Agency's functionality

Almost a year since this topic was created: Petition for return of Agent finder, or add functionality

Am I just missing something or the Agency still:

  1. doesn’t allow to filter the agents by their systems’ security status;
  2. doesn’t allow to filter the agents by availability to the player;
  3. only shows 12 agents on single page cutting off everything else.

Please correct me if I just don’t see some button to enable these things.
But if I’m correct then this is… ridiculous.

p.s. For those who might want to jump in just to remind me to “open a corp to see its agents”: how do I see all 4th level security agents of all factions located in highsec, without any regard to the distances? Old agent finder allowed that. It still can be done via corp interface - but it’s tedious (multiply the factions by the amount of the corps which have security agents).

This Agency thing was created to streamline stuff, no?

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Have a look on the test server (SISI). The Agency has had a revamp and has a better agent finder & filters (the limit is now 30 agents).

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I hope it has at least the same functions as the old agent finder.

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Unfortunately the map was taken out, so now I have no idea where the agents actually are…

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And the agent list isn’t even sorted by distance. I swear everytime they’ve the agent locator they’ve made it worse.