Devblog: EVE Online: Invasion - The Agency 3.0!

Check out this devblog for the latest information on The Agency 3.0 - the rework of The Agency that’s coming with EVE Online: Invasion!

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How about a button to remove those billboards? That would be something.


First, second and third! :smirk:

The Agency 3.0!

Taking the Exploration out of Exploration



In CCCP The Agency explores for you. :bear:


There are no RW sites in new Agency window. There wasn’t on Sisi last I checked a week ago.

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Listen! Don’t show all of the signatures everywhere! It defeats the point of exploration!


Remember when exploration was scary and exciting?


I too want exploration to be unknown. We used to have to think for ourselves. I for one didn’t sign up for a game to hold my hand and guide me through every step. Pretty sure back then the tutorial was pretty much non-existent.

How about we stop focusing so much on the PVE and “helping” out the new guys, and actually leave some mystery and a reason to communicate with other players. Maybe focus a little more on fleshing out the features already in the game.


First person: “Well, I’m off to find the unknown…”

Second person: “According to my Agency, I’ve already found the unknown.”

First person: “Well, shite!”


10000 people join the community every week. None of them stay, shut up and let them create content for us all


Not to sound too dramatic, but remembering some discussion from recent reddit AMA - another gameplay activity in EVE ends here.
Anomalies and signatures visibility in Agency will kill last bits of interest about finding them and finding good silent systems where those signatures like to stack.
This is a huge mistake.

We feel that this increased transparency will encourage bewildered players to travel outside of their system if there are no anomalies present in the current system.

I seriously can’t understand this reason for the change. You changing Exploration flow for many existing players only because some bewildered players can’t find anomalies in their first couple minutes in game until they learn how to use gates and open scanner window? Why should they even care about exploration or anomalies at this time and not on completing tutorial?
Why not focus on actual newbie problems, like inability to locate ship wreck after early death?


Agency 3.0 - exploration bot.


Thanks for not listening to the community’s feed-back, again!


Feel free to experiment with the Agency interface as much as you want, because in the current form it stinks badly.


100% agree!

im a NEW PLAYER and i just started to like exploration but this change is a huge downer!
really hope that ccp gonna change it back after listening to the community feedback,… but if they continue to make eve more and more casual friendly and boring,… maybe it was a mistake to pay for a Sub,… idk… lets see what the time brings… all i know i dont wanna play a boring easy casual mmorpg,… the market is full of These ■■■■■■■■ games and that is one of the biggest reasons i started playing eve online!

im sure most players in this community dont want any handholding! the exploration we have ingame atm is already freakin easy,… making it more and more easy just will destroy the whole exploration aspect,… i bet if they continue with this type of Quality of life changes they gonna remove exploration from the game soon or maybe the game will remove itselfs from the servers lol


Good job! I like the agency, in general it’s a nice tool, though I’m not sure about the new guided procedure approach. I liked the “best of” starting page. Hope the bookmarks work fine.

Maybe you can make a custom landing page, where I can mix the information I need, instead of browsing the bookmarks.

The exploration change is bad IMO, and I know for certain, it will never be turned back under current CCP staff.


Removing exploration from the game is such a bad idea. It’s now going to just be a race to a new sig.


I agree with the above posters, showing cosmic signatures takes the ‘explore’ out of ‘exploration’.

In addition, has anyone thought through what the consequences for wormhole space are going to be? If I can check any wormhole in advance and check the sites, it’s effectively giving free intel without needing a scout inside. If I see sites disappearing I know someone might be ratting, if i see a site appear I know someone may have rolled in.

Depending on how this is implemented (and how quickly one can check a ton of systems) I am even starting to think of ways to use this to follow a WH group opening their chain and reaching k-space. Useful intel in case you want to evict.

The obvious solution to this would be to restrict the range (say, 5 gate jumps) in which one can check for signatures. This would make wormholes naturally immune, and lets them keep their mystery.