What happened to the new mission system?

They claimed to have been reworking the mission system a few years back in order to redesign the way they were created and to give us more variety.

Silence ever since.


They added L4 burners. That was about it.


They added a ton of PvE content.

None of it holds your hand, however, like missions do.

Do you have a citation?

I believe you are referring to the work CCP did to the starting missions (career agents)

I don’t remember them announcing new content? (Specifically for missions)

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CCP was probably referring to the new Career Agents and AIR “missions”. Legacy missions haven’t been touched in forever.


Probably can’t be touched.

At this point I would be surprised if they were able to edit the text in the legacy missions without crashing the server.

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The only time i can recall them doing anything with missions is a few new L2s


Not yet. They did however added more headaches !

That they have.

Alphas keep asking for more freebies, and every time they pander to the carebears it just makes them louder.

Equinox nerfed quite a few rewards for Alphas, which is moving the needle in the right direction.

CCP did some work on the mission system and added a number of L2 missions, 1 L4 mission and then went silent again. That was years ago.

Instead of missions, you now get these overfarmed and uncontestable Homefront sites that require you to have either 5 alts in Marauders or in logi ships and run after them like a rabid dog after its owner to get them. That’s CCP’s idea of new and enjoyable PVE content.


Gone is the old, useful Journal. But !.. we have a brand new “Opportunities” interface that gobbled up our old “Journal”. Sometimes you’ll find what you need (you’ll recognize your storyline missions by a small, orange :grey_exclamation: mark, I found out last night), sometimes it will even track your mission, sometimes it decides on its own to not track your mission because it can. It can even stop tracking within the same game session while running an epic arc. That’s ccp for you, full of surprises, and fun UI elements :red_circle::laughing: (the latest of which is the notifications on “daily challenge rewards” that are perpetually lighting up on an alpha character even though there’s nothing to claim - the truth is they want to claim your omega status by reminding you constantly via that interface, lmao). It must be obvious I’m not a fan of the UI changes for missioning.

No, nothing has changed in the mission system, apart from the 3 L2 missions that were added years ago already (and maybe a L4, dunno), which you can easily recognize by the vast number of rats they want you to shoot down - and I mean vast.

One thing they did change was a kind of “interaction” with 3D models of Aura and agents during the tutorial. Many of us thought that ccp would expand it to all mission agents, given the noise ccp made about it - after all, it’s simply a 3D model, only needs rendering once, and has to read an existing text. But nope, didn’t happen.


Not completely gone, can still be accessed with the ‘/open journal’ command in chat. Would be nice if that could be a keybind or something.

Agreed that many of the UI changes are huge steps backward in interface design and usefulness. It’s nice to see that CCP lately is actually working on the game again, but CCP really needs to hire someone who can design decent game upgrades rather than simply making changes for the sake of making changes.


Oh, did you not whine enough about how bad the changes are?

Surely that would have made them change things faster. Because don’t all rational people, who have issues with a company or its product, continue to throw their money at the company in protest of the issue?

And how do you know he/she is still subscribed as an omega with paid subscription ?!

I quit this game for almost 7 years over some changes CCP made.

In that 7 years I never once came back to these fourms, because why come back when I don’t do business with that company.

This is how normal people behave. The only reason to continue posting like that is you’re desperate for attention.

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Some people do keep track of things on the forum and Reddit.

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Then what are you doing here ?! Isn’t that abnormal ?

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Why would you care if you’re not doing business with them anymore?

In this world you let companies know what you think through a process called “walk away and vote with your wallet.” You get real corporate response when you hit their profit margin, just ask Budweiser. They didn’t lose their spot as leading beer in America by people posting on their forums about how bad they were, they lost it cause America walked away and started buying other brands.

Almost no company actually reads complaints people spew into their forums, they have official complaint protocols for the people who matter. If you’re lucky and the company is a bigger one, you might get an auto-reply to your random complaint.

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It’s one perspective of seeing things , not the only one though… Some might or might not share it …

Edit : Not the subject of this topic , so let’s keep it clean :slight_smile: .

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