CCP bring JOURNAL back!

As a seasoned pilot with 15+ years in New EDEN I need plain and simple minimalistic sourse of information to aswer 4 simple questions:

  1. What is the name of agent?
  2. Where he sends me?
  3. What is the name o the mission?
  4. If the mission is offered or accepted?

Also, I’d prefer this window interface to cover minimal possible area on my screen and still be readable! Reason is that I do missions in 0.0 flooded with hosiles that want to kill me and I need some space on the screen not be covered by gorgantuan menu flooded with unnesasary information to control my ship which means survival.

Journal was just perfect for that! Few month ago it started to go laggy but then things went fine again.
Now u released ‘Opportunity’ window while removing Journal also we still have The Agency that are both overflooded with information trying to take care of newcomers and tell them how many things they can do flying around.

You say u want to remove third party software integrating it into client. So well now I need MISSION TRACKER APP cos I cannot make nieiter Agency window nor Opportunities small enough so while reading info about current goals I could control the ship and not be killed by hostiles.


I agree, removing the normal access to the journal is a step backward, however it can still be accessed.


If removing working interface windows used by players for years is so imporant for u can then try to add 0-graphic option into Opportunities (removing all unnessasary sybols) + PERMANENT filter for every possible section. Maybe this will make this window small enough to be placed on screen and be usable somewhere else except High-sec.


Oh God dude u saved my day!

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I never used the journal while missioning. I just talked to the agent, set destination, travel, and right click->warp to site, then head back home. Still works and it’s minimalistic.


Hm, I always had the Journal opened and just as a seperate tab ‘behind’ my Overview, It’s still there after the patch, so it seems they didn’t remove existing windows, just the link in the Neocom. :slight_smile:

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Try doing 6 missions at one time as I do.


UI development definitely is going the wrong direction. The Agency with all those unnecessarily big images, all that wasted space on the upper part of the industry window, now opportunities… all this makes playing EVE tedious and way less joyful with each new element introduced/changed.

What is next? Overview with a forced 32x32px animated image next to each object?

Just came back to EVE and resubbed for 6 month, but looking at where things are heading UI wise i already feel a bit of regret doing so.


I agree.

All the information about the mission that you had in the journal at a glance is missing.

Now you have to go to each individual mission and look at it via two clicks:
-what level is the agent?
-is it a storyline or not?
-when does the mission end?
-when can I decline again?

I also found it extremely handy to remove storyline missions from the journal with a right click.


By the way, even in the UI you can no longer tell at a glance whether you have finished a mission or not. You always have to open the mission tab first.

Also very impractical if you fly many missions in parallel.


Same thing. Everyone in this game like their tables. Agent runners like their tables, industrialists some other tables. Simple system works, complex system fails - this is the basic principle I use while theorycrafting PVP setups. What is more simple than a table?

CCP u’ve implemented an instrument called ‘Opportunities’ back in 2015! It mutated into something almost never used by line pilots and was renamed. Why ‘Opportunities’ 2.0 should go better making useful information less compact and less accessible?


This was driving me nuts - Thanks so much!


Big Buttons
No Information
Lots of wasted space

Welcome to CCP UI design, 2023


The ‘new journal’ opportunities is a big step backward. It takes up a lot of space and shows no useful information like the journal did.


Also, the Jukebox
And user-defined UI colors: all of the presets are too dark.

And the ability to file a support ticket in-game, from the F12 menu; now it links out to zendesk support website.

The in-game web browser was also nice, because certain sites set up for it could provide usable game links, from their pages. (it was discontinued because it took too much developer and testing time to keep it updated with security patches; they used some Chrome API’s to do it, but with a ton of customization to work seamlessly inside EVE.)

The EVEloPedia; a CCP authored wiki; an officially supported game manual. Some older items in EVE grew to depend on it and linked directly to its pages, for more information. Now CCP depends on 3rd parties to maintain its documentation (E-UNI).


Perhaps CCP is trying to emulate Papers Please :wink:

So how do I see my R&D agent progress now?

When I do /open Journal they are no longer in that window.

EDIT: Saw it in another thread. Industry → Research

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Journal was perfect. Just give us back the neocom link again and let the journal stay in the sourcecode. It doesnt cost you anything, CCP.


Oh thank you

And while you’re at it, bring back Agent Finder :wink:

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