Dev blog: The Agency - Helping you find PVE content in New Eden

With the EVE Online: Lifeblood expansion on Oct 24, we will get a shiny new interface showing you available PVE content such as events, missions, Resource Wars, asteroid belts and more.


Read the dev blog to learn more about this new interface and how we are going to improve it further.


We are also looking at including NPC damage types in future iterations of The Agency so that should free up some space in all your bios.

I see what you did there. I laughed.

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seems like a welcomed feature

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New players might find it more easily if it were called "EVE Activity Finder [or Explorer] " - (borrowing some familiar terminology from Mac or Windows OS).

The phrase sounds like a place where mission agents can be found. (You want it to help players find much more than just mission agents.)

If you’re linked from the NPE shouldn’t be a problem later.

I would like a list of players that are looking for group to help forming groups for Resource Wars, Incursion and PVP. The list will include activity, player name, corporation, alliance, at war or not, role(leader,brawler,sniper,healer,miner,enhancer,hacker), ship and fittings and ui to open chat window with player. Players who want to find group can register to the list. Leader can invite other players from the list to join his group. Players accepted to join a group will be removed from the list.


“I am sure some of you are reading this list thinking that we are killing exploration by including Anomalies and Signatures. Worry not, these items will only appear for the system that you are currently in and you will still have to scan down signatures to know exactly what they are. Once you have scanned them they will appear in your list of available cards.”

The Probe Scan Window already does this.


I’m curious as to what this exactly is (and since this blog was published the day before release that’s SO much time for trying it and providing feedback), is this just a glorified search window that exists to poke lost people towards content without actually touching any of the existing content/UI, or does this screw with/replace existing UI elements?

If the former hooray it can be utterly ignored by +90% of people without issue, if the latter then just facepalm, and double facepalm if it’s an ‘aggresive’ UI element that opens itself/notifications on login or whenever it thinks I need to be told to go do something, because obviously when someone spends more than 60 seconds docked without session changing they must be lost and in need of being led by the nose to something to do. /sarcasm

I still think “The Agency” says nothing to newbies when it is probably one of most important features to them

So, the window tells me that there are asteroid belts with asteroids in them. It even tells me that there are asteroids I can mine in nearby systems.


It also tells me that there are sigs to scan and combat sites in my system. I must also see these from the scan window if I am interested in scanning sites.


It tells me that, half way across new eden, in high sec, there is PVE going down.



It is as though nobody at CCP is held accountable for any work. Like, ever. Their staff just build these incredibly inane websites and post them as game content. Nothing does anything new. It is just new interfaces onto the same data set.

Must be a great job, being a dev at CCP. You get paid to attend meetings where executives speak in half witted managerial dialect about their vision, and then send you out to make a better looking interface. Do that in 15 minutes, and sit back and goof off for the rest of the year.

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But it puts it all in one place. Hopefully other elements in random places can be included in and legacy UI elements removed. Makes for much easier maintenence on the dev side.

It already is in one place. Nobody is putting anything anywhere. They are just drawing new windows onto the SAME STUFF. It’s web page development. Someone gives you a data set, and you give the world a look at it through an interface. This is NOT game development.

Yeah, cause otherwise the game would be a colossal mess of random interfaces onto datasets from mechanics that were given up long ago, possibly not long after they were conceived. Faction warfare, bounty hunting, war decs, standings. That would be terrible.

Which is why plex should be about one dollar a month.

I’m assuming that suggested is going to eventually just be suggested items and not all items, otherwise it’s a deceptive name.

Any thoughts on how this is going to make scanning even more competitive since everyone will know where the sites are and race for them, only to have those sites disappear on the way. There’s no more finding some out-of-the-way corner of the universe that people have forgotten about. Frankly, it would be nice if sites had a faster spawn time.

Is there a plan to transition this to be the primary interface for missions (or their replacement should you transition them away completely)?

The new ui certainly takes the fun out of exploration. There really isn’t anymore discovering something since ccp is telling u its already there.

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What are we telling you the location of that was not already available?

It actually presents things (Ore in system, Ice Belts) that are actually not available in the client currently, only via Dotlan. Beyond that it aggregates several other features that are depreciated currently (agent finder being the main one, but also the Agency and Resource Wars) into one location to make it so you don’t have to flick between 3-4 windows to find what PvE is near you.

If you don’t find that interesting then you’re likely not the target audience (PvEr/NPE) and that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have value in the game. What alternative UI only feature would you have preferred to see the time spent on?

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Does that include ore anomalies? If so they should only show up when you enter the system I think, make it worth looking around to find things still. Otherwise larger ice mining groups for instance will simply go and hoover them up once the ice belts are gone.

I am absolutely not amused by the long loading times. Every time I open this window, it has to load or reload the data. This is not acceptable. The Agent Finder shows the same data and it does not reload every time I open it. This needs improvement very soon.


Im referring to the ore that spawns in the belts, which is information otherwise unavailable in client. I.e telling you that only Veldspar spawns in 1.0, that sort of thing.

Actually I’m not so sure that’s a good idea either. Part of mining as a career is finding the better belts and working them. Just telling people which ore is where takes that away

I understand the drive to provide information to new players, but they shouldn’t be spoonfed otherwise they’ll never want to move out to areas of space that require you to look after yourself.