Mission upgrades?

I have noticed over the past many years, that missions sites and enemy npc’s at these sites are generally the same. Ever since the release of the Abyssal dead space sites, I was very impressed with the visuals of that space environment. But mission sites, are generally unchanged for years, and somewhat repetitive. As well as the enemies spawn in the missions by just “appearing” out of nowhere.

Is CCP in the process of upgrading the mission environments? As well could the enemy NPC’s be warped in instead of spawning out of nowhere? Would make doing missions for agents and standing much more enjoyable.

Thanks for overall great game!

Lol no.

CCP hasn’t touched the mission system in years. In fact there isn’t a mission system. Each individual mission has to be created by hand, the placement of each npc, each object, spawn triggers … all by hand. This is why we are stuck with the one we have.

Got a source for that claim? Not to mention that both mechanisms are hideous, nothing but annoying any offer none of the good aspects of missions.

Solo players made EVE a better place than the massive groups. Massive groups, and groups in general, have killed the economy, have killed any semblance of balance and forced CCP to start rethinking their own stupidity and kill the economy even further by trying to rectifying their mistakes.

CCP has released a few new missions in the last few years. The last ones were 2 new L2 missions with which they tested some new system.


That’s your opinion and there’s no evidence to suggest that CCP shares your view. The Abyss was introduced as a solo activity. If anything the rigidity of the clan structure in eve is worse for the game which is why they’ve updated things like the fleet finder and made it easier for casual grouping.

On a side note, why disseminate such an inflammatory viewpoint? A lot of solo players enjoy the forums. Solo players aren’t hurting anyone. It’s such an absurd viewpoint. Like, why??


I’m sure if any member of CCP were here they would say the game is open to anyone, solo players included. I don’t think you know what you’re talking about.

Don’t feed the troll. report him. Then ignore him.


As someone who enjoys mission/map editors and modding in general, I have a lot of experience making missions for other games, and it is abundantly clear to me that the vast majority of missions in EVE are very simple. Place a few LCOs here, put an acceleration gate there, put a group of NPCs here and there, setup the triggers, done.

It is obviously not quite that simple, but it certainly not nearly as tedious or as time consuming as some would have you believe. I have worked extensively with FRED, the mission editor for the Freespace series and it is way more convoluted and complicated to make a good mission with it, yet I can turn out a reasonable quality mission in a few days if I feel motivated enough to do so.

The hardest part of CCP creating a new mission would probably coming up the briefing flavor text to be honest. There really isn’t any excuse as to why we go years and years without any new missions and then when we do get some, it’s only one or two.


You know quite often it’s not that some people set out to be trolls but the fact that you have so many people who you can’t reason with, will not agree to disagree and always have to be right, this is why so much turns into a pile of dukies.

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POS code, it’s always about POS code…

All the new events PvE sites clearly show that they already have tools to create new “dungeons”.

The only glimmer of hope I have in regards to the current mission system being improved is a brief contact I had with a dev when Abyssal Space was introduced. I had asked why if Abyssal Space had aspects randomly generated, why couldn’t you use that knowledge and add it to their (at the time) recent addition of FOBs and Trig mechanics to create a mission generator. I recieved a reply from a dev that said their distant goal was to take the knowledge gleaned from the newly introduced content and revitalize the mission system. “Distant goal” means years or never, I fear.

I remember hearing this exact thing in 2016… and 2017… and 2018, 2019, etc.

Until a dev comes out and confirms it publicly with proof of concept, don’t believe it.


Considering how they “fixed” and “improved” mining and industry during the past year do you really want this horrendous dismemeberment happen to the mission system aswell?
Nay, your best bet they’ll leave it be.


They have fixed mining quite well. The only real miss was not removing it entirely from highsec and creating a richer and more engaging low/null distribution.

They’re CCP. Their plan includes n influx of newbros. They’ll change the mission system to attract Newbros, but it will just make more bittervets.

My Industry main and his alt just lost their niche job,. So now mission reprocessing is where its at for them. Once noctis pilot to scoop the loot,one orca pilot to transport and reprocess. This is like the 4th niche CCP has crushed for my industry guys since I started in 08. So of course they are going to change missions. That will then ruin 3 more career paths.

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From how its going this will almost certainly will be the next big thing they’re gonna “fix” :sweat_smile:

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This is true. Bounties and Mission Loot will be addressed soon. It is a travesty that people are circumventing the great new mining changes and teamwork to get minerals this way.

Yep. And they’ve already been nerfed at least twice (the mineral drops/reprocessing ). People don’t like to give up their niche, let alone repeatedly.

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I think there are some “new” asteroids in a few missions like in pocket 1 of Downing The Slavers and Rogue Drone Harassment. But they all look and are oriented the same. I guess they exist to be an obstacle of some kind. They don’t look good.

I would like a public and competitive bulletin board for missions instead of getting just one mission offer at a time.
In addition, I would like if you could accept more than one mission per account and agent if you have the right reputation (or skill).

I take it you want to get multiple missions from the same agent and then pick which ones you want to run, kinda defeats the whole 4 hr mission decline penalty.

Now if you just want to have multiple missions, you can already do that, each mission just has to be from a different agent.