Revamp the activity tracker into a User Friendly Tutorial/activity helper

EVE needs a tutorial that isnt long, drawn out, and boring. sure the current tutorial is decent for the bare minimum basics of the game but theres so much that needs to be taught within the game whether its by players or by the game itself. converting the activity tracker into a hybrid between a tutorial and what it currently is would be an overall good solution to the problem.

the layout of the AT is pretty neat already so it would really come down to tweaking the UI to have selectable actions and choices depending on which tutorial you’d want.

so it would start out like normal with how you wou.ld normally see all the different sections and activities.
2021-06-03 20_39_52-EVE - KnightGuard Fury
then once you click on a general activity tab it would take you to the more distinct activities. from there itll give you option to take tutorials for each activity through a series of steps.

so manufacturing would have you go through the building process of getting minerals, a BPO/BPC and getting to the end process of a built module or ship. and the same sort of thought process for the rest of the activities.

IDK how exactly CCP would want it done themselves if this was actually a thing but at the very least you’d be giving the activity tracker a more resourceful use rather than just something that tracks stats, that apparently reset according to some people.

I do have alternative ideas but this one just seems practical and possibly more player retaining since the player can go through the guides/tutorials at their own pace rather than an hour long rail road.

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