Activity trakcer rewarding skill points

Activity tracker provides an incentive to try various aspects of EVE, but on it’s own it actually does nothing but keep records of your actions.
With the need to push training forward, how nice would it be to get “achievement rewards” for completing various levels in a form of allocatable skill points? It would definitely promote active game play for new players = more content for all, while at the same time it would help new players to catch up with older players skill-wise.
I feel that most deterrent aspect of this game can be for most new players the fact, that it takes at least half a year to get somewhere useful with skills, another frequently asked question is “what next?” after completing NPE.
Well, activity tracker could be just the answer.
More progressive mechanics could be developed as from which activity the points come, to the resective skill tree the points could be allocated, but let’s not overwhelm our developers. There’s power in simplicity :slight_smile:


This is grinding for sp.

Please for love of god no. Lets not boost botting. Lets not penalise people with real life responsibilities.


I like this idea. The SP given out does not need to be substantial.

I recently started to play Albion. The grind for leveling is a tremendous joy. In the last 2 days, I spent 10+ hours farming Flax and Cotton to advance my Journeyman’s Cowl crafting percentage to 100% level 1 by farming those things, riding back to the weaver, turning the mats into cloth and that into cowls. It’s such a rewarding, engaging and entertaining activity.

I see no penalty as there’s basically nothing to lose. The activity tracker is just there and you can do it on your own pace. You’d rather pay-for-skills as the starter packs promote now? Events already substitute grind-for-skills at the moment, just over limited period of time. This would be something EVERYONE can engage and thus reach in a much more fun and diverse way - people want challenges, why not give them chance to improve by what they do most, be it pvp or industry? Instead of buying injectors, which is what actually promotes botting among other things (like the need to grind for isk to afford injectors and plex lol). It would make people go out of their stations and start actually doing something, which can create more content, like more things to shoot at or find some common goal to fleet up for.

One of the worst ideas posted recently.



I mean, is it though? Wouldn’t this just be a better way to give new players SP without having them just straight buy it? You can cap the total amount of SP that could be rewarded this way, you could make SP earned this way only apply to certain low level skills, you could do any number of things to ensure this doesn’t just become “grinding for SP.”

Grinding indicates doing the same thing over and over and over just for the points. If this encourages new players to do new different stuff, I’m not seeing how it’s grinding. Sure, the idea could be problematic if poorly implemented, but I don’t think it’s unworkable as long as it’s correctly restricted.

No, not at all, they would feel obligated to grind which is not EVE. It’s bad in a lot of ways.

Just like the current grind for SP is horrible, all of a sudden people are not playing EVE, they are all busy killing 1 NPC. I see corp mates login 1 alt at a time and then logoff.

Horrible beyond belief.

No argument there, not a fan of the skill events right now. And maybe I’m thinking of something that’s more of a new system while you’re thinking of how this would apply to the current list of activities in the tracker.

Let’s say there’s something like this:

Visit 50 Star Systems - 5,000 SP
Visit 100 Star Systems - 7,500 SP
Visit 200 Star Systems - 10,000 SP

(Obviously pulling numbers out of my ass here, don’t get bogged down in the details, just pondering). After 200, that’s it, you got your SP for that activity. This will encourage new players to actually travel rather than hanging out in hi sec. Then let’s say for all activities that grant SP, you get, I don’t know, 500,000 SP total. After that you can’t earn any more through this system. Ever. Hell, make it so alts on the same account can’t earn the SP already earned by a different character.

Would that really be super problematic as an early game rewards system for newer players to try different stuff? That’s a legit question. You certainly know more about EvE than I do.

That is the same horrible grind, that is just not how you play EVE.

In EVE you have high level goals and you may have to visit 100 star systems to accomplish that goal but visiting the star systems is not a goal in and of itself.

It’s like RL, you don’t go to the grocery store for the achievement of visiting X grocery stores, you go to the store for groceries and hope you DON’T have to go to 100 stores to get what you want.

You are doing it wrong.

It is.

Vets and bots grind faster than new players. This idea means new players train slower than vets.

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Ok, fair enough.

I was hoping it might be possible to set up in a way that wouldn’t really be exploitable without a lot of extra work, but I guess EVE kinda does let people do that.

Alright, thought exercise over. Thanks guys.

That could be achieved simply by giving them 1 mil or whatever unallocated SP for completing all the career agent tutorials.

That’s… kind of the whole point of a thing called the Activity TRACKER.

When it was introduced, it was stated the Activity Tracker would not be linked to outcomes (rewards) but that the idea would be visited in the future. So … keep coming up with ideas. CCP might just do something along these lines.

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everyone complaining about ‘grinding for sp’ since we’ve had injectors ingame you’ve been able to grind for sp. and average isk farming activities are arguably more boring than what the activity tracker promotes. so I’m certainly on board with this to a limited extent

That grind becomes pointless after certain SP levels are reached.

firstly not really, but more importantly you could design any such system for the activity tracker sp to act the same

Im at 180M skill points, how much sp do i get from 1 large injector?