Agent finder extremely limited now. no exclude low/null button or missions u cannot do

The agent finder no longer allows me to see what agents are available to me.
example i want to run some lv3 security mission in a new cruiser. when i select lv 3 security agent it shows 8 which are in low sec and 4 for agents i do not have rep for. there is no way to ignore low/null sec or agents i do not have rep for. also the max number of agents is 12 so i cant see anything else.

another example is i want to run lv 4s. i cannot select lv4 agents because it shows agents i don’t have rep for or agents in low sec, so i click show highest available. it still shows half the list low sec and the other for faction warfare and 1 other corp just because it the closest. there is no way for me to know what mission i can do in anywhere else in empire space or all of eve


Use the DOTLAN websites Agent tool for now until CCP figures out how dumb this change to the Agent Finder was.

CCP knows. They’ve long since stopped giving a ■■■■ about very much at all.

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And absolutely keep complaining about so that neither CCP Falcon nor other CCP devs and forum personnel can get a rest from looking at the forum to close replications of this topic. AS we have to suffer and cope with the situation, they also have to suffer from this mess.

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Oh definitely. They can take their controversial topic megathreads (read: contained, easily-ignored trashcans for player feedback and suggestions) and shove ‘em where the sun don’t shine.

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