All exploration signatures visible in agency

(Tipa Riot) #1

Just read this post on reddit

including the official CCP statement, that this is intended!

I don’t want this game changer being unnoticed. I think dumping down the exploration professions is the wrong direction for EvE.

Also who stocked up intact armor plates and Co. … this would be the right time to sell.

(Rivr Luzade) #2

Well, this is retarded. How can it possibly be intentional to show the best locations for bots to go to (or alternatively to avoid).

But then again, this was answered by a person named @CCP_Wonderboy :innocent:

This is the right time anyway. CCP will move them over to Delve with the coming implant changes and give Sansha the Capacitor Console blue salvage loot. Intact Armor Plates will go down the drain in no time once that has taken place.

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(Phoebe Obray) #3

Why do this, scanning is already ridiculously easy. It’s like they’re doing anything and everything to make it all easier and easier, in a weak attempt to retain more people. They’ve been trying that for years, it worked against them.

(Shuckstar) #4

Absolute garbage, how stupid can CCP get.:rofl::rofl::rofl:

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(Dread Saboteur) #5

Exploration was about exploring where’s the fun in seeing which system has most sigs before even going there.It’s kinda stupid and you can also remote track new spawned sigs this way like respawned DED sites.

(Buoytender Bob) #6

Well, it kind of puts all my hard work learning population trends in relationship to Universal Time in certain constellations and specific systems and the numerous exploration paths I then set up to help find more signatures in the waste can. Now someone can sit in station drinking some beer and scrolling through the agency to find more likely profitable systems before they head out and I’m going to be rewarded with less content/signatures as CCP makes another playstyle too simplistic and easy. I hope they rethink this, but CCP is just too comfortable shooting themselves in the foot.

(Rexxar Santaro) #7

Yeah, CCP apply more and more cool UI by removing more and more interesting content from this game. Current EVE is evolving under the banner “Fight the Bots” by apply more and more tools to allow automatons. Now, take it! A list of perfect sites to run or to settle a cyno bot trap. It’s time to replace an individual content with a monopoly of conveyors and semi-afk mining, salvaging, ratting or whatever things.

It’s less and less content to perform on a none monopoly stuff from mining to industry. I have collected a lot of faction and storyline BPC from exploring normal and Sleeper sites.

Like this

But can’t craft them due to the lack of available components or the components are so rare and expensive that isn’t any sense to craft most of them. So, I shouldn’t collect the required components by exploring Relics and Data Archives - I just have to settle 3 accounts online and salvage 10000 wrecks during 5 hours by collecting the required components.

(Rivr Luzade) #8

It’s going to be interesting to see what kind of warped reasoning CCP will come up in the dev blog.

The funny thing is that Bots don’t run these anoms if there are people in system, let alone known hunters. Instead, CCP destroys the positive experience actual users have when they find a system with lots of signatures in it that they can run without putting much effort into looking around for signatures. If this retardation of a mechanic goes through, these accumulation will be a thing of the past and instead people will just find 1 or 2 signatures everywhere. Typical shortsighted thinking of CCP.

On the other hand: If that goes through, @CCP_Falcon and other people finally have no more basis for their stupid argument that local should be delayed or removed. If something can track all kinds of signatures all across space, tracking the whereabouts of capsuleers with their continuous connection to the gate network is child’s play. Man, now I am torn. Retardedly easy “exploration” or finally an end to this people’s stupid arguments about local removal. :cold_sweat:

(Chan'aar) #9

You all realise those screen shots were SISI right?

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(Tipa Riot) #10

Pretty sure the tone will be that newbies get frustrated and leave when they travel system after system not seeing any sigs.

Yeah, I forgot, the next gift to the goons to help them with their lack of local resources. It’s all too obvious.

(Tipa Riot) #11

Yes, but CCP confirmed this goes live on May 28th and is intended.

