Activity Tracker doesn't really "track" me

Hello everyone,

I came back to Eve after 8 years outside New Eden and I’m glad to discovered some new thing, and to remember how to play.

So in my discovery i saw we had a Activity Tracker, who seem nice, on papper.
I saw that i’ve done none of Story Arc, even if, when i check it, i’ve complete some of them (Sister of Eve) - ok I can accept the fact everything i’ve done 8 years ago are not “in” the tracker since it has been done before the arival of this one (even if, in the Story Arc menu, it say complete - i know i can restart it if i want)

So, i can see i’ve been track for couple of things : missions, planetary industry (i didn’t do any of that, but it seem it’s a old thing i’ve done during my old WH project in 2012), Project Discovery and else… PVE Mission… Ok… And then when i go to Exploration > NAvigation to see how much i travel (since a months - or let me be crazy, maybe since 2009 ?) well, the number is : 0

Since a week i’m traveling from Gallente to Amarr to Caldari, goes few time to Jita 4-4, Low-Sec, and Amarr for the event.

Regions visited : 0
Systems Entered : 0

Is this something i missing ?
Or does the Activity Tracker doesn’t work like i think it should work ?


It’s often broken and doesn’t track your progress. Sometimes it even resets itself for some reason. So not very reliable. :sweat_smile: Not sure how or if at all possible to fix when it is out of order or it just randomly works at a later time or date.


It hasn’t been tracking mining progress or systems visited for months…


I was thinking maybe i broke something and New Eden is pissed i left him for so long.
But no :slight_smile:

So nobody had any tracking, that’s “good” to know, not myself only !

I have the same problem :disappointed_relieved:

Have also had these problems for 2 years or more.

Some things are counted in real time, like completing missions or command burst.

But the systems I visit did not change for years.

Since the mining changes, mining ore and gas in missions is no longer counted in the tracker.

Even though the tracker has no effect on the game, I like to look at my progress. Would be great if CCP would finally fix this.

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Yeah same for me, i found that menu very interesting to follow up what i did in this game and maybe to “justify” (let’s say that) the time spent in this game.
Hopefully we will have something in the coming expansion (even if i’m not really putting all my eggs into that one)

Still broken. I find it incredible that they want you to spend two and $300 a year on a game and they won’t fix the simplest little thing like the tracker. Some racket they’ve got going on. Making me rethink whether I want to play this game or not.

I just noticed this as well. I went to navigation and it has 0 progress on unique system or regions visited.

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