of achievements. If that’s great or bad is a subjective point of view, but if they want to keep new players in the game longer, this is a legit way to do it. It really does help with orientation in EVE since the complexity and learning curve can make it reall difficult to not get confused.

The lack of historical data isn’t great - but in the end, does it really matter that much? Veterans who are in need of that data already have their spreadsheets anyways.

But as I said in my original post: right now it’s not much, but the feature has massive potential to become a really great tool for everyone if they decide to work on it a lot more (and not just add some rewards and be done with it).

Out of curiostiy: how would you change the AT, apart from adding historical data? You say it is not great for veterans at all. Is the lack of historical data the only issue you have with it? Because if there are other things you think would improve this feature: please share those ideas.

I believe to have a constructive discussion and accumulate different ideas from different players is a much more better way to approach unsatisfactory features, instead of just dismissing them as useless.

They did this with the regions, I don’t see why shouldn’t they include it as systems. I would divide this to high, now, null and WH, so not finding an entrance to the last WH in the game wouldn’t hurt the rest of the exploration.

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This feature needs removing and ditching, its clearly not finished or optimised, it gonna create lag.

I really don’t see the point, we need a central activity tracker, but this isn’t fit for purpose, their are still tracked activities in other parts of the UI… player interactions, journal, contracts, mastery, ship tree, map etc etc. This should be a central interface for everything perhaps within the character sheet.

Seriously ccp what are you thinking? You are just adding more to the UI not making it stream lines and easier to use, another thing for new players to learn…

Killmail are major part of the game and they are just tagged into the character sheet like an after thought.

Also character portrait when.

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