Dragging mission info to some one

(anas moraished) #1


in the old days we used to go to journal then holding left click to drag
the mission summary on chatt so the other see it is details.

Right now i can not do it.

Can some one tell me how to do it ?
Or can you CCP get it back again.
it is usefull to convince my frinds to join me
in missions.

(Dyver Phycad) #2

Don’t hold your breath. The introduction of the Agency window was fueled by discouraging cooperation with other players and to hamper participating in PVE activities in general. Re-introducing features that actively help people to work together in PVE is going against this plan.

(anas moraished) #3

How to give the mission info to my frind ?

(Dyver Phycad) #4

By forming a fleet as before and then he has to warp to you after you landed on the mission beacon. Sharing the journal like before is not possible as far as I can see. I can only drag agents not mission information.

(anas moraished) #5

Yeah i want the future to be available again.

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