I like the new agency

I don’t use it. But when it opens on the next login it made me look at it more closely to find the “open on next login” tick.

So I took a look.

What is available, what is not. What changed.

THE new PI feature is very nice, I can select a system with at least one of the given planet types… I would have rather used an AND filter rather than an OR but it’s still better. The global UI is very fast and that’s very important ; however the PI “tick” have an effect at once, would be better to wait 1s so that if I click several times it does not freeze the window during the click.
I can see the planet resources from afar and THAT is nice. no need to move in the system, loook at the planet to find hot spots, other people installations, … al from the other place of the world.

The asteroid belts also is good. How many time was I asked “where to go to find this ore ?” now I can answer “OPEN THE ■■■■■■■ AGENCY YOU MORON”. Seriously this is sick.

The anoms is useless, I can’t tell the type of resources. I may want to find ice, but I can’t search for ice. I’m sad.

Triglavian invasion should be merged with incursions. They are effectively the same “idea”. Maybe add a filter for invasion/incursions/both in the incursion page.

Seems like fobs are limited to current region(/constellation ?), would be nice to say so.

I really like the overview page in abyssal/FW encouters. Why not have it in incursions/fob ?

Also when showing the list of interesting systems. Would be nice to be able to sort them by eg distance, number of present activities, number of unknown activities (eg sigs not scanned), etc.

I really like it. It’s a good paint job !!


Yes, it’s an improvement over previous iterations.

#CCPlease make the result list of the agent finder sorted (and cropped) by distance.

Totally agree, very easy to use and very helpful well done CCP

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