Petition for return of Agent finder, or add functionality

Please add name or like this topic for ccp to notice customer complaints.

Summary from forum user Dom Trufp- if not allowed, i will remove and rewrite basic flaws

#1 Missing functionality : ’The Agency’ does not allow you to filter by:

*Security Status : It doesn’t have a filter for ‘low security only’, etc.

*Solar System : if I want to see what Other agents are in a particular system 30 jumps away, I can’t do that using ‘The Agency’ unless I go there myself. ( Agent Finder can show me that info )

*“Show Only Available” : If I don’t like what I see in 'The Agency’s “Highest Available” filter, I have to click on individual (lower) level filters … which means waiting a quarter-minute for that to reload … for each level change… (‘Agent Finder’ does have ‘Show Only (all) Available’ )

*Sort Results : ‘The Agency’ does not sort agent results by Range nor Security Status, nor Alphabetically, nor any other visible metric that I can find. ( ‘Agent Finder’ automatically sorts by range )


Good luck.

We can only hope.

Thank you. I posted this link to reddit in order to get more views.

The Agency agents “feature” actually sucks in many more ways than you said.

It gives a very limited number of results that includes agents I may not even have access to, meaning I get even fewer results that would be of interest to me…

You mentioned solar system, but a real problem for me is not being able to search agents in a specific region, not necessarily the same region I’m in, which I used to better decide the route to follow when I wanted to go there…

It cannot search storyline agents…

And so on…

Moreover, even if CCP ever adds all the missing functionality to The Agency, it will still suck in comparison to the old Agent Finder because of the huge amount of screen space and time it now takes to load, which makes it so much more cumbersome to use.

And since some genius thought having so much info all share the same window was such a great idea, now every time you open The Agency to check something else, then close the window, the next time you want to find an agent, that crap opens and loads the last thing you checked, which you’re no longer interested in, and you have to go click the Specify menu to select Agents again…

Now, I could have understood that CCP wanted to add this functionality to The Agency, or that it would seem natural to them to place it there if The Agency already existed and the Agent Finder didn’t… But what they did was remove a very nice and perfectly working tool that already existed and replaced it with that crap… I wish I could find words to describe what I think of that without insulting anyone…


Valid feedback. I recently decided to grind for a Locator Agent and got to use The Agency for the first time. I’m pretty impressed with it compared to how I remember doing this 5 years ago but there is room for improvement. Mainly I don’t like how it won’t show more than 12 Agents at a time and has anemic filtering options. Put my “vote” down for adding functionality!

Specific suggestions:

  • allow filtering out lowsec
  • allow filtering by constellation
  • add a way to list Agents by proximity to an arbitrary system rather than just the one I’m in
  • add an ‘expand’ option to show more than 12 Agents in the list
  • add a category for Storyline Agents

I agree, bring it back, AGENCY is ok, but not for searching for agents, i have to pull up a 3party website to try and navigate to agents now.

If u want to discontinue something, kill the imperial mining challenge sites. Or completely restructure loot table.


Also doesn’t have the option to only show storyline agents. This needs to be fixed (or at least included in the Agency) imo


The sad reality is that many of the issues were reported BEFORE the thing was released, still they did not correct them not just before the release, not just soon after but not even ever since. :frowning:


You got my vote - Agency sucks


The best way to avoid “The Agency” for finding agents is by finding them by looking at the corporation window rather than anything else.

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All this whining about something you can easily obtain outside of the game is astonishing.

You’re only considering a very narrow use case here, namely looking for agents of a specific corp, and even then not considering locator or storyline agents. You’re completely ignoring many use cases the Agent Finder was useful for.

No, what is astonishing is that someone that obviously doesn’t know what he’s talking about and makes a very limited use of that feature, if at all, for some strange thing that happens in his head, would feel the need to make such a stupid remark.

Do you even know what a locator agent is? Do you have any use for them in your gameplay?

How is that out of game tool supposed to know what my standings are, so it can return only the agents I have access to? Or know where I am so it can return them sorted by proximity to my current location? How am I supposed to right click on one of those results to set destination or save the location?

All this “whining” is not about wanting CCP to spend development effort to create something new. It’s about CCP having removed a feature that already existed and for which no replacement exists, not in game, not out of game…


+1 Old agent finder had a lot more functionality.


For quite a few agents their location was prime. But apparently not everybody likes free datacores to stack on your research toon.

And this is relevant to the topic of this thread, to your previous post saying that agents can be looked for in each corp’s info window, or to the reply from me that you quoted, exactly how?

Because not everybody used the agent finder in the first place. There were alternate methods of investigating and doing things such as looking at the corp you have standings with and finding the npc station while looking around it for the nearest storyline agent. I never used the Agent Finder because I never had need to. The Agency merely converted the Agent Finder into a popup mmo adventure guidance system which doesn’t work.

This for example gives the ORE agents:

Here’s some Caldari Research Agents:

Sisters of Eve:

Discarding the fact that the Agency is garbage did you ever use the tools we have available to us to find any agent ever before?

So what? Are you saying a feature has to be used by everyone in order to not be removed or what?

I did use those tools when EVE had no Agent Finder, and am using them again now that the Agent Finder has been removed. I personally prefer this:

But all of this is utterly irrelevant. That you personally preferred to use any of those tools instead of the in game Agent Finder is utterly irrelevant too. Maybe for your personal needs they were good enough, so what? There are other use cases you’re simply ignoring if you think those tools can be a replacement for the in game Agent Finder.

You’re totally not understanding that those tools are not and cannot be as good and convenient as the in game Agent Finder was, and that all that CCP had to do about it is NOT REMOVE A FEATURE THAT WAS ALREADY THERE and for which no replacement has been provided…

EDIT: You don’t use locator agents at all, do you? Do you even understand what they are for and the circumstances under which you might want to look for them while you’re flying around?


I’d like to see the Agency be improved so that it has all of the feature’s that the agent finder had (I used the agent finder a lot).

Then I’d like to see the new map get all the functionality of the old map.

And finally, I’d like to see the agency incorporate itself with the new map instead of having it’s own little map, and I’d like there to be a button so I can detach it from the map, much like the way D scanner and Probe scanner behave with the system map.

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Homework still isn’t the teacher’s responsiblity. Besides, if all of this is (as you said)

Then we’re not really hindered by it. They’re just not giving the newbs the benefit of the learning.

THUS your request is that the Agent Finder’s ability be restored. The horrible piece of work that it was and needs to be fixed and upgraded. The tree needs to be grown from the roots first. START with the piece you really want.

Storyline agents. Who they are linked to. How many agents are actually tied to an area/faction/npc corp. Like the ship tree…