Locator agents and the agency

been out of the game a little while so bear with me here.

am i an idiot or is there a way to filter these lads by availability?
because i know i have more hs agents available than this

im 100% certain im just being an edjit and missing something her or is thie thing just crap?

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The agency does not allow filter for availability, also there is a hard cap on results shown. The feature was lost when the agent finder got converted. If you want to get meaningful results you have to filter down by fraction, corp, level and distance.


i was really really hoping that wasnt going to be the answerbut thanks regardless.
i shall have to do murder upon some people over this.
cheers for the prompt response tipa.

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It’s not that bad, if you have good faction standings. I’m +5 with Gallente, so I filter for Gallente, level 4, and within 5j.

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But that’s just a terrible workaround and requires more work than it used to. I have +5 standings to several factions and I do not see why I should change the faction every time I move somewhere when the old Agent Finder just told me all available agents in my vicinity regardless of faction. this alone makes the agency a crappy feature.


Definitely 100% correct, CCP dropped the ball on that one.

@Ralph_King-Griffin I think it’s best to use 3rd party ‘Agent Finder’ app.

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Can you elaborate on that please dmc e.i. which actually work well and quickly.

Yeah it’s exactly that bad.
I regularly used to burn every locate within 15 jumps about every half hour and that was with more tools than I currently have available,
now I’ve to run locate
Fly a character out to the result
Then run another to verify if the person is online or moved.

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Well, you can give these a try, they seem to work rather well and will list all Locator Agents or if needed you can set specific parameters such as Region, Faction, Corp, etc.

I actually used this one a lot to find nearest Corp Storyline Agents back when I was running regular missions, also used it to find nearest Locator Agents.


This one is older but it also contains an Ice and Ore map which is still viable, as well as some other functions too.


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This. The thing is crap, utter crap. I stopped playing in January for this very reason and only recently did I come back. I couldn’t stand such a silly decision, so figured it was time to take a break.

I mean, if CCP wants to add a clumsy crippled version of the Agent Finder to The Agency, that’s fine, by all means do it… but replace the nice tool that was the old Agent Finder with that crap? C’mon…


Cheers for the tip mate, I’ll report back with how I find them.

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