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(Chan'aar) #12


OK then … :psyccp:

(Rexxar Santaro) #13

On the one hand, the bots will not run them (at current tech level) but they can be used as scouts and cloaked cyno tools in low- and null-sec systems. It’s possible. Some 8/10 and 10/10 Cosmic Signatures, like The Maze, can be performed in expensive ships only. Nice targets. It’s very conveniently to send there a fast and cheap cyno “drone” to put an “Eye” and to be able to instantly summon there an entire Blob. I did many low-sec expeditions in T2 and T3 vessels. The only condition to complete them is a case to be unnoticed by interested players to attack you. Low-sec system are roamed by very few and very dangerous subjects nowadays. IDK, maybe those J-space hunters got bored and they jumped into low-sec and border null-sec systems. A 3 months scout character can Probe down almost any ship in one or two rounds (4/8 sec). I made a test to check the Sensor Strength and some guy scanned my ship with Signature:135m/ Sensor Strength:145 in 25sec.

On the other hand, as you mentioned, it adds selective decisions and removes the positive experience. It will work similarly to how the Crimson Harvest, the Rogue Drones and other events functioned on a competitive basis.

(Nicolai Serkanner) #14

It is just like the CSM supported the “skills on demand” change. Who wants to fly in space in a game about spaceships. Don’t be silly.

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(Tipa Riot) #15

To be fair, this can’t be compared. Skill training is “out of game”, like subscriptions or skillpoint trading.

(Nicolai Serkanner) #16

You had to travel for skillbooks. Not anymore. Fair comparison in my opinion.

(Tzar Sinak) #17


  1. The action of traveling in or through an unfamiliar area in order to learn about it.

  2. Thorough analysis of a subject or theme (or star system).

The first point has been long lost… All systems including wormholes have been visited, planets and moons analysed, asteroid belts cataloged and results published by various third party websites. Some of this information has been brought back into the game: Agency, Planetary Interaction window check it out. There is no exploration of this type in EVE Online.

The second point is what is left. Go to a system, determine if there are signatures and scan. Scanning was the barrier to entry to these sites.

Not to long ago, you needed the following: Specialty probes to determine if signatures where in system. Specialty probes to find the sites within the signature list that you were interested in. A ship that could remove the rats in order to complete the sites. Leaving probes behind resulted in lost probes.

Also, you had a ship born analyzer. This had a range of 4au. You where required to fly planet to planet and scan the area to find anomalies. (Now you know why all pre WH, Sleeper and Ghost site signatures are all within 4au of planets).

This was a niche profession because it required patience, practice and time to succeed. It bored many people and many more thought it was a pain to do. The result was a small community that made a LOT of money.

Over time the scanning was changed. Quality of life updates occurred including the creation of custom probe patterns, removal of some probes and consolidation of others.

Then the Odyssey patch occurred. This introduced the Discovery Scanner: Upon entering a system you are now told what anomalies and signatures exist in the system and where they are. You simply needed to scan them down or just warp to them. Probes where automatically recalled to your cargo bay upon system exit. Scanning was made easier with the introduction of predetermined probe patterns and scanning mid slot moduals. A scanning career agent was introduced and the hacking mini game that was never iterated on appeared. Rats where removed from data and relic sites. “Exploration” in EVE was made a beginners profession and prices for most things from hacking and combat sites tanked. (No need to discuss the loot spew mechanic).

When the Agency window was first introduced, it included the system name and jump range like it does now on SISI for all signatures. After threads like this one, the devs removed that information. Here we are again.

The above has been a basic history of EVE Online exploration. Do a Google search:

EVE online exploration 2007

There are some really good guides.

I would respectfully suggest that Exploration as defined at the beginning this post does not exist in EVE and has not for a long time. Only the second part of the definition lingered on until Odyssey. Scanning is the low barrier of entry to finding these sites. Hacking is a profession. Running combat sites is a profession. Exploration does not exist in EVE Online.

Will exploration ever return to this game?

(Heretic-of-Amarr) #18

As a noobie, I can tell you that I can’t see how this helps new players.

Currently, the problem in Hi and Lo sec is finding systems that aren’t being run. Going from system to system to find that site that others have missed is better than sitting in station and racing others to a new site in hoping that you will be the first there.

(Chan'aar) #19

Its also better than getting there and finding dozens of cloaky hunters waiting for you.

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(Lumukanda Theleraese) #20

Wow, CCP seems really intent on killing exploration type game play off completely.