Devblog - Updates to The Agency, Journal, and Agent Finder

With the January release, we’ll be making some sizable changes to The Agency, the Journal and the Agent Finder.

Team Psycho Sisters have been super hard at work polishing UI and moving a substantial amount of content into The Agency ready for the New Year.

Check out the latest Devblog for more information.


Will the Epic Arc entry in the Agency lest us know when we last ran an Arc / when we can next run it again?


This tab is going to be removed and the contracts window should be able to handle everything this tab does.

Except for that it does not. When you look for your In Progress or Outstanding contracts in the contract window’s My Contracts tab, it keeps this setting even if you look for contracts from other people. However, the game does not allow that and presents you with a nice screen blocking notification window and you need to cumbersomely switch settings. Looking these contracts up in the Journal avoids these inconveniences.

In addition to all these changes, we are removing the Agent Finder as it is currently known.

With the introduction of The Agency, we effectively introduced a new Agent Finder and we felt this was an > opportunity to encourage people to use The Agency, while simplifying the process of finding an Agent to work with.

I hope that you stopped the CCP curation of search results for agents. As pointed out in the test server feedback thread, the Agent search results in the Agency window and the Agent Finder show glaring disparities and completely incomprehensible lack of results in the Agency windows.

Forget it. I just checked and your Agency window is total garbage for looking for agents. Absolutely great work there, CCP. Absolutely outstanding! :+1:

On TQ, looking for Locator Agents, Level 4, Any corp, empire, any region, from Bhizheba, I get 40 pages with 6 agents each, so 240 available Agents, the closest being 1 jump away in Eba, the next closest in Aphend.
Doing the same in in the Agency window with Locator Agents filter, Level 4 filter, any distance, any corp, empire, I get 12 results, the closest being Aphend 2 jumps away. Not to mention that the results are not sorted by range and the Eba L4 agent is missing, same goes for the Kor-Azor Prime agent 2 jumps away, but I see a locator Agent 17 jumps away in Derelik as 4th result listing. I then closed and reopened the Agency Window and got the same results. STOP THE CONTENT CURATION!

This is what your effort with the Agency window is worth. Nothing else. It is an utter disgrace! Stop this bovine waste patchwork already and develop a proper replacement for the Agent Finder and Journal properly and wholesome instead of this disgrace!


Basically as in "This agency and new beta map and all new UI stuff you have done lately is ‘basically’ garbage and a waste of dev hours money and time. "



For people jumping into Low Sec and not knowing what FW is, they are going to be dumbfounded when they warp to a FW plex and not realize that they have to be in FW in order to run it. I think the Agency should explain this so people know what they need to do to complete the site.


And that although the combination of agent finder, mission journal and agent overview into the Agency Window could be a game changer because everything mission and agent related could be in one place. If only people would invest (or were allowed to) invest proper time and development resources into this massive project because this is not an easy task and it requires lots of thinking to preserve the flexibility and comprehensiveness of the current UI options in that new unified UI. I don’t understand why CCP itself throws roadblocks into their way all the time.


In other words, “our thing is worse than the old thing and the only way we think we can get you to use it is by removing the old thing.” You guys do this all the time. And it makes EVE a worse game every single time.

I was skeptical with the other thread, but restrained myself to only the obvious things. And it turned out this is even worse. “thing that was 1 or 2 clicks away is now 20 layers deep and impossible to find.” You guys are bad at UI. Not “misguided.” Bad. We all complain that you guys start a feature but then never touch it. The problem is, any time you guys touch a feature, you just make it worse.


@Team_Psycho_Sisters, @CCP_Falcon

. Please do NOT get rid of the ‘Agent Finder’ … it has a number of advantages over ‘The Agency’

#1 Missing functionality : ’The Agency’ does not allow you to filter by:

  • Security Status : It doesn’t have a filter for ‘low security only’, etc.

