Activity Tracker doesn't really "track" me

Hello everyone,

I came back to Eve after 8 years outside New Eden and I’m glad to discovered some new thing, and to remember how to play.

So in my discovery i saw we had a Activity Tracker, who seem nice, on papper.
I saw that i’ve done none of Story Arc, even if, when i check it, i’ve complete some of them (Sister of Eve) - ok I can accept the fact everything i’ve done 8 years ago are not “in” the tracker since it has been done before the arival of this one (even if, in the Story Arc menu, it say complete - i know i can restart it if i want)

So, i can see i’ve been track for couple of things : missions, planetary industry (i didn’t do any of that, but it seem it’s a old thing i’ve done during my old WH project in 2012), Project Discovery and else… PVE Mission… Ok… And then when i go to Exploration > NAvigation to see how much i travel (since a months - or let me be crazy, maybe since 2009 ?) well, the number is : 0

Since a week i’m traveling from Gallente to Amarr to Caldari, goes few time to Jita 4-4, Low-Sec, and Amarr for the event.

Regions visited : 0
Systems Entered : 0

Is this something i missing ?
Or does the Activity Tracker doesn’t work like i think it should work ?


It’s often broken and doesn’t track your progress. Sometimes it even resets itself for some reason. So not very reliable. :sweat_smile: Not sure how or if at all possible to fix when it is out of order or it just randomly works at a later time or date.


It hasn’t been tracking mining progress or systems visited for months…


I was thinking maybe i broke something and New Eden is pissed i left him for so long.
But no :slight_smile:

So nobody had any tracking, that’s “good” to know, not myself only !

I have the same problem :disappointed_relieved: