Expanded Activity Tracker idea

Hello there, newbro here.

When I stopped this game back in 2017 I was reading future updates and the activity tracker made me feel I have to come and check in the game again.

For me this kind of stuff makes the sandbox to feel I complished something, earned something without having to dig it up from my memories or to write them down in a journal. I really want to feel that every ISK counts, how many hours I played, I also really like RPG elements, achievements and every kind of data that literally forces me to remember how I started a game and how I went through milestones, challenges, stories, skills whatever you name it. Eve is very very addictive but I still miss something like I mentioned. Something like the WoW achievements/statistics system has. The more stuff I can track with good graphical overhaul the better it gets. I love the zkillboard stuff as well even if I’m more into PvE.

Long story short: the more feedback I get from a game the more it soaks me in. I just want to play EVE on the next level :slight_smile:

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