  • Solar System : if I want to see what Other agents are in a particular system 30 jumps away, I can’t do that using ‘The Agency’ unless I go there myself. ( Agent Finder can show me that info )

  • “Show Only Available” : If I don’t like what I see in 'The Agency’s “Highest Available” filter, I have to click on individual (lower) level filters … which means waiting a quarter-minute for that to reload … for each level change… (‘Agent Finder’ does have ‘Show Only (all) Available’ )

  • Sort Results : ‘The Agency’ does not sort agent results by Range nor Security Status, nor Alphabetically, nor any other visible metric that I can find. ( ‘Agent Finder’ automatically sorts by range )

#2 Speed

  • ’The Agency’ is SLOW, very slow. it can take 2-4x as long to open and return results as ‘Agent Finder’

I appreciate your efforts to make EVE easier for new players, so please don’t remove the current Features and Speed of “Agent Finder” without at least including all of it’s functionality in ‘The Agency’.


I use the LP Points tab for a few things. Of course to see the balances. It tells me which LP stores I might want to shop at and what I can afford. Or which ones I need to run more missions for to have enough LP for certain purchases. Plus since the standings window has become a mass of too much on one screen with way to many ways to look at the info, it a semi quick idea to see the groups you have good standing with (more points generally mean better standings)

As for the Agent Finder, why change it? It works as it is. If I am looking to increase my locator agents in my current area of space, it’s easy to see which ones I can use or not. One click and then I have just the list of that corp’s agents. It’s clear, easy to read, and happens in an instant. The Agency window takes forever to load. And because the info is in “cards” you can only get a limited number on the screen. The more jumps distance you select the slower it is to load.

Stop trying to cram even more info into your one new shiny interface that is already laggy as hell. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.


Please don’t do this. Agency window is slow to load, laggy, unresponsive, causes massive frame hitching, and requires more clicks to get anything done than current windows.

Merging more stuff into it will just make it worse on multiple levels.


Meh. Agency is crap, very slow. Merging functions is a good thing, merging into agency is bad idea, it’s not working very well.


Guys, calm down. No matter how loud you cry, CCP will plug their shiny new stuff through your troats.
They already did it with new map, the other usable windows follow. Up to the point of complete UI unusability.


In exchange for that banner image from this agency boosters thread, could you guys throw an idea for the Agency dropdown leftside UI towards team Psycho Sisters @CCP_Falcon ? :wink:

As is, the window is too large and bloated for me to want to keep it open constantly - if this functionality was added to the now-empty “agency” dropdown menu in the same area as “location”, “route”, and “opportunities”, I think you might see a much larger percentage of people start using the Agency interface to find things to do, or just chance upon them as they travel system to system with the dropdown expanded, as opposed to only opening the (quite large) window when they’re explicitly searching for something.



please don’t remove the current agent finder, the agency is just annoying to use. the lags when changing systems are just annoying


Please do not remove the agent finder. The agent ‘finder’ in the Agency is way less usable than the current one.
In the old agent finder you get all agents (agency only shows a few), in the agency search results are not sorted by distance, if I click on the map in the agency I only see one agent even if there are multiple present in the system.


You cannot search for storyline agents in the Agency UI.

Do you guys even bother to test the functionality of the new stuff you develop?


I get pretty hard when you guys make changes to PVE make sense. Shhhhh

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Some potentially interesting changes (if done right)

  • What will you be doing with Cosmos missions (if anything)
  • At the same time as tinkering with the LP view is it possible for us the have the option to delete accrued LP should we choose to (for those of us with OCD and want to keep a tidy LP list).
  • Include more methods for sorting agents (ie all level 4 grouped by system) Ive noticed that even if you listed ll level 4 agents, not all agents within the same system are grouped together.

Have you looked at this blog about the changes you are going to make?

(PS why can’t I sort the factions/corps/agents by standings in the Character window?)

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Move Loyalty Point Log to the wallet, together with PLEX Vault and other kinds of points and currencies in future. Add option to exchange and delete LP points there too.
Add some buttons with icons for LP, PLEX and ISK there for people to see what they have with ease, instead of those small tabs.
Wallet needs overhaul anyway.

I hope you left the text report to the accepted and completed missions from the epic arcs. Just like it was in previous, Journal version.

Change The Agency window name to Infonode.

Make Infonode window to remember what you have viewed last time and open with it.