Activity Tracker Achievements

Ccplease just give us something worthy through activity tracker system. I do love track what I achieved in the game but also if I get reward at some levels that would attract a lot of peoples attention. Just please add some rewards to already existing system.

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Please no rewards for activity trackers, I don’t want EVE to turn into yet another grinding game where I have to repeat an action a million times to unlock something.

I stopped playing RuneScape for a reason, once it was a fun game with nice quests, but it turned more and more into a game that people only played to see numbers go up.

EVE feels so much better to play where training happens in real time and actions are mainly done because they have purpose, rather than mining ores just to throw them away because you don’t really need the ores, but just want to see your mining skill go up.

The activity tracker is nice information for people who like that sort of thing, but please please do not turn it into a game-defined goal.


The tracker is known to reset itself. That is why they dont do rewards. They are leaving it insignificant and irrelevant because it is completely unreliable.


That too, unreliable, insignicant and unbalanced.

I mean, if I wanted to get cheap rewards, I could leave my ship boosting in space all day long, or remote cap boost my alt for hours.

I don’t want to be encouraged to do such useless things to earn rewards. It’s easily exploitable and encourages gameplay that makes no sense outside of ‘numbers go up’ such as jumping back and forth through a single gate a thousand times. EVE has enough gameplay goals that actually make sense, no need to add nonsense like this.

And if you insist in seeing numbers go up to get rewards, try to make your ISK go up!

I mean they cant even make it work properly and not reset all the time, so what makes you think they would ever be able to make it work if it was even more complicated?

How long you’ve been playing I dont know but did you notice that pve in eve online sucks. All activities repeat itself. But if you’re doing some activities and you already have a system which track of those and if you get reward according to specific activity that would make it much much fun. My point is you already grinding in pve for pvp expenses. Just make it more fun in this way.

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I just return back to the game and haven’t noticed anything reseted on my activity tracker. It stays as its that I quit the game.

If they solve the problem that you guys are fronting which I haven’t yet, reward would encourage more people in those activities and maybe they try other activities that they never tried yet and have fun doing so. So they can explore other activities in eve online.

I do PvE because it is part of the game that allows me to create or produce something useful that I can sell for ISK, or directly pays me ISK. In other words, PvE in EVE is purely economically driven.

I don’t want PvE to become achievement driven, which it would as a result of your suggestion.

An achievement driven economy would have certain items flooding the market, not because the market has any demand for them, but because those items are merely a side product of the easiest or quickest methods to reach achievements. Industry would become unprofitable because people pay for the privilege of producing to unlock achievements.

To come back to my earlier example, RuneScape, that’s exactly what happens there and I don’t want the EVE market and industry to become anything like that.

I didn’t play Runescape before, so I may be missing your point. But you could just leave others to griend for achievement rewards if you just don’t want to do them. How a reward possibly affect your pve that I don’t get it. Rewards would be special items like skins etc. That wouldn’t hurt you anyway. I want feeling that if i do something for a long run , I want to get rewarded as I suggested like very special skins that can be unlocked through this activity system.

The point is that game-defined achievements encourage players to do things that may not make sense from an economic viewpoint, messing up the economy for all players, not just the ones doing the achievements.

For example you are mining and presented with two choices: one valuable ore in tiny rocks spread all across multiple sites, or near-worthless ore that’s flooding the market everywhere but is available in easily accessible big asteroids.

An economically driven miner would mine the valuable ore and fill demand. An achievement driven miner would flood the market with even more of the worthless ore, because he just wants his achievements and the worthless ore takes less effort to reach those achievements.

Another example would be two industrialists. An achievement driven industrialist would pay ISK to produce items even at negative margins, just to unlock his achievements. An economically driven industrialist would quit being an industrialist as no industry is profitable anymore once all the achievement chasers are looking for industry opportunities that are the ‘cheapest’ to reach their achievements without paying too much.

That is the reality in RuneScape, which has an achievement driven economy.

As i said, they should consider to add achievements accordingly, wouldn’t hurt anyone doing his profession. I’m doing my exploration profession and seeing those numbers make me track my progress that’s good but I also want achieve something special by doing so. They should add something as i said doesn’t hurt anyone but also rewards who chase to do their profession.

I’m doing exploration too and my next achievement when I do enough exploration is that I can buy a fit Chimera for my alt.

That’s how achievements in EVE work.

Why not change the whole system and see what everything is going? Order in chaos. Eve finds its way \o/

Well yes, you can change the whole system and just see how it works out.

But I know in what direction it will work out and that direction is the reason I’ve stopped playing another game and prefer EVE.

I like the economically driven PvE in EVE and don’t want to throw that away.

There are rewards they can offer that don’t mean anything, like a hat or a t-shirt

That still encourages someone to hop back and forth through the same gate a thousand times just to get a hat.

The activity tracker subjects weren’t picked with unlockable rewards in mind and it shows.

Man, I hope they add something dont even touch what you’re doing in this game haha. Like account bound appearal that would be great!

Sure, but even if you didn’t have a physical reward and just an achievement only you could see, they would still do it, may aswell give them a garbage shirt for it

Could even write “I jumped through 5000 gates and all i got was this t-shirt”

“I voted and all I got was this useless CSM”